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All Things EARTH... part 2

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Anita, lol it was 45 when they finished the gazebo, tad chilly!  We’re already enjoying it. Even if it’s chilly here we get intense sun, this’ll be awesome


what type boat are you thinking about?  We had a Boston Whaler when we lived at Patrick AFB, the kids lived waterskiing on the Banana River (so did I)

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Haha Sharon! Thanks!


Well Melody...we have a contract on a boat. We have a deposit on it and are just working out the financing. The boat dealer we’re buying from is running a welcome to boat ownership family. A two man business that have been working together for 30 years. They only sell about 50 boats a year...the cash flow comes from their service side. They have the biggest lift on the coast between Jacksonville and Fort Lauderdale. As our guy said, you can take the boat home when you feel ready and comfortable. He’s going out on the water with us, putting in, taking out, trailering, driving, etc. He’s signed up to be our boating mentor! So they’re going to teach us everything which is phenomenal.


So. We’re buying what they call a bay boat, which is a type of center console boat. It features a large bow deck and decent aft deck for fishing with convertible seating. A draft of about 12” but a shape that will cut through some chop, but not a deep vee. We anticipate spending 80% of our time in the Indian River Lagoon but should be able to go out on average days...people will go out up to 30 miles off shore but that’s not our focus at all. The specific boat is a Sea Pro 208. It’s all very exciting! Let Salt Life commence!

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Anita. SeaPros are great boats. Center consoles are very stable. You’ll get many enjoyable years from it

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Melody...I agree...we should have many enjoyable years with the boat. DH's work schedule changed to a 4/10 schedule a few months back. We have been enjoying the 3-day weekends every week. We think it is very reasonable to believe we'll be out boating at least one day each weekend, especially with the nearest public dock to the Indian River Lagoon less than 3 miles away...less than 10 minutes away. This idea is why we purchased closer to the coast instead of in Orlando. I'm really looking forward to having the "Salt Life". 🙂

Laurie...I meant to ask you before...Does cilantro taste like soap to you? There are people whose genes literally make cilantro taste like soap...you literally do not taste the same taste that everyone else that doesn't have that particular gene expressed that way taste cilantro. I think there's something similar for lavender?


The garden is exploding. We're dealing with drought conditions but the garden is still thriving. Had our first big pick of blueberries...we got about a pint...and there's quite a bit more to come so very fun.


I've made my way through that Clutter Connection book. I guess I would recommend this book...there are some great takeaways. The quiz isn't helpful. What is helpful is to read the different descriptions. Then you might gain some insight into a particular challenge you may have. I'm very happy to have the insight because I'm literally still going through all our stuff after moving...still furnishing the rooms in the midst of refurbishing some rooms...figuring out how, or even IF, our stuff works and if not, what do we need for our new home.


Laurie..with that clutter book in mind...keeping in mind that the book is actually about organization...or rather why someone like me may be struggling to organize their stuff so I have a constant battle with clutter, stuff all over the place. For you, the decor on those shelves...you have a curated display of items that are precious to you. I would be using those open shelves for things like books and puzzles. I can also have displays that also memorials, things that inspire memories when I see them...but that's not necessarily the first definition that comes to mind when I think of open shelving.


I wonder if you would be a cricket? (I'm a bee). That's a person the prefers less visual noise (more possessions are "hidden", out of sight to be "put away") but who has detailed categories when you DO put stuff away. Like you would somehow break down a "bills" file into some system of subcategories when you "filed" your bills away and definitely "away" would be out of sight, like in a filing cabinet, a closet, etc. I'm a more visual organizer, but similar with more detailed categories instead of fewer broader categories.


Those recliners came from Wayfair. They were very poor quality. I took my chances ordering something with no reviews...and there you go. They will definitely not be our long term chair. But I have come to realize that a recliner is just NOT a good chair for me. I have selected a new chair for myself. I really prefer to sit with one foot "up"...so many different ways but usually one knee is bent...almost like my legs could look like the number 4. I like using a foot stool...I currently have one of those Moroccan Poofs, which I LOVE. And I like sitting like cross legged, that's my fave...and I think I found a good chair for me. Should be here next week.


