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As promised, I have all my ducks in order (Compasses are scanned and posted for linkage, photos processed and posted to a server for viewing, first several days written and edited) Wow, this is a boatload of work and I thank every one of you who has ever done this before, and wonder how in the world you do it "LIVE"?!? These LIVE folks are doing a true service, because they are sacrificing cruise time just so the rest of us can cruise along. I have to thank my DH, who is the technical guru at our house for assisting me with this project. If anything goes wrong its his fault.

Since I don't pay for Internet time, or use my vacation time posting on the Internet onboard, this is a LIVE ( one month later) review! I'm happy to help with questions, and will post links for the Cruise Compasses daily. I tend to ramble, speak (parenthetically), philosophize, speculate, make goofy jokes, analyze, and digress. This will be really long, and very detailed, so if all that makes you crazy...maybe another review is for you! If you are like me and enjoy a review where you can "cruise along" and one who is always sorry to see a long review end, you might like it...and I thank both of you very much!

My DH ( and technical guru) is the photographer ( Nikon D7000 with 10-24 and an 18-200 lenses as well as an AW100 for beach and water shots- I have no earthly idea what that means but can relay questions to him if you have them.) He is, in fact, still talking to me despite the fact that I booked 4 trips in this year. FYI, this is his " small kit", he's been known to use most of his baggage allowance on gear and pretty much wear the same pants for a week if necessary. He owns more camera bags than I have purses, so if you are a photographer, you understand how photographers are always seeking the holy grail of the right equipment in the right bag and still meet baggage allowances. ( ok, that was a digression) ( and that was me speaking parenthetically). Onto the review!

Pre Day Boston to FLL: Flying Carpets and We Make an Investment in the Best Ever Sand Chairs
Managed to hide the bags upstairs for several weeks, but today they had to come down the stairs. My downstairs confined dog ( we love her, but you, know allergies!) took one look and immediately gave me the sad , begging eyes..." please take me, take me...take ME!" Sorry, not this trip, this trip is our adult only get away, my DH turning 48 (on day 2 Bahamas), and I ( 29 days his senior). We are meeting my cousin and her DH ( also mid late 40s) on the ship tomorrow. They are also traveling sans kids to celebrate their wedding anniversary, a happy occasion we all marked together 15 years ago. (I love her because she honestly DID have a dress "you could wear again" for me, her MOH...but sadly, I was 4 months pregnant with my last child, so I never did. But wouldn't it have been a kick if we wore each others bridesmaids dresses to formal night! She would definitely get the worst of that deal, I was married in the 80s..think pink, and bows...I know, I know, I can't believe I picked them either!!)) Anyway, 5 kids and 8 years since our last vacation together ( DCL with the kids and grandparents in 2002) we are due for some undistracted grown up time. The kids took a look at Oasis on the web and all gave us those sad, begging eyes..."please take us, take us...take US!" Not this trip!

We flew from Boston into Miami, as DH flies American and has status that gets us free checked bags, early boarding, prebooking the exit row (did I mention he is 6 foot 6 inches tall?) and the very important use of the "red" carpet; not the "blue" one the regular folks use right smack next to it, the EXACT same size, but the very special "red" carpet for Priority flyers. Actually on this trip a bunch of very tired Priority guys heading home after a busy business week in Boston lined up on the "blue" carpet because it was closest to the gate agent and she actually made us all move around the tensator to line up on the special "red" priority carpet, even though of course the "blue" people couldn't board yet and no one was on the "blue". I'm sorry to report I'm not even kidding about that! I think she gets a bonus based on the number of "red" carpet guests ( I am kidding about that). Anyway, other than the flying carpet snafu, it was an uneventful flight.

We took a cab from Miami airport to Fort Lauderdale ($90 with tip for 2, took about 1/2 hour).

