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    ,,,,my account, and then Future Cruise Credits...
  2. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-canada/canada-extends-ban-on-large-cruise-ships-until-oct-31-transport-minister-idUSKBN23522Y?fbclid=IwAR3vOHJOdJEdsKhDEO-2v2ZjBvTMgLeqd1nB9iS0tTjYAdcX1aTWe8sV9dA
  3. You gotta love the final series (Majestic in Oz and NZ) where the lady from Cruise Critic complains about the buffet eggs to the F&B Mgr and suggests/asks for Crepes at breakfast....and then they make the point the next morning that she didn't show up to try the crepes. As and aside, that F&B Mgr Karen hosted a special lunch (with Captain and Senior Officers attending) for Cruise Critic folks on the first TA of the previous Royal Princess (R ship), and a private galley tour.
  4. I don't think that you can used a $100 FCD for a deposit for any cruise over 53(?or so) days. If you have an FCD, you can hand it in and they give you a % discount on the cruise.
  5. Still nothing after being booted off the ship on March 16th, with 10 days of sailing to go.
  6. They have 2 of them, so can move a lot of people in a short period of time....
  7. As you know, we are like you and were cancelled mid-cruise....for us, 10 days before the end of our 20 dayer. The letter delivered to our cabin that gave us the Option 1 and Option 2 choices, said that for Option 1, the FCCs would amount to 125% of the cruise fare paid ….which means getting 125% of the total fare we paid for the 20 days, even though we cruised for 10 of those days. If you got the same wording, I take that to mean that you should be getting 125%FCC for your total 32 days.
  8. Not seen anything....Pause 1, happened while aboard the Crown....cruise cancelled with 10 days to go. Selected Option 1 March 21, and got booted off the ship on March 16th. Received a email from Princess immediately after selecting Option 1.
  9. We, like you, were mid-cruise when everything went sideways in March. We, like you, chose Option 1, and have seen nothing. Also, we have $750 of refundable OBC owing and $500 owing for a cabin upgrade for our final 10 days aboard the Crown that we never got to use. Now, I just heard that someone who was on the World Cruise on the Pacific was told by Princess that their FCC/refunds claims were considered "In Transit" claims and would be dealt with last. Perhaps that is what is happening to us? We are now 66+ days from being booted off the ship, and 70+ days from being told that our cruise was ending early.
  10. Not too good today.....but in all seriousness, it depends on the executive chef, and no one knows who that will be in the future. Generally, I think Princess DR food is pretty good.
  11. chrysalis


    Welcome to the club...
  12. not surprising....X is still selling European Cruises for this summer.
  13. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/bc-health-officials-say-cruise-ships-not-welcome-this-summer/ar-BB140oia?ocid=spartanntp
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