I have been thinking about my clothes. It's been a long time since I felt like there was a serious gap in my wardrobe. I haven't had enough new activity in my life that I needed a new category of clothing but I'm realizing that I need a whole new work wardrobe. I'm analyzing my clothes...I seriously need a sort of uniform for gardening. I have my sunshade hat and my garden clogs which I always wear...and one new shirt, but I need more. This is a daily activity, but I don't seem to have enough of the right clothes for doing that. I need hot weather long sleeves and I don't have many of those...even if I wanted to designate "nicer or fun" clothes for work clothes (clothes that could literally be ruined).


The work inside could now be daily too. We're still slowing, very slowing, making progress on the pantry in the kitchen. I have one pair of Dickies I got for working drywall and painting, but I could use a pair in a more summer weight (that could be good for gardening too). I might have enough tanks for wearing under the overalls...I usually don't wear the fitted knit ones "out" anymore...they're like an under layer.


Anyway, having gone through the Clutter Connection book (I borrowed it on Overdrive), I'm now eager to go through all my clothes and not necessarily KonMari it, but just edit my wardrobe for functionality. How well do the items in my wardrobe fit in with my current life? Sally, haven't you given up most of your cold weather clothes? I think now that I've been through about two years of living here in Florida...I can definitely feel confident in editing my cold weather clothing. I just haven't worn it, haven't needed it...and the reasons aren't just limited to this atypical year we've all just had. I can envision the opportunities for when I'll actually need cold weather clothing better now that we have purchased our home and are no longer renting, and we've all settled into this new season of life for everyone. 


My final goal will be to figure out what shopping I really need to do to fill out the gaps in my new "work" wardrobe by going through everything. This has me wondering, if you do a whole out with the cold weather clothing and in with the warm weather clothing...is that what you do? Do you end up going through your wardrobe every time you switch clothing around? Isn't it getting to be that time of year?

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Well, we’re 84 here today (so nice with 8% humidity). Sunday/Monday we’re expecting snow!!!  We have bipolar weather!!  My car had a hooded parka, hat & mittens (for each of us); a broad brimmed sun hat (for each of us); sunscreen ; sunglasses. 

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Just a few quick thoughts here, before I head out to do some errands...


cilantro and soap are the same to me, lol.  And really, I am not fussy at all.  At least, I don't think I am.  I'm not really a sushi eater, but otherwise, I eat almost anything.  I always joke that if I want my food to taste that way, I would just put Dawn Dishwashing Liquid on it instead of cilantro, lol.  It is genetic - 23&Me has stated that I am more likely to dislike cilantro!


I hate clutter.  With shelves, I want a few meaningful, larger items.  books, papers, they are all put away or better yet, gone.  With books even, I use a Nook.  I really don't want a physical book to have to keep somewhere.  My husband loves piles everywhere.  To the right of that display, behind closed doors, I have games, puzzles, and photo albums.  On the other side, are the DVDs.  Out of sight!!

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I love books, can’t stand reading them on a screen, I want to turn the pages. Unfortunately I can’t hold a hardback book any longer (too heavy), just paperbacks. I do have a small room, ok & a closet, that are full of bookshelves & books; I do reread them. I also have a crystal cabinet that is full, I like looking at my, my mother’s, my grandmother’s & my great grandmother’s crystal. I also have an antique (150yrs old) that has my few pieces of porcelain birds & Andrea porcelain flowers that I started collecting in Okinawa in 1980. 

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Going back to your comments, Anita....


In our lateral file cabinet, which is mission to go with the mission desk (lol), I have hanging folders.  They are categorized.  Monthly receipts and bills are segregated by month, but they are not kept long term - just a few months.  but January through December is represented.  Then I have folders for longer term storage by category.  Auto, home, medical.  Things like that.  I am looking to see if I can find a small two drawer filing cabinet that is more nightstand size?  Because I'm downsizing that cabinet. 