We booked the Renaissance Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port hotel. They were not allowing the use of reward points for this night, and I think they probably don't accept them on Friday and Saturday nights, when the port is quite busy (see- there is the speculation on my part). We beat this system by using our credit card rewards to get Marriott gift cards, which they happily accepted. The hotel is on the corner of SE 17 th and Eisenhower and has a view of the port, but the rooms are perpendicular to 17th so you are either looking up one end or the other of 17, and you can't really see the ships along the water on Eisenhower, unless you go the balcony at the end of the hallway, which we did to see Oasis docked in the morning. (Photo of view from Marriott)
We were in room 809, we requested extra feather pillows, which were not provided, we had to call when we arrived. The AC system whined like a jet engine when it turned on, not that loud, but that pitch that hurts your ears. We turned it way up overnight so we wouldn't have to listen to the sound while sleeping. The included buffet breakfast had a cooked to order omelet station, fruit, hot and cold cereal, pastry and a hot section with scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage and breakfast potatoes. Internet access was 12.95 for the day. This hotel is very well located, with safe and easy walking to Walgreens, Starbucks, and several shopping plazas. We noticed quite a few cruisers wandering around enjoying the night air. It's a very high vehicle traffic area, and doesn't feel like a resort, but it's a nicely close to the port to stay and stock up on things you might not be able to travel with or if your luggage doesn't make it.

The Walgreens was very well stocked with anything a cruiser could want or need...
sunglass, beach hats, a rounder of unmentionables ( in case you left your undies at home - aww, there I went and mentioned it!) beach chairs ( about $20) , all kinds of toiletries and sun lotions, beach towels, flip flops, beach shoes, beach toys, floaties for the kids and a rather large snack and convenience food section. Nothing was priced with " specials " the way it might be at home at your local Walgreens, they seem to know their market will pay full price! We bought a pair of sand chairs to use on the beaches and on our larger D1 balcony since we heard we may not have been able to get a lounger for the balcony.

Over the course of the week we fell in love with those chairs, you will hear more about them later for sure. But we just slapped a couple of luggage tags on them, checked them in with our bags and they arrived easy-peasy with our luggage.

I promise to post Day 1 tomorrow...and please be kind, it's my first time attempting this type of review!
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Happy New Year! Thank you so much for the review and photos along with the ones that will be coming. It sounds like a lot of work and I really appreciate the time it takes for you to do this! Looking forward to the next installment!!
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Can't wait to hear about the ports and if you did any excursions!
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I too am subscribing! So far so good and I love the details and parenthetical jokes

Thanks for doing this, we cruise next weekend on Oasis to E. Carib so I will definitely be tuning in!
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Thanks everyone, I see from your signatures, that you all are planning to Cruise Oasis...think you will love it! I really loved reading reviews before our crusie, and I got so many good ideas and really " learned" the ship. Hope it's the same for you!
Bogos, we did do excursions, and we have more photos of those than other things, so I will definately be posting them! More tomorrow after work!
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Day 1 Sat Dec 3 Embarkation: is as Advertised and a Vigorous Defense of the "Outlet"
After our nice Marriott breakfast, we checked out the stairway balcony to see that Oasis had arrived. So around 10 AM we headed out to see what we could do about transport to the port. The Marriott has a shuttle for a price of $6 per person. We opted for the cab after the front desk said it would cost $12-15 for the cab. If you have more than 2 people this is a no brainer, you are much better off in the cab. We arrived at the pier within moments ( you could walk if you wanted to drag your luggage) we had to show photo id to the officer through the cab window, and the taxi fare did get up to the $12 range because of the wait for the taxi to make its way around to the drop location. We gave him $15 and left our luggage right at the pier. Interesting C & A note- our luggage was tagged with our Emerald status (but no red carpet!) and the rep told us to expect it in 2 hours (it was 11 AM at this time). My cousin who is a new RCI cruiser (but we got 'em hooked NOW!) was told not to expect bags for 4 hours, as were other cruisers around us. I was not aware of expedited luggage delivery for C&A members, but there was a difference in both what the told us and the actual delivery times as compared to my cousin!

