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  1. I’d say come back to Colorado Springs, but we’re having the same heat (& we’re humid too). What about Lake Tahoe or I second San Diego
  2. I have an old bottle that I refill (any 3oz bottle works) & leave in my all ways goes travel bag
  3. We’re cruising 24 Oct 21 on Royal’s Liberty out of Galveston in 95 days…can’t wait
  4. I bring a 3oz bottle of Dreft (baby detergent). Works great & lasts about 30 days
  5. Welcome back Margaret. I know the feeling of accomplishment in doing something you hadn’t done tor awhile. For me it was paddleboarding because my balance since all the foot surgeries absolutely stinks. Les & I got out with our boards earlier this week, such a freeing feeling! fashion (not really) photo taken yesterday. Top from Chicos sale
  6. Sherri, I’m sorry you’re moving into a place that needs so much work. You said she’s older, is it possible that she doesn’t see the issues or is unable to fix the items. Her realtor should clear anything that is left (that you don’t want). Once you’re in you’ll make it your own. Melody
  7. We’re doing a western Caribbean in October (getting off on Halloween). I’ll do black, white & either cobalt blue or hot pink. Evenings: 1 pair black silk pants, 2 sparkly tops. 1 pair black slacks, 1 pair while pants, 4 dressy tops. 1 pair black dressy sandals (slight wedge). Days mostly in a bathing suit (I bring 2) & a coverup, Oofos sandals for pool/beach. 3 pairs capris (white, black & likely blue), 4-5 tops, pjs, unders & a pair of black Birkenstock’s. Meds & sunscreen & 2 good hats & a long cardigan sweater (either white or black)
  8. There’s never been room service on disembarkation day as far back as I can remember
  9. Anita, I hope you’re getting out on the water! Chicos & Athleta are having their semi-annual sales. I really wanted a Santorini dress from Athleta but they didn’t have my size in any color, I’ll keep looking. Laurie, you might really like the Santorini. It’s a high neck, sleeveless, swing dress; very figure flattering & packs like a dream (seriously in a sandwich bag in my purse). I’ll keep looking, maybe I’ll get lucky. Melody
  10. We’re 99 days out from our cruise out of Galveston. So looking forward to cruising with our daughter (her first) & son-in-law. anyone looking for great clothing bargains, Chicos is having their semi-annual sale. I bought 3 fabulous tops yesterday for a total of $33. Put the items right in the cruise pile. Athleta is also having their semiannual sale. I really wanted another Santorini dress but they only had teeny tiny or huge sizes left], I’ll keep looking; maybe I’ll get lucky. If you haven’t tried them it’s a high neck, sleeveless swing dress, very figure flattering & I act
  11. Just saw in another post that Travelsmith has closed down their website
  12. Laurie, I’d look into getting another treadmill or elliptical if you used it every day previously. We also belong to a private gym & it is pricey. I live my aqua classes tho, so it gets me out 3-5 days a week when is your cruise? We’re 100 days out today for ours!! Melody
  13. I’ve been thinking about Sally, hoping she’s doing ok. Sailor Sally, if you’re able, please let us know how you’re doing
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