I'm also starting to store pictures on an external hard drive so that I can organize them better.


Right now, my office drives me crazy, and my husband has some different ideas than me.  Wait, I'm supposed to call it the den, lol.  It has been a catch all room while we work in the other areas of the house, but we do hope to work in here at some point this year.  This has always been a bit of a happy place, but right now I am anxious because there is too much stuff.  I don't mind having things out and about, as you can tell from the shelves.  I just want less clutter. 


On the flip side, I don't like things to be generic, you know?


I think I may need to check out Clutter Connection.  Being able to understand my likes and dislikes has been so helpful to me.  Style Statement is still one of the favorite things I've done.  It has taught me so much.


Melody, I hear you on the bipolar weather.  Friday night, it was very cold and windy here.  We are fortunate that we only got some small flakes of snow here and there.  If there had been more precipitation, it would have been white out weather.  Yesterday, it was sunny and around 50.  Cool, but nice.  Today is very overcast.  It is in the low 60s though.   When it snows for you, we will be having low 70s, then back down to low 50s.


Sally, I hope you are lurking, and can chime in.  I've been thinking about you a lot.  A few days ago, my JJill order came in and I wanted to get your thoughts.  I think the items run a little big.  The top is meant to be boxy, so I was expecting the fit I got.  I like it.  It is a beige like color in a fine gauge knit.  It is a very nice quality and will look great under a sweater for work.  It is sleeveless, so i won't be hot in the air conditioning at work.  At the same time, it will keep me warner in the winter under a blazer or warmer sweater.  I've been looking for some neutral items like this so I was very happy to find it.  It was on clearance and I also got 30% off so the pricing wasn't too bad.


I also order two pairs of jeans.  One had button trim on the ankle.  They were called slim ankle fit.  I like that they weren't skinny jeans, because I have so much trouble with the legs on those.  But they had a nice, more fitted look.  I would have liked the waist to be a little bit lower, but they were  a really nice fit.  My concern is that when I lose a few pounds, if they stretch when I wear them, I might find them baggy.  I decided to keep them anyway, knowing that I can always throw them in the dryer a bit extra if that happens.  Because they are ankle jeans, I don't have to worry if the length shrinks a little too.


The second pair is also a slim ankle fit, with the same fit.  These are ivory, so that was a fun thing to find for wanting something light in color, and needing something that works for being an earth.  If I want to, I could fold up the bottom and make them crops.  The fabric is incredibly soft too.


So they were good buys!  I'm very happy with them, and will look more at JJill in the future.  It makes me think about the brown dresses I like last year and never bought.  Darn.


My sister in law was moving last fall, and she gave me an ivory linen dress from J Crew that she never wore.  It had these grommets at the top that were a gold, but not super shiny.  The ivory was pretty light, so I wasn't really sure about it.  I realized looking through my closet that I hadn't even tried it on, so I did.  I was so pleasantly surprised.  Here is one thing I am learning about boxier, unconstructed fit clothes: go down one size, and they will have more of a semi fitted look.  This works well with my proportions.   This is the approach I took to buying the sweater from JJill and it worked so well.


I don't know about all of you, but being fully vaccinated, I am feeling very hopeful about being able to be able to do some thing.  I haven't checked in a while, but the last I knew of, the county I live in was over 70% vaccinated, and I am sure it is much higher now.  They have had pop up clinics at the high schools too.


We have tickets...sort of....to a Boston Red Sox game.  A season ticket holder had some for sale.  They currently have limits to how many people can attend, and it just increased for May.  our tickets are for June.  When I say we purchased them, it was actually a credit from last year, so it may end up being a credit again.  Who knows?  We also made sure we would be able t cancel the hotel if we need to.  We are taking a week's vacation, but spending 3 nights in Boston.


My thought is that if the game doesn't pan out, we can still visit.  We can walk a lot of places, and the hotel has a great deck with TVs across from Fenway plus bars and restaurants to watch the game in.  Limited capacity, yes, but we are just fine wearing our masks when we go out.  There are a lot of places I think we can take the train to as well.


