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  1. Lois, my Mom always made a batch of stuffin muffins when she made her stuffing. Stuffin muffins came out on Sunday with Thanksgiving leftovers (or a roast chicken if Turkey was gone). I hadn’t thought about them for years. I never liked stuffing, gravy or mashed potatoes. I like the turkey, all the other veggies, the relishes & the desserts! Melody
  2. Her, that’s Winter, she’s 18 months old silver lab. Daughter & SIL took her for a hike before dinner & she just curled up & snoozed, good girl
  3. We have b2b on Constellation in March with final payment coming Tuesday
  4. This is how we all felt after dinner. Zoomed with rest of family, bittersweet. Glad everyone enjoyed! I finished all my Christmas shopping too!!! Melody
  5. I had one of her special margaritas last night. She is missed
  6. I wish our b2b in March (11 night Touch Canal & 10 day Eastern Carib) would just cancel before our final payment is due on Tuesday!!!
  7. Feels fitting for this year. Hope everyone stays safe & well. Melody
  8. This felt like it was fitting. Thank you all for helping to keep me sane this year. Melody
  9. The holiday will be different this year. Wherever & whomever you are with this year (in person or just in your heart) enjoy your holiday. Melody
  10. Today is my holiday baking day. I’m making cranberry orange bread & blueberry bread. I take a loaf (or this year Les will take) of each to our neighbors (2 widowers & one young couple with a baby). Then I’ll make pies (2 to take to Salvation Army & 1 for here for Thanksgiving. Salvation sent out a plea for pies, they have enough turkeys & sides, this year they need pies. That’ll be enough standing for me. it’s a different holiday this year for many. Enjoy yours, no matter where or with whom. Melody
  11. Kat, you say it’s smoked, could you cut it (or see if a grocer could cut it for you? I wouldn’t refreeze thawed uncooked meat. Now, you could cook it & then refreeze it. That must’ve been a good sized bird
  12. Kat I’m glad you have this job to look forward to. You sound more ‘up’ than you have, I’m glad!
  13. Lexy is writing me out the recipe & I will share. The pickled red onions were her homemade addition to the recipe. I bake better than I cook, good to see she’s taking after her mom! we’ve Zoomed a few times, I can never get the camera set correctly, but I’d be game to try. Melody
  14. Our 12 year old granddaughter took a Zoom cooking class on Monday & this is what she made Honey Chipotle chicken bowls with quinoa cilantro & lime. She was irritated because she didn’t have avocado. I told her next time Lexy has the eye for presentation
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