Embarkation was as advertised...we were grinning like total goof balls as all those happy people just kept waving us around to the next step...Step one, show your id; step 2 get your hand luggage scanned; step 3 they take your "welcome aboard" photo against an Oasis back drop and that is the photo that allows them to do the face detection to match your photos with your folio in the photo shop. All your photos end up in your folio, so you don't have to search walls of "early dining" or "Bahamas pirates" looking for your photos. You folio number is written on your seapass...you find the rounder with your # on it and then the folio number on that rounder and all your photos will be in there...this is an ingenious system!
Step 4 step up to the counter (this time they waved us up to the "regular" rep because the C&A rep for Platinum and Emerald was waaaaay done the other end and it would be silly to go down there when there was NOBODY in line! We briefly considered suggesting they do a training program for American Airlines reps, but... not our job!). More idiotic smiling on our part, photos taken for the Seapass identification, picking up the weekly planner and getting our Seapasses at the counter. Then we were waved (more idiotic smiling on our part) through to the Platinum/Emerald waiting area. The waiting areas are also divided by C&A status. A big cushy roped off area with real furniture for suite guests, regular airline style waiting seats for the D +/Pinnacle area and Diamond area just in front of us. Took us 15 minute to get from curb to lounge and it would take you 10 minutes to physically walk it anyway.

At 11:30 AM the suite folks were invited to board, followed by the Pinnacle/D+ and then Diamond, then the Platinum/Emeralds. This was probably 200 people in total so the regular boarding would have commenced within 15 minutes after that. After boarding, I had no sense of people being treated differently based on C&A status, other than the Diamond lounge access, some special events for repeaters, and whatever in cabin amenities you are entitled to. I was glad about this...after our embarrassing red carpet issue!

Once on board, you enter right into the Promenade, there is lots more goofy smiling on the part of everyone...its tough to be jaded when seeing this incredible space for the first time, even if you have achieved kryptonite C& A status! (photos of Prom)

There was a big sign at the Guest Services desk that the ship was full, no upgrades available...so if you don't see it, go for it if that's what you want. We headed straight to the Box Office, which is a couple of cruise staff with laptops set up in Studio B. We needed to switch our and (DC's) Comedy show reservations in order to accommodate Quest (can't let the newbies miss Quest!) This was painless because we were the 3rd party in line. We made the quick change on the itinerary and I was feeling ready to check out the spectacular ship! I like to do a bit a of planning, (you can see my planning tips on my earlier tips review at this link

http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1530368 We went to the Boardwalk...rode the carousel (wheee!) and relaxed in the Adirondack chairs in front of the Seafood Shack. A quick text from my cousin and her husband who were up on the pool deck, so we met them up there and relaxed and enjoyed being away together on this beautiful ship!

At 1 PM we went to our cabin, Deck 10 194, a D1 balcony, with the bed by the balcony. (photo of cabin)

Amazingly, our cruise never went down in price (which I hear is typical for Oasis and Allure) so we paid about the same price a year ago for that D1 balcony as my DC did for her cat. N interior cabin booked 6 months later. SO the lesson for me is, the sooner the better for booking Allure and Oasis (and where else in the travel world can you go back and get the new lower price after you've booked??!??) Our room is the same size as every other balcony cabin, but the cabin is on the hump and 80 sq feet vs 50 sq feet for the other cat D balconies. It was our first hump cabin (again something I never would have considered had I not joined Cruise Critic!) and we loved the panoramic view from the hump, the larger space for our sand chairs (remember the chairs?) and the regular chairs and the regular height table, not the dinky ones that are tough to have breakfast on in other ships. It seemed all the balcony cabins had tables this height based on a survey of the CP and Boardwalk balconies we saw. We thought the deeper balcony provided more privacy from the other balconies nearby. We did notice that it heated up very quickly if it was on the sunny side of the ship in port, which made it uncomfortable to sit out. But it was more protected from the wind when and warmer when we were underway.

(photo of balcony)

We found the size and amenities of the cabin were just perfect for us. We are not large people (other than the tall thing) and the goal on this cruise wasn't to stay out of each others way! The bath was a much better set up than other ships; love the bar in the shower and the "star trek" (shhhup... open...shuuup... closed) shower door

(photo of bath) .
It comes with a shampoo dispenser, but our attendant also added a little bottle of shampoo, conditioner and hand cream each day. Either that or they were multiplying like yeast on the counter top over night. In any event, those were the toiletries provided, I think largely so after the cruise Donald could pass them out to his friends and save a trip to the expensive Walgreens in FLL. (more speculation on my part!). The bath lacked the clothes line, but honestly I had more "hanging" room with 2 hooks right next to the sink, 2 in the shower, and 2 on the door, plus two right by the door outside the bath. There were also several little cubbies and a teeny, tiny drawer (honestly it was sooo cute!) by the sink. So we found loads of space for our stuff. The sink is low and very shallow (we built kitchen height counters in our house- remember the tall thing again?) so even I (only 5 foot 6) found it a long giraffe-like stretch down to the sink.