The flip side is that Boston is very expensive, but it is a getaway for us, and it is very needed.  We were actually considering buying tickets to a second game, possibly, if things are available at that point.  


In retrospect, we probably should have opted for something like Myrtle Beach.  I've never been, and have always wanted to go.  Hey, we don't even know for sure if our cruise is a go, but I have a lot more hope for that because it is in late November.  Sadly, they replaced Key West with Nassau.    I would just be happy to get away and relax.  


I know that I am fortunate, so I don't mean to sound like I am complaining.  I have my job, my family, my health.  I'm just a bit burned out.  We are not very good at even taking just a day for relaxing or a day trip.  I think it is because we have to make arrangements for the dogs and the like.   Plus we have so much to work on at home that we get distracted.


Anita, I need so many different types of clothes sometimes.  Work, a small amount of special event (formal) clothing, workout clothing, casual, etc.  Then we have four seasons, and I never know what I will need.


What I do is switch from warm weather to cold weather clothes, and back again.  I just made that switch.  I can't just have shorts and tank tops out,  I have short sleeves, cropped jeans, ankle jeans, etc.  Lighter weight sweaters and so on.  Every time I switch, I ask myself if I have worn things.  I can be reluctant to let go of something I don't wear sometimes, but I have gotten much better. 


One thing I have to be careful of is that when I wear something a lot, I need to limit adding more of that item.  For example, I just mentioned the other day about t-shirt dresses.  I wore the one I have so much the past few years, so I added a few.  I made sure they were really good colors.  But this is it.  I don't need ten of them.  I don't even need 7 of them.  I have 4 now.  Perfect.  


I am also telling myself I cannot add any long formal wear.  That is hard for me, sigh.  Here is the deal: I hoped o build up some great classic styles that I could rotate so that my formal pictures didn't always have the same exact dresses.  I am 7 or 8 pounds heavier right now, and some don't fit me well.  Less people dress up, and I have a feeling that when cruising resumes, we are going to see a lot of people just want to have fun and get out, so we will see even less.


Instead of wearing nice dresses on casual night, I can dress up some of my casual dresses.  On formal nights, I can wear the nicer dresses, or a cocktail dress that I may be able to wear to a special function at home.  So I am thinking of paring down, and creating some multifunctionality.  Wow, that was a long word.


Really though, a t-shirt dress worn with my jeans jacket in the spring is a look I love.  If it is a bit cooler yet, make it the maxi t-shirt dress and along with the jeans jacket or sweater, I can add a scarf.  The great thing is that I wear sweaters all the time, and my jeans jacket I've had for 3 years now.  The t-shirt dresses are anywhere from $12.00 - $20.00 so if they go through 2 or 3 seasons, I've got my money's worth.


I know I am rambling.  I am still a very functional person who likes the right thing for the right time.  I'm just looking for less complication in my life.  Sally and Melody, did you feel this way when you started feeling ready for retirement?


I'll be 56 this month, and I'm hoping that if my planning pays off, I can retire at 62.  I feel like it is good to really focus on a time.  Many people do not, and they have enough saved so that they can retire when they feel ready.  I'm more ready but too young and don't have enough saved.  I am working hard towards my goals though, and 62 right now is a possibility.  It has helped me greatly to start working towards this.  I can't quite explain it, but when you feel ready, it is nice to see your planning pay off as you inch towards your goal.  It clears your mind a bit.  

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Laurie. I retired at 60 with 35 years of federal service (exactly to the day). Les retired in 1990 & he had the retired thing down pat. We had good savings & both of us have excellent pensions for our lifestyle. Our house was paid off 5 years before I retired & we continued to “pay” our mortgage until I retired, that $$ we put into a vacation fund. We still pay into that fund (but not as much as mortgage was)


my clothing budget went down (as I didn’t need Tahari. Anne Klein, etc suits any longer., or designer shoes (well, a couple of pairs...) What really went down was my dry cleaning bill!!!  Don’t get me wrong, I still spend way too much on clothing!!!


