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  1. Margaret, patella tendon issues are serious. Have you considered an aqua Zumba class? I know with my foot issues the aqua classes (Pilates, barre & Zumba) have allowed me to maintain my fitness & flexibility. I loved the land classes, but the aqua has been so much more beneficial for me. I ‘I really don’t want your Africa story to end! Melody
  2. This is for traditional dining.
  3. CelebrityDining@Celebrity.com. Give ship name, date of sailing & what your table request. Very easy. I do it about 3 week out from sailing.
  4. Love the dress, not crazy about the sleeves tho
  5. I've Always done my nails. My relaxing time (when I worked) was Sunday evening when I’d redo my manicure for the week. Now I do them when I feel like it (usually every 10 days to 2 weeks). Anita, I’ve used that Top Coat for years, worth every penny. I caught a bad skin cancer very early on my finger because I was so diligent about manicures. Aft cabins, love them! We had our first aft on Royals Liberty on a western Caribbean, it was deck 7 & the superstructure of Royal’s Freedom class is such that we couldn’t look down to the water (we weren’t real pleased). Our b2b this coming February is on Celebrity Reflection in a C1 aft (center on Deck 11). I know I’ll be able to see the water! Melody
  6. The Elite breakfast is only Continental (no hot items). It does have a Bloody Marys & Mimosas & lattes & cappuccino)
  7. I’ll do the same Sally; then you don’t have the fight of finding something to go with it!
  8. We’ve had wonderful food on every Eclipse sailing
  9. Congratulations Laurie! So exciting, hope your daughter has an easy pregnancy. Anita, the shorts are JAG shorts, the bathing suit is a Mirage ($19 at TJMaxx), wish I’d bought 2! I have 3 pair of Athleta swim shorts, but not with me on this trip Pam,I know exactly what you mean about work wardrobe & accessories & always coordinating. I traveled a lot when I worked (especially the last 10 years). I traveled exclusively with carryon (Les always asks why I don’t do that now!). I’d take 2 suits, 5 tops, 7 scarves, lingerie & 2 pairs of work shoes. I never had time to work out on a work trip so didn’t carry gym clothes. We did this trip in carryon & Les is so happy my color palette was black, white & cobalt blue (except for my green print bathing suit). Today is Les’s 70th birthday & we’re on the beach our shell is the big one on the center stick. If you put a shell on the tree it’s supposed to mean you will come back. Melody
  10. We had Caymus at $10 a glass (above the premium) on Eclipse. Hope it’s still there in September
  11. Well, we’re having a marvelous time in FL! Weather is fabulous, beach is gorgeous, we’re having a great time (& it’s snowing like crazy all week at home, our daughter sent the snow picture). Melody
  12. What are the odds of that! Glad everything worked out. You should receive you luggage Valet fee back for the inconvenience tho
  13. There is hard & soft serve ice cream in the buffet
  14. Margaret, I can’t imagine being that close to a lion! What an experience you had! Melody
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