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  1. chrysalis

    Buying liquor for cabin consumption

    yes, you can....from room service. Or, try online again in a day or so.
  2. chrysalis

    Itineraries Getting Stale

    They have been doing that itinerary for years....ususally Bonaire or either Curacao or Aruba. The last couple of years it has been Curacao when we have gone. We much prefer Curacao over Aruba. That itinerary used to include Isla Margarita. Last year, Dominica was dropped because of hurricane damage and replaced with Martinique.
  3. chrysalis

    Old Princess planning page back?

    Still have the new one with all of the graphics here
  4. chrysalis

    Itineraries Getting Stale

    Not sure that there is a suitable port in the Med for Morocco (but they already go to Casablanca on the Atlantic. I think they used to go to Cairo on some sailings but unrest caused them to drop it too many times. Slim pickings along the rest of the north Africa coast. It would be nice to do the circle, but....
  5. chrysalis

    Itineraries Getting Stale

    Why don't you suggest some new ports here?
  6. chrysalis

    Royal Princess Docks with Sick Cruisers

    ….and never, ever eat with your hands!
  7. chrysalis

    Princess Cays tender?

    You are given tickets when your entire group arrives at the meeting point.
  8. chrysalis

    Princess Cays tender?

    The Princess Patter with give you instructions, but the earlier that you get to the tender meeting point (often a dining room or the theatre) that sooner you will be able to get the tender. Those on excursions and Elite members go first, then it is by ticket numbers.
  9. Did you do a google search for Heathrow check in times?
  10. Probably now depends if your cruise takes place before or after the Britain leaves the EU.
  11. chrysalis

    The Newest SoCal Princess

    We have spent 90 days on the "new" Royal. Alfredo's is a very nice, no charge, Italian restaurant. Love the buffet layout and the large selection. Retreat pool area is a favourite lounging spot for us. Glad they are getting rid of the Princess Live area, as it was a waste of space. Winemaker's dinner area is a very nice spot to have a special evening meal. Love the outside eating area on the stern, aft of the buffet. It is a great spot for sail away, also.
  12. chrysalis

    Captain's Circle Question

    We certainly were asked the first couple of nights until they staff recognized us. This was on the Royal, earlier this year.
  13. chrysalis

    Bit rusty on drinks, and also info on St Lucia?

    Yes, they still serve a birthday cake, if you ask them. In St Lucia, there is shopping and a couple of bars right at the pier, and you can walk into town if you wish.
  14. chrysalis

    Elite lounge-Royal?

    Sometimes that lounge is in the dining room on the Royal
  15. chrysalis

    Where are my onboard credits?

    It depends on where those credits are coming from, and how.