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Could we start a list of perks that were discontinued?

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Agree about the endless bubbles, drink packages ruining service. Why hurry to give you drinks when you have already paid them for these in advance? Makes $ sense for cruise line to supply as few as possible.

But my biggest peev has been with Cruise Directors - it seems that instead of actually planning activities for their passengers (all Cruise lines not any in particular) they seem more involved in making their tv show each day then fronting up on stage for 2 minutes each evening - that’s it, all they do!!

When we first started cruising these guys/girls organised so many events each days you wondered where they found the energy - now you just wonder who they are or if the ship even has an activity crew!!

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Discontinued items on cruise lines:


Thin Passengers - 1995


Well Dressed Passengers - 1998


Well Behaved Passengers - -1999


I know this is an old post, but I had a good laugh.

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in australia its worse p&o and carnival will rarely offer stealks or prawns the meat minute steak flank steak carnival last week had sirloin seems to be sliced by a microsurgeon prawns are always vietnamese or canned tiny ones fish is mahi mahi or basa you will never see a strawberry or mango

p&o charge for fries pizza burgers etc pity if you have kids want a lamb cutlet for dinner forget it

at least princess still offer them

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Pass-o-guava on RCCL.

I remember it from my first couple of cruises, then it disappeared. I did get it when we visited Hawaii though.

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I miss most the "motion of the ocean". With all the stabilizers out there and the newly built ships, you just don't feel like you are on water anymore. (Unless there is a pretty good storm). I used to love walking on the decks in the evenings and not being able to keep a straight line. (now I just have to have a martini or two). How much fun it was to watch a whole group of passengers walking forward.....then all left.....then all right! What a blast. It may make some people seasick, but that's the one thing I miss about cruising.

Bridge lessons in 2008 on the Coral Princess - we had a great bridge instructor & wish Princess would re-institute bridge lessons!

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Bridge lessons on the Coral Princess in 2008! We had a great instructor & wish that Princess would re-institute bridge lessons on cruises!

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I was just on the Explorer in Jan. and we had to use our seapass to check out towels by the pool...that was a first for me!!




The first time I saw this, I thought it was just stupid. But on my next cruise ( not with RCI)

I saw the light!


RCI is handling this the right way, and I wish that all cruise lines did it this way.


When you have to have your sea pass card swiped when you get towels, it means that you have to return them when you leave, or else get charged.


When you just pick up towels without it being noted, then when you leave, you can (and most do) leave the towel on the chair.


This means that there are a lot of seats that look occupied and are not.


Personally I am sick of the chair hogs.


We have gone to a pool at 8am and most chairs already have towels and a throw away book.

Some of these chairs stay vacant most of the day. And to add insult to injury, often the people will finally turn up, remove their bag or book and leave without ever sitting down.



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Does Celebrity still do that? They are the only cruise line that has done that for us.



I Think diner cruises still does that

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