Our luggage had already arrived by 1 PM as promised curbside. The cabin storage flummoxed us a bit at first. Usually our standard plan is DH gets all the closet shelves and I work with all the vanity/desk drawers. Unfortunately, there are not too many drawers in the vanity/desk, and they are pretty shallow. The shelves are fairly deep, so his lawyers met with my lawyers and after some negotiation we settled on me using the really low shelves and DH using the really high shelves (Tall?...yeah, you know now!). This worked out well for us because we tend to bag pack things, for instance I keep all my workout gear in a 2 1/2 gallon clear bag so the whole bag can go in the drawer or on the shelf, same for bathing suits and foundation garments, costume jewelry etc.

(photo of cabin)

There are also a set of cubbies alongside the mirror in the vanity, these are perfect for holding lady things, and my toiletry bag is built as four clear approx 1 quart velcro pouches, so the pouches fit perfectly on the shelves of the vanity.

More Day 1 to come!
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Another issue is the much discussed "outlet". Many have complained long and hard, far and wide about the "outlet". It's reputation as the single biggest design flaw on Oasis is the stuff of legend. It is located under the vanity/desk, just to the left. I must weigh in in vigorous defense of the "outlet" location...I know, I know, it's controversial and ground breaking, but here goes: I liked that I could plug in the hair dryer all week and leave it in the low cubby just to the left, it was really too low for any other practical use ( the one below it at foot level was even less practical, so we used this for all our seapass receipts, where they could be safely ignored until the bill arrives). This meant that I could keep the dryer at the ready, and like a gun slinger, grab the cord and be ready to fire whenever I needed to, without the cords being all over the vanity counter. Being a righty, I liked that the outlet was to the left, when we used the other plug to charge the phone or batteries, we could put these on one of the low cubbies and off the desk top too. I do agree that some families may have needs for more outlets, so this is where the power strip would be useful, although we had no need for one.

Donald, our cabin attendant introduced himself,

we gave him a little something ( so he would know we will take care of him above and beyond the pre paid tips) and asked for extra pillows, the mini bar emptied, and ice daily. (we are not usually mixing cocktails daily, but we use ice for a million little things...pour the cold water out for taking pills, icing down Flowrider bruises -more on that later) etc, etc. We put off unpacking, and just freshened up a bit as we had 1:30 PM reservations at Giovanni's for lunch.

This was a marvelous idea, ( thank you, CC reviewers for this tip!) we sat outside on Central Park, under a pergola, at a lovely out of the way table and enjoyed quiet, refined service while everyone else was battling at the Windjammer or Park cafe for seats. It was our only specialty restaurant of the week.

( photo of Giovannis)

We thought the food was good, better than the average chain Italian place, but not quite like the North End in Boston. Was it worth the extra $30 for 2 ? (Actually, in our case $60- DH hadn't realized we already paid the fee and we were double charged, but didn't notice till the last day and I'm still working on it with customer service since I didn't want to spend my last day in the GS line. See what I mean about the parenthesis? ) Yes, it was worth it especially for the experience of relaxing with a bottle of wine in an out of the way place on a very busy embarkation day. The idea is for the salads, pastas and mains to come out and be shared family style. This never works for us because I'm a vegetarian who loves seafood, and my DH is a meat eater who doesn't eat seafood. So we just went ahead and ate as much as we could of the plates we liked. The desserts were also a sampler and we tried them all... canoli, tiramisu, a couple of different custards and some other kind of cake...all excellent. You will notice that through out our review we won't have photos of the menu or the food. Frankly, the menu is out there already and like the shows, it only changes every 3-5 years. My husband doesn't shoot food porn, just because it's not fun for him, and he gets cranky when he's hungry.

