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Surprising Best Friend with Honeymoon Cruise...Looking for some Tips


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Hi guys!


I'm in the process of surprising my best friend with her honeymoon, and I was hoping y'all could give me some ideas. Her fiance wants to spend the week in Nassau, and she does not. So, we decided to send them on a cruise that stops in Nassau as a compromise. I'm looking at the 5/20 sailing of the Valor. It sails to Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Maarten.


Can anyone recommend anything FANTASTIC to do in Nassau so he won't feel to slighted? I've been there twice, and haven't been real knocked out, but I might have missed something too. :)


St. Thomas I'm pretty sure of setting them up with Godfrey. He's the man.


Never been to St. Maarten...so I don't know about that one either.


Also if anyone can think of anything special I can book for them in advance on the ship that'd be great. Her parents both passed away while she was in her early 20's, so they can't afford much of a wedding. I just want to make this the best trip I can for her, and since you guys are the experts, I came here for some advice first.


Thanks so much!

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Wow - you're a great best friend.


I can't help you with Nassau, but on-board, it would be great for her to experience the spa (him too, if he's into that kind of thing). Also, they should eat in the supper club (surcharge) one night.


Only thing is these have to be booked when they get on the ship. Not sure how you can do that....

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I have goose bumps!!!!!!!:o

You are so sweet.

How about a couples massage on the ship? Or dinner one night at the supper club (don't know if this ship has it)?


You could spending money for the above onto their account and just have them book when they get on.

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Oooh! Good ideas!




He probably is into that kind of thing...He's just like Chandler. lol!


I don't know if the Valor's got the Supper Club either. I, sadly, have not yet graced that ship! :) But yeah, I will definitely set them up with an onboard credit if I can't make a reservation for them from here!

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In Nassau maybe you could find out how people get rooms at another hotel but have full access to the Atlantis..... I'm not sure of the name of that hotel but I know people book rooms there all the time just to be able to use all the amenities of the Atlantis

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Not know what type of people they are here are a few suggestions for Nassau:


1. They do a walking tour - This link provides great pictures and advice.


2. Get off the ship and negociate (sp) a price for a cab for the day. There will be several people by the pier.


3. Get a room at the comfort inn. They offer passes to the Atlantis. They can then use the room to leave their things, change and shower.



As for the ship.


Definetly tell them to do the supper club. IT IS AWSOME. Have people put money on thier sail and sign card or buy gift certificates to give them on thier wedding day. They can use these to enjoy the spa, buy drinks, souviners, pictures, ect.


Tell him to make sure they attend the Newly-wed not so Newly-wed game. If they don't get picked they will have a great laugh at the other couples.


You could have thier room decorated for them. Its a nice surprise to open the cabin and see the decorations.


Remember to tell them the only way to get from front to back of ship is on decks 5 & 9.


Hope this helps.

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oh awesome! I'd love to find that out!


That's where he wanted to stay...but it's SO expensive!



It'd be fantastic for them to be able to use the resort for the day!




To have access to Atlantis they could get a room at Comfort Inn Suites. It's usually about $200.


Another option:

We hust came back from nassau and went to Breezes. For $60 pp you can get a day pass that lets you have access to all their facilities, food and bar. The bar is all top notch booze too.


They have pools a hot tub, kayaks, windsurfing.


It's about 15 minutes from the ship.



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What a lovely thread!!!



When my friends cruised on their honeymoon a bunch of us simply decided to put money on their onboard account rather then select items for them. There was a card in their cabin which stated the amount and it was a great surprise for them.


In addition to a shipboard credit we ordered the Honeymoon Room Decorations and the Memory Box. A couple of people sent them champagne and chocolate dipped strawberries. All these items (inclusing a note about the shipboard credit) were in their cabin when they set sail and they were thrilled!! They were able to bring the decorations home and diplayed them.


If you want to purchase "items" then photo certificates would be nice as well as spa and wine.


The Supper Club is always wonderful! Like the spa reservations cannot be made until they on board.


Additionally, you don't have to worry about them not spending if you do a shipboard credit - at the end of the cruise any money that they don't spend will be given to them in the form of a check (YEAH! RIGHT!!! Like they wouldn't spend it all!!! :))

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Thank you all for such great ideas!


I think I am definitely going to put the money on their sail and sign card. And then they can do what they want on board.


More than likely I'll be checking into the Comfort Inn idea...so they can get to Atlantis. Since that's what HE really wanted to do. :D Hopefully we'll be able to swing it.


Even if I can't take care of booking a lot of this myself, it'll be nice to have such great suggestions when we give this to them. They've never done a cruise, so if I can give them lots of good advice and great suggestions that'll make this so much more special.


They've got passports (thank goodness) That much I know. I think he lost his...lol...but it's in the house somewhere.


I will make sure they get into the Supper Club. :)


I can't thank you all enough....

If anyone else has any good ideas, keep 'em comin! I REALLY appreciate this!

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Call the Atlantis Resort and find out about the price/how to purchase a

day pass for 2. A taxi ride from the pier will cost $4pp each way. The

Atlantis has numerous things to do including the dig. What a great

way to spend the day. We cruised the Valor, eastern caribbean in

April 2005. The price for a day pass then was $100pp. Yes, it is

$$$ but this is comprise and a honeymoon. I have some ideas for

a great cheap day on St. Thomas and St. Martin to save $$ later

in the cruise. You sound like a great friend.

Rock on............................

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That I will do! They're only in Nassau from 7-2, but I still know he would enjoy that tremendously. So, the $200 isn't an issue at all!