I know what you mean on filing cabinets. Both Les & I are anal about records (he is more intense than I am). We gave our son some small household appliances that we’d had for awhile. Les went to his cabinet & pulled out the instructions & parts list (I’m not that anal). Melody

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While I don't have a pension, my employer does contribute to my 401K.  When I was a divorced mother of two, I was limited to what I could save, so that means my employer didn't really contribute that much either.  I have worked hard to try and make up for it though.


Our mortgage will be paid off before we retire as well, and we are planning on stashing away those funds too.  It will not be five years like you, assuming that I retire at 62, but I will have some time to build up some extra funds..  I have a sister who was able to retire at 55 because she worked for the state, and has an excellent pension.  Sometimes when we are chatting, she is surprised that retirement doesn't work that way all over. I'm just very happy to be making the progress that we are.  


Anita, I was just thinking about your parents.  I don't think we have heard from your mom in ages.  I hope all is well.


On a day to day basis, suits are not really an everyday thing for me.  I have a couple of very nice suits, and then I have mix and match separates.  The jackets never really fit quite right, so I am sure to hold on to the ones that I find that do fit well.  A few years ago, I could find a lot of brown but not really anymore.  I keep looking for earthy colors.  When I can't find them, I try to find navy that isn't really dark, but a bit brighter?  I have found some nice ways to make that work with earth colors.


I should try to get pictures of my t-shirt dresses.  It will be fun to talk about clothes again, and to figure out what I will bring on my cruise and to our Boston trip.  One thing that I resent at the moment is that I didn't opt for a 7 night cruise.  Our trip will be a 5 night.  Who knows, maybe I can get in something earlier in 2022!  I have heard that pricing is pretty high, but I haven't actually look at it because it seems so far away right now.


Melody and Anita, did you reschedule any of your cruises that were cancelled?


Margaret, I don't think you had any scheduled, did you?



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Laurie, we have a cruise on Royal’s Liberty on 24 October 2021 out of Galveston (we did downsize it from a b2b). I just used my FCC (future cruise credit) from our canceled March 2021 Celebrity Constellation Panama Canal & ABC 21 nights from March 2021 to April 2022 to a 9-night Eastern Caribbean cruise on Celebrity Reflection. Very hopeful for both of them. We actually found the 9-night was very reasonable (& everything included, alcohol beverages, gratuities & $150 per person OBC; & some of our favorite islands Melody

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Posted (edited)
On 4/26/2021 at 10:48 AM, Anita Latte said:





We are seriously looking at boats. I think we have landed on the one that we want. There happens to be one that hits all the buttons here in Cape Canaveral...we're going to try to see it this week I think.





If you are military or retired military Patrick Air Force Base did have boat rentals.  That was a few years ago.  But you could check it out to test the waters.  

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5 hours ago, geocruiser said:

If you are military or retired military Patrick Air Force Base did have boat rentals.  That was a few years ago.  But you could check it out to test the waters.  

We rented one every weekend the 3 years we lived in North Housing at Patrick. Many good memories 

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4 hours ago, awhfy said:

We rented one every weekend the 3 years we lived in North Housing at Patrick. Many good memories 

I do miss Patrick AB.  We lived about 6 miles from it and were on the base a lot.

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So, a lot has been going on around here, all good thankfully. Now that DH and I are sharing the home office, sometimes I get kicked out for long periods of time. :) I finally got to scan the fashion photos I've been saving up this spring, and I have time to share some today!


We just got back from a short trip to Pennsylvania for my birthday. We visited Gettysburg, Longwood Gardens, Valley Forge, had a day in Philadelphia, and a lovely dinner with friends whom we haven't seen since last summer. I even managed to squeeze in a bit of shopping. So, I have a trip report with photos to share as well.