After lunch we went back to the cabin to unpack and have a nap until the muster drill. The muster drill was very easy, walk to your meeting location (it's listed on the back of the door and the number is on your seapass), scan your seapass, have a seat, watch the video and then the captain dismisses. It could not be any easier...I remember back in the day...life vests, sunny decks, standing directly behind some hairy backed monster for an hour...Blah, blah, blah. It's a huge improvement!

We joined our Roll Call group on the public deck on 11 aft (see my pre review for the list of secret SHH! public places) for a pre meet at sail away. Moira and Brittany from Australia were hanging onto their Australian flag for dear life for the webcam, and we met Jeff and Rene's daughter, and a FL couple who were very nice, but their names are escaping me right now!
The FLL sail away is fun, there are lots of condos, and the folks blow air horns wave and cheer from their balconies as we go by (hey, its Saturday, they are blowing off some steam!). Then there are the folks on the point and the beach all waving, the pilot boat was using the PA to say "Oasis, make some noise". No kidding, who knew our Coast Guard were cheerleaders!?
Then you pass many seaside estates, which are something to see. Be sure to check out the house with the Flowrider in the side yard, really, he had a full size regulation Flowrider, which he was surfing on as we went by (he probably saw it on the passing ship one day and just ordered it from the Billionaire Catalogue, but that's speculation on my part)

(flowrider photo)

While everyone else was dining, we took time to explore the ship, just wandered around and took it all in. We went to the Promenade where my husband got a slice at Sorrentos, and then up to the Windjammer where I had a little salad and the strawberry pavlova...which I love! We met our cousins on the Boardwalk in hopes of seeing the Oasis of Dreams show, but it had to be cancelled due to high winds and we were rolling pretty good! It was rescheduled for 2:15 the next day. This was announced on the big screens, so as people arrived they could see it and find other activities.

We decided to go check out the sing a long with Chris McCann in the Globe and Atlas on the Promenade. We enjoyed the sing a long aspect, but were not thrilled with the idea that she had two tambourines and she forces the patrons to come up and join her banging the tambourines while she plays and sings. We were good sports, because we liked the song, Brown Eyed Girl, when the tambourines were foisted onto us by the previous victims. But then she started a whole bunch of "take a drink, take a drink" songs and we noticed people were leaving before the tambourine could make it to their table. With just 3 or 4 couples, some others were glued to the tvs watching college football, it seemed we were going to be the nights entertainment. I guess if people want to participate that's fine, but she was very pushy, and we left after a song or two so the tambourine wouldn't make its way back to us! We were tired so we hit the hay!

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Thanks for the review and especially the pictures! I was wondering how the D balcony ( non hump) compares to other lines like Holland America, Princess, Carnival or NCL?
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Thanks for posting. Your post of Day 1 was very accurate from my experience on a cruise on Oasis in September of 2011. We enjoyed it greatly and are going back again at the end of January. Particularly interested in how the new cruise director Amy is working out - as they changed cruise directors since we've been on the ship. Will look forward to your daily reviews. We had a Central Park View room on Deck 9 (just room with a window) but otherwise it was laid out pretty much as the room you had. This time we have a Boardwalk Balcony room so that will be interesting, also on Deck 9, closer to the elevator end rather then the Aqua Pool end.

I also noticed at the smaller nightclubs, it was very easy to get "volunteered" for something you did not necessarily want to do unless you hid way back in the crowd! I'm not one for really wanting to get up on the stage to do crazy things, but will have to admit it sort of was fun, but was a very reluctant volunteer for sure! I know they are just trying to see that everyone has a fun time though!

Originally posted by Familygoboston
I'll post Day 2 tomorrow...and after work today can answer any questions!
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Going on the Western in a couple of weeks--schedule is similar.
Thank you.
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Originally posted by SeaWatch
Thanks for the review and especially the pictures! I was wondering how the D balcony ( non hump) compares to other lines like Holland America, Princess, Carnival or NCL?
Thanks Seawatch! I think overall the overall cabins in RCI are smaller than the other mass market lines. And I found the Oasis cabins a smidge smaller than the other RCI ships. Unfortunately, I haven't been on any of the other lines "newer" ships, so I cant really compare balcony sizes. I just knew for us we really wanted a balcony we could stretch out on. I would have loved a lounger, but actually the sand chair is better for my back so I didn't bother to ask about one.

