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  1. are you talking about a stocked mini-bar?....I have never heard of drink coupons because of status.
  2. just order a virgin chocolate banana from a bar, and ask them to hold the banana....the 35% cream that they add to the ice can beat any ice cream milkshake....oh...what the heck, don't make it a virgin, and add the banana for the vitamins and minerals
  3. it appears so..... I am so frustrated!!! I swear I'm s US Citizen - Princess Cruises - Cruise Critic Community
  4. your OBC will carry over....your account will start with OBC and then charges applied....taking you from a negative to positive balance (unless you have a huge OBC)
  5. From the Princess website... Premier Beverage Package with service charge: Enjoy everything from cocktails, beer and wine to specialty coffees, smoothies and bottled water.
  6. We have done many on princess...but one back to back 10 day cruises, and we were the only ones staying on the ship....the process was wonderful.
  7. yes...it is treated just like a back to back....and you will get instructions in your cabin a couple of days before the mid-cruise point on what you need to do.
  8. yes...I know the timetable of those cruises.....but was just reacting to the "too little, too late" comment. Hardly a huge difference from the US banning cruises for most of the last year.
  9. Do you think that Princess or the other lines are going to give up doing east coast cruises to Canada? Or passengers are not going to book these cruises in the future?
  10. they are not on the kid's menu,....I just ask for them since one time they just brought out a plate full.
  11. not that I have found, but Mr Google will certainly show it to you. When i don't like the menu offerings, and double order of chicken fingers with either onion rings or fries hits the spot for me
  12. Probably the same, but no one has been on the Enchanted yet to confirm one way or the other. It should be free.
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