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  1. Last year, our refund did not arrive by check, instead, it was applied as a credit to our credit card of record.
  2. We tried it once to no avail.....and it seems to me that Princess fills up it ship well in advance of a sailing. It might work if you were on a 10 or 14 day, and asked very early on, but if they do have space, they probably will give you the same deal and any other person willing to sail at the last minute.
  3. those cabins offer much more usable space if the beds are set up are twins.....Plaza deck cabins, either OV or insides are very convenient.
  4. Yes, frozen style drinks are available.....and with the package, sodas are from the fountain, but you can buy canned sodas. They also have specialty mocktails...
  5. No, you don't have to take your luggage off the ship.....and ship's crew will help you move it to your new cabin. All very easy.
  6. check the pricing online to see if you might get a slight discount. It depends on the cruise. Take into account any on board credits that might be available. Hopefully you bought some Future Cruise deposits on your most recent cruise to use on the next ones In Ft Lauderdale, you usually have to get off with others doing B2B, this is done after all others have left the ship, and after your passports have been checked, you do a U-turn and head back to the ship before anyone else. On occasion, the officials will come on board and check passports then. You will get instructions a few days before on what to do. You do not need to find something to do in Lauderdale unless you wish to.
  7. you can....only it is no longer a card,...instead, it is imbedded into your cruise card account
  8. ….then stop double tipping. Easy solution.
  9. chrysalis


    wine...one 750 bottle per person over 18yo,...anything over that you pay a $15 corkage Water...yes Soda...yest
  10. In our experience, it is twice the allowance....
  11. Special line at the airport for Nexus and when going thru US authorities in the port after picking up your bag at the end of the cruise....all pretty fast and effiecient. There are minifridges in every cabin, and your room steward should/will fill your ice bucket each day (it is in the fridge) The beer will not likely be in your cabin, but there will be a card which you will exchange it for from a bar or room service.
  12. No, they will not provide them. Pack 'em
  13. Sorry, but you had better check the map, and see where the Pacific Ocean is....you are going to a totally different body of water.
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