Originally posted by fred20155
Particularly interested in how the new cruise director Amy is working out - as they changed cruise directors since we've been on the ship.

I also noticed at the smaller nightclubs, it was very easy to get "volunteered" for something you did not necessarily want to do unless you hid way back in the crowd! I'm not one for really wanting to get up on the stage to do crazy things, but will have to admit it sort of was fun, but was a very reluctant volunteer for sure! I know they are just trying to see that everyone has a fun time though!
Fred- I thought Amy was fine...I gave a little defense of Amy in my brief review which I linked above. I really liked that she didn't spend so much time "selling"; I never felt captive after a show the way I have on other ships. I think she's enthusiastic but not as comically funny as others, but I loved her chemistry with Ken. I felt he was the comic/instigator to her "straight man", and he would come up with the one liners and then her reaction had you laughing. Will give you the full review of her Quest later too!
We had never been conscripted for entertainment on a Royal ship before. I was surprised. It was clear to all that the tambourine was causing stress and pained looks, I just thought an entertainer would have been more "aware" or what was working with her audience. I'm all for interactive...but it should be voluntary!
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great start
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Awesome review so far! Can't wait for the rest!
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Even though we sailed on Oasis in October, I have to subscribe so I can re-live my cruise through your review. We were on deck 8, cabin 198 also on the hump. Great location and great view. Can't wait to read your next entry (and I love your details!)
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Originally posted by Familygoboston

Well aren't you beautiful and you look so happy.
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*RCI - B2B Arctic Circle/Baltic, May 2017 - nope - cancelled AGAIN. Cancer sucks.
*RCI - Serenade Jan 2016 S. Caribbean - nope - cancelled AGAIN.
RCI - Serenade Nov 2015 S. Caribbean
Celebrity - Solstice May 2015 Alaska
RCI - Explorer Nov 2014 Repo/S. Caribbean - 40 ft. rogue wave, lifeboat damage

Princess - Grand Princess May 2014 Pacific Coastal
RCI - Serenade March 2014 - B2B W. Caribbean
RCI - Serenade Feb 2014 - Bahamas - yes, a celebration cruise indeed!
*RCI Scandinavia 2013 - nope - cancelled due to my illness. ~ Maybe next year, God willing.
RCI - Jewel Nov 2012 - B2B Mexico
RCI - Jewel Repo Oct/Nov 2012 Boston to Tampa - Hurricane Sandy
RCI - Brilliance June/July 2011 Mediterranean
RCI - Mariner Oct/Nov 2010 Mexico
RCI - Oasis May 2010 E. Caribbean - 4 adults in one cabin; we did it!
Princess - Emerald Princess April 2009 E. Caribbean
RCI - Explorer Sept/Oct 2008 - 25th anniversary! Canada - Hurricane Kyle
RCI - Liberty August 2007 E.Caribbean - Hurricane Dean - 4 adults in one cabin; we did it!
RCI - Explorer April 2006 E.Caribbean
RCI - Vision Aug 2003 Alaska
HAL - Rotterdam - last leg of her final world cruise ever April 1995 Pacific Northwest
RCI - Viking Serenade Aug 1993 Mexico
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Originally posted by will773
Awesome review so far! Can't wait for the rest!
Thanks Will! Hows the project coming?

Originally posted by SoccerMom#3
Even though we sailed on Oasis in October, I have to subscribe so I can re-live my cruise through your review. We were on deck 8, cabin 198 also on the hump. Great location and great view. Can't wait to read your next entry (and I love your details!)
Thanks! I do the same thing I love reading reviews and I've always loved looking at other peoples vacation photos...I guess CC was made for us!

Originally posted by Langley Cruisers
Well aren't you beautiful and you look so happy.
You are very kind! I almost didn't post it; felt too up close and personal, but I thought Donald looked so great I wanted to show him!

Im ready to post more!