To answer Laurie's question, we have not had a cruise on the books since we were supposed to have done that big trip to S. America in December. We had got as far as wanting to visit Niagara Falls for my birthday this month, but since we can't go to Canada we took off for PA for a few days instead.  HOWEVER... in January, Princess had a huge sale so we booked a 7 day in late November this year because the suites were basically 1/2 price. We figured that on the small chance that it would go, we would mostly be hanging on the balcony and enjoying the sea days. Enjoying the not cooking and cleaning part too, plus some of the suite perks are pretty sweet. We are of the idea that not every vacation needs to be spectacular, and some reading, swimming, and frilly cocktails sounds like fun.


It stops at Princess Cays, St. Kitts, and St. Thomas. Not the most exciting itinerary, but just to be someplace else for a while would be a treat. We have until August 30 to decide for a full deposit refund if we cancel by then. If it is not a fully vaccinated cruise we won't go. We have a short list of substitute land trips or AI's as a backup.


So that's the news from NYC!


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Picture from yesterday, ended up with about 5”. Today is supposed to be 60s. Hope good weather is finally here!! Melody


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Melody...this weather you are having...it so crazy! I look out my window at my drought conditions and summer around the corner so evident in the maturity of my gardens and my mind is just blown when I see your snow covered pergola!


We're picking up our boat tomorrow! We go out on the demo first and then the paperwork and then it's ours! Very exciting stuff. 


I did get a new "boating outfit"...a new sun shirt and matching shorts. 





I know it doesn't look like they match...but they do. I'm not sure how warm they are exactly...could be more AIR than EARTH but I am excited to find anything muted in a UV protection shirt so I grabbed it. I'm not sure if I found the right shorts online, this is the style and the color totally goes with the shirt.

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So cute Anita!  Eddie Bauer & Columbia have sun shirts on sale for $9.99


im heading to Maine 7-16 June to be with my friend (that lost her husband end of Feb). She’d asked to wait till her kids were done coming. Called me this morning & said, I need to see someone that doesn’t want anything from me!  Have to wait till I have (3) root canals on 24 May (blew out the good side of my mouth). I’m on antibiotics & steroids till then. No chewing, scrambled eggs & protein drinks, should drop 10 lbs. Melody 

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Your flowers are beautiful Melody!


Yesterday I tackled my wardrobe issues. I went through my dresser...sorted out what needed to be donated and tossed...and reorganized my drawers so that I could see my "wardrobes" for doing the various activities of my life right now. I have a drawer dedicated to fitness and activewear clothing (including some swimwear, kayaking/boating, and activewear for exercising). I have another drawer dedicated to clothing for gardening and house projects (which means that it is all clothing that can get dirty whether from soil or joint compound or paint). Doing this, I discovered that I have a serious gap in my workout bottoms and bras. I ended up in Target and I have to say that there are SO MANY EARTH colors in Target in the activewear area right now. The three bottoms I bought aren't pictured online...but I got 3 patterns...all highwaisted which works best for me for activewear...all with the slash leg pockets (which I love). If you need activewear, I suggest checking out Target for good EARTH colors.


The rest of my organization for my drawers made it very easy for me to put together a happy ensemble. DH is having an arthroscopic knee surgery on Friday (in Orlando) and so we had to drive over there for him to get a pre-op COVID test. I've decided to make a concentrated effort to wear "casual clothing" when I am not exercising or working on a project. I want my activewear to be only for fitness activities. Anyway...I was able to match up one of my scarves for a headband and wear my new necklace with my newer dress that I bought since moving to Florida.




I'm a bit flushed because I've been doing some housework. My dress fades from the deeper blue to a paler blue in a not quite tie-dyed fashion. I know the blue isn't the best blue because the pinks and yellows in my skin aren't quite as blended as they are when I wear a warmer color...but the muted blue is pretty close and it makes my eyes pop and so that's when I decide that the color is "close enough". 


Anyway...it felt great to be able to pull together an outfit where I felt good. I know that I haven't been making much effort in my appearance for a while...feeling like it wasn't worth it...and I think that has affected me negatively. There are times when I don't care how I look...but in general, I do want to look nice enough that when I see myself, I'm happy with what I see. I haven't been happy with what I've been seeing lately because I haven't made any effort in my day to day. Part of the lack of effort was from being unorganized and not having a good handle on what still fits me well...but I've dealt with that hurdle now...and so I'm trying to change my attitude regarding my appearance.

