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bonaire,dominica, grenada


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In Bonaire - do take the water taxi over to Klein Bonaire. We went snorkelling there. The water was clear, the reef was alive and we saw 3 turtles (plus lots of fish). You could rent snorkelling equipment from the taxis for $5. We had brought our own.


In Dominica we took the Wacky Roller Tours. It was great. It gave you a good flavour for what the island is all about. The tour guide was very knowledgeable. At first you might wonder about the condition of the vehicle - an older four wheel drive - but it got us up the hills with no problems. Some of the other tours, had to turn off the air conditioning in order to have enough power to do so.


Both of these tours were booked through Princess and I would highly recommend both of them. Have fun!

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In Dominica, we did the Dolphin and Whale Watch. No guarantees, of course, but our day was very successful. We saw a HUGE pod of dolphins, which was, frankly, overwhelming! And then we did see a pod of about 7 sperm whales, also tremendous to see. Beautiful catamaran with good shade, so even if you don't see the dolphins or whales, it's a great day.


In Grenada, take the water taxi over to Grand Anse Beach. The water taxi is easy to get to - just go through the terminal when you get off the ship, and follow the signs to the left. The water taxi will take you over to the beach, which is beautiful - lots of shade, places to get something to eat, good snorkeling. A beautiful beach day!

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Last year we were on the same itinerary. We booked tours through Princess for both Grenada and Dominica. We liked the one on Dominica and were a little disappointed in the one on Grenada. Both islands are similar, topographically, but Dominca is a little more lush and impressive. So we felt like Grenada didn't live up to Dominca in that dept.

If I were to do it again, I'd beach it on Grenada and do the island tour in Dominica.

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Bonaire: Go diving or snorkelling


Dominica: Did the Roseau Valley Wet tour with bumpiingtours.com swam in titou gorge, went through the rainforest, saw all kind of water falls etc... It was a blast.


Grenada: Grand Anse Beach


All on your own of course and not through the ship ;)

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Just returned from the Ruby.

We were going to go snorkeling with Renee in Bonaire (came highly recommended) but Princess changed the itinerary.

Dominica - did the Pools, Falls and More tour with Bumpiingtours. Beautiful island!

Grenada- a group of us (22) snorkeled with Native Spirit. Lots of fun!

We booked all of these privately with people from our roll call. Good tours are great but going with people you like is priceless!!!!

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Can anyone suggest shore excursions???? Sailing Feb 28.


I booked woodwind snorkel on Bonaire... they were phenomenal!!! Great price and they take you to better spots than you can get to alone on Kleine.


Dominica, last visit I did the wacky rollers tour and we had a blast.


Grenada... I would stay on the ship if I ever went there again. We were harassed as soon as we got off the ship. A man followed us and said he would continue bothering us until we give him money. Sounds like theft to me. I have been to a lot of the Caribbean and this is the only time i have felt unsafe on a Caribbean island. We were back on the ship after an hour... so I suggest you have a tour planned before you get off the ship.

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Is this the same as the ship's water taxi to no name beach?


Yep. Ship's water taxi takes people over to "no name beach" and drops you on the sand near a little hut. Island is called - Kleine Bonaire


If you stand on the beach facing the water, turn to your right and walk down to the end of the island (coral is bigger) find a clear spot in the water to swim out through the shallow coral and then once you are on the outside edge of the reef (20 yards from shore) and you can float back to where the water taxi dropped you off. (be careful shallow water and sharp coral can be tricky if you are a complete beginner)


Most people will start the snorkel from where the taxi drops you off. But then you will be swimming against the current one way or the other. Probably best idea for beginner divers (as coral is small and easy to maneuver around since boat drops you in large sandy area)

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Don't know whether they still have it and/or whether it's available through the ship, but when we were in Dominica a couple of years ago we did the Canopy/Ziplines with Wackyrollers. We were the only two people so we had personal guides. [We signed up independently from the ship.]


We had a blast! I'm no spring chicken, nor am I in top physical condition [ha!] and I tend to be a 'fraidy cat - and I loved it!! It was difficult in parts, and I had to skip the Tarzan net [as advised here on CC] due to rotator cuff problems, but when we finished I had such a sense of accomplishment.


To the person asking about vests: Don't know whether you'd be interested, as it sounds like you're using rented equipment, but there are inflatable snorkeling vests that are comfortable, easy to use and don't cost that much. They WILL make you wear a life vest, usually a version of the usual "Mae West" type vests, which I don't like. We always take our own snorkeling equipment and the vest is part of that for me. My husband doesn't mind the regular vest.

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Thanks so much for this info!!


I have snorkeled several times before and am a really good swimmer, but I like the "float" things that you can wear that keep you afloat - do they rent these along with the snorkel gear??


Thanks again!


I don't no about the vest. But I tend to burn easy in the tropical sun, so I wear a very light-weight wetsuit for sun protection, and it gives me a little bit of buoyancy without having to put a vest around my neck or waist.

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Great idea about the wet suit top - i burn VERY easily so I think i'll look into getting one of these!! :)



Also put sunscreen on the back of your legs. Most people don't think of how their legs will be exposed to the sun as they snorkel.


i bought my stuff on line at scuba.com

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