Refund of Spirit Sailing

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Joined Jul 2003
Thanks for the update -- glad you made the safari -- I belieive you got to Amboseli -- the elephant viewing there is wonderful -- particularly with Kilimanjaro for a backdrop. My first reason to the area was that it had a Garden of Eden sort of feeling. What was your favorite part of your safari?
Dallas, Texas
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Norm, it is good to hear that you were able to finish your trip. I am sure you are now on your way home and wil soon "SB withdrawal."

Also good to hear the truth from someone who knows what really is happening and from someone we all know was there. Keep up the good work, (and when you have more time, I know that I am one of many who would enjoy some more pictures .)

San Francisco, CA
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Hi Norm,

It is nice to see you posting again, and we are all anxious to hear about the safari! Looking forward to seeing more photos of your trip. Welcome home (when you actually arrive home).

Santa Rosa CA USA
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Norm--PLEASE post safari pictures; as you know, I missed the cruise (and meeting you) and would love to live it vicariously. I envied you the Egyptian evenings and your awesome photographs.

Hope to see you at the Sky Bar on a future Seabourn sailing!

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I would like to add to Norm's comments regarding the Seabourn Spirit adventure off Somalia .I wasa passenger on the starboard side of the ship and awoke to see the evolving drama .I have the utmost praise for Captain Sven Pederson and the crew in handling the very serious situation.
On an other matter,the coordination and timing of connections from the arrival back in Mombassa by charter flight did not allow us to meet our forward booking to a game safari (despite repeated assurances from Seabourn personnel that they had it under control).Also, no Seabourn people coodinated matters at Mombassa and were left in a very difficult predicament to fend our way and arrange accomodation in Nairobi -are there others out there who experienced the same
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That must have been quite upsetting and hopefully not too difficult. I am all to familiar with the phrase "TIA" (This is Africa) referring to people that simply do not show up, reservations that disappear, rules that change instantly, etc.

Were you able to make arrangements for another safari while in Nairobi? I know there is the small game reserve just out of the city, but it has been too many years since I've seen it. Parts of the city are interesting, as are some places in the outskirts, but I wouldn't want to spend too much time there.
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thanks for your comment IamBoatman
I was able to land accomodation in "The House of Waine" by my own efforts in a lovely suburb of Nairobi where the diplomats and wealthy few in Nairobi live. We managed to get to the Masai Mara game reserve a day late -leaving only one night -beautiful experience non the less.
Kenya does have its urban problems and Nairobi is crime ridden with a huge shanty town slum.I suggest, if you can,go and see the new movie,The Constant Gardener, which highlights some issue in Kenya.
The people we met in the game reserve were warm and friendly -the game viewing ,including a leopard, just awesome.
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If you liked Kenya you will love the private game reserves in South Africa near The Kruger -- leopards all over the place! Sorry about your experience -- hope it does not put you off Seabourn.
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thanks for this
It has certainly not put us off Seabourn -I am addicted -it was our 3rd. trip and our best to date - can't wait to go again - one of the guests from S. Africa on the ship has invited us to their private lodge on the Botswana border -hope to get there one day
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Do accept the invite! We were taken by private jet, from Johannesburg, to TULI lodge in Botswana and it was the treat of a life time. Not to be missed.
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Has anyone in the upper ranks or anywhere for that matter, considered any type of compensation for the crew on board during this most traumatic event?

While I understand they did the job as "required", imagine the pressure to maintain a sense of calm and order as I have read and heard now first hand while ultimately fearing for their own safety.

It is nice to see a company looking out for the best interests of their customers,to keep them sailing, but arent those crew members the REAL reason Seabourn has had the huge success it has. Providing the luxurious atmosphere and impeccable service.It seems at EVERY Club party, this is the image portrayed and acknowledged by the Captain, officers, and guests.

Ultimately, everyone is thankful that only one crew member suffered injuries, and all guests were spared any physical harm!!

So come on Seabourn, take care of those that take care of you!

Any more of us want to get behind this idea!?
Let's let them know how proud we are of them!!!
Thanks for the ear~
Smooth sailing!
As far as I know the crew received days after the attack as "compensation" a phone card with the value of 10 $. Fair? What do you think?
Philadelphia, PA
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I would not comment or 'second guess' the appropriateness of what the Seabourn company did or did not do for their staff. However, it is my understanding that as soon as possible after the event there was a professional trained in dealing with the psychological issues that might have followed and this person was available to the staff.
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