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Anita, I think you look good in that blue. I find if I make an effort to get dressed & put on a bit of makeup I feel better, even if I’m not going anywhere. Hope your DH has an easy surgery. Melody

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Melody, it is great that your flowers are doing so well with the weather you have had!  Around here, we won't see any roses for at least another month.  The weeds, however, are growing rapidly, lol.   We are trying to keep up.


Anita, I find that when I put some effort into how I look, it makes me feel good about myself.  It doesn't have to be a lot.  It is mostly the effort.  I definitely feel I look better in earth colors, so that helps too.  


On Mother's Day, we didn't go anywhere fancy, but I wore one of the t-shirt maxi dresses, and I paired it with cute sandals and my denim jacket.  I threw on a longer necklace, and I was set.  There was no fussing, and it was comfortable.   felt pulled together though.  I really need to get a few pictures of the t-shirt dresses, but this is the one I was wearing.  They do not have the color online that I have, but it is a nice earthy color.  Kind of a muddy olive with a yellowy undertone.


Women's Sleeveless Knit Dress - Universal Thread™ : Target


It doesn't seem like much, but I do my hair and makeup every day.  My routine is simple.


Now, letting this gray grow in is sort of aggravating.  I'm trying to figure out what to do with the colored part.  It has become very brassy.  I am hearing that if I use a toner shampoo, it will help.  I have a grayer streak starting down the front now, and I like how it frames my face.  As it becomes more prominent, that will be a neat thing.  It's very freeing, actually.  I feel younger, not older.

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Laurie, I really like that tshirt dress, think I’ll stop at Target & see if they have that bright blue (I know, shocking!)


on your hair, try one of the shampoos made for grey/silver hair, makes the silver brighter. You could also lowlight your hair to bring the silver out. Melody

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Laurie...I like that dress! I like the pink one that has that tie-dyed look. LOL...no surprise there. That sleeveless style is really nice. I like the wide shoulder strap area...I think that is more flattering that the narrow ones if you happen to be generously endowed LOL. I'm curious to see what would be IN my Target though too because I know what is in the stores isn't always available online.


It's odd to say but it feels like life is finally settling down into a somewhat manageable routine. Takes a while. Our to do list has finally gotten down to a more manageable level. We're finding that balance between maintenance of what we have and projects for changing what we have.


I changed my clothes 3 times yesterday!! LOL...I think I have been reluctant to do that in the past because of how much I love laundry...and I had some misguided thought that it would be better to wear as few clothes each day as possible and try to cut down on my laundry needs that way. But I've come to accept that kind of like going on a cruise...and having different activities that require different clothes and having to change clothes to do all the different things you want to do...yes, that is my life...I just need to embrace that and the laundry that goes with it LOL!!!


So I had my gardening outfit...my casual outfit...and my workout outfit...and then my evening lounging outfit.


My preferred casual outfit is a dress. Semi fitted is the best...some shape but maximum comfort. For real, I sometimes think of dresses as my "public nightie" because that's the comfort level that I like for when I am just casual. I'm definitely going to check out that dress...the length and the shoulders are convincing me that it would be a great foundation dress.


Laurie...my good friend back in GA finally stopped dying her hair. She looks great! She's blessed with blue eyes and the lightening of her hair really makes her eyes pop even more than trying to stay dark. It all depends on how your gray is coming in...good point Melody on thinking about products that would enhance the gray. It's one thing to actually get gray hair vs just having your hair dull out and faded color that isn't really gray.


My purple hair dye came out quickly. And it was a lot of bleeding purple dye on my pillowcase and in the shower, etc. It felt like a lot of effort for not much return. I think I'm over the whole purple hair...as much as I think it's super fun to have. I love the look of scarves in hair...and I've collected some over the years but I haven't really gotten into using them. I'm going to work on that. I have actually separated out my scarves into the cold weather drawer, the gardening/house project/can get "ruined" drawer, and casual clothes drawer. 

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