Their longer days are St. Thomas and St. Maarten...well, you know...you were on that cruise.


Yeah, so if you've got good ideas for fun times there too, lemme know!


The best part about all of this was last night, she called me and told me that she talked him into taking a cruise! So now I don't have to worry about him being disappointed. Which is fantastic.


Alright, I'll keep you guys posted

Thanks again for the support!

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Ok today is your luck day! We have gone many time to Nassau via cruise ships this is what you do......... Before the trip go on line and get the telephone numbe for the Atlantis Resort. When you get into port and get off the boat (try to get off early) go to a pay phone , which is right inside the port terminal and call Atlantis and ask them if they have any "day rates" available. Most of the time they do! It is only $99.00. Tell them you are on your way. Get a taxi to take you there , go to the front lobby desk and tell them you just inquired about the day rate and book the room (pay cash, it is easier) you will then have the room from 7am-9pm, you also get free bracelets that allow you to use all the ammenities, the resort beach, slides, lazy river, pools (many of them) , movie theatre, clubs etc! Enjoy the day there, if your Formal dinner is scheduled for that night you are in port, bring your make up and hair products in a carry bag to the room, enjoy the day comeback to the room and get ready for captain's night in the roomy resort bathroom. when you get back to the ship you just slip on your formal cloths and you are ready to go! After dinner you can either go back to Atlantis and gamble in the casino and enjoy FREE drinks or just enjoy some clubs at Atlantis resort, go back to the room until 9pm. If you don't go back to the room after dinner, you ar automatically checked out! Your done! Now if you don't use a credit card to check into your room then there are very limited places where you can pay cash around the beach and pools and slide areas, most want you to use your room # to charge it to your card. But there are a few places that take cash...............Eat a big breakfast on the boat and get off early and enjoy the day at Atlantic and then enjoy your big dinner on the ship, food and drink are crazy expesive at Atlantis!

so there is your big tip for the day! We have done it 2 X now and had a blast and didn't have to struggle in the little bathrooms on the ship to get ready for captain's night. By the way they do not advertise this at all, so if you ask anyone on the cruise she they will say you are crazy, but beleive me they have it! We have done it! Hope they Enjoy!!!!! By the way the $99 rate is good for up to 4 people to a room. I know they are honey mooners so they will be by themselves but figure it this way.....any decent excusion is about 50-100 per person, for $99 they both ejoy the day at a beautiful resort and have a relaxing room to boot to retire to when ever the feeling hits them LOL! Hope all this info help

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While I think visiting Atlantis is a great idea - I don't think it will work with the short time frame in port.


They will only be in Nassau from 7-2 pm - meaning they need to be back on/near the ship around 1 pm - probably won't get to Atlantis til after 7:30 and that is assuming they will give you a room at that hour?? Maybe 5 hours at Atlantis? Not sure if it would be worth it?? I do think there are independent tours to Atlantis which you might want to check into as well?


Definitely a visit to Scarlett's supper club is a must - as are honeymoon cabin decorations - you can also send champagne and goodies as suggested!


I think your friends will truly appreciate all the effort you are putting into this trip!



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St. Thomas:

Do not miss Paradise Point. It is within walking distance of the ship. Purchase

the tram ticket thru Carnival onboard. (it is cheaper) Paradise Point is high

on a hill overlooking the harbor. The view is breathtaking and well worth

taking pictures. Check it out online. There is a bar/snack shop and a few

clothing shops there too. Try a bushwacker drink...yummy. Also, Magen's

Bay Beach is very nice. There is shopping at Havensight Mall right at the

port. And down town is just a 30min walk or a 3 min taxi ride for about

$3-4 pp. Within walking distance of town are a historical fort & Blackbeards

Castle. They will not have to buy a tour to have a great time. A taxi can

take them to any beach (some are free/some are $1-2pp) or downtown.

Taxi's are everywhere. Just set the price before you get in! St. Thomas

people are friendly, but I did have one person try to get into my backpack,

so be aware!!!

ST. Martin:

I suggest a tour that covers both sides of the Island, Dutch and French.

Go on line a purchase an independent tour for the best price. Orient Beach

is huge and nice. (nude!) The French shopping village is nice, but we

found it to be very unfriendly.

You are a great friend to give such a memorable gift. I have more ideas,

if you want to hear them. Just email me.

Happy Sailing................

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  • 1 month later...

Have been to all! First, let me say, what a great friend you are...your friend is very blessed!!

In Nassau, having been there 3 times (once not by choice, by Hurricane George's-another story!), I have never been really wow-ed!! The last trip though we went to Paradise Island to the Atlantis and bought the aquarium tour for, I think, $45/person and they gave us an armband. We walked through the tour at our leisure, talked to people working there, and basically roamed the grounds freely. Had a nice lunch, although not inexpensive, very tasty...outside in a very tropical setting. Spent several hours there. Had some time to shop the Straw Market and back on board.

St. Maartan, hired a driver to Orient Beach, only saw one topless woman at our end...so don't worry not totally nude! The food there was absolutley awesome and the waiter bought us a couple drinks! Very much like French Riviera. After that had time to drive through the Dutch side and sightsee as well. This unfortunately wasn't something booked in advance and was much less expensive that way also. There's so much more...I could go on forever. They will have a very nice time either way...and have memeories forever of the best gift received. Good luck and I'd love to see their faces when they see what you have done!!

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Bless you--what a great friend! I think your idea with Godfrey in St. Thomas is great!! We are going with him in Feb.!!

A tour of St. Martin and then maybe finishing up relaxing on Orient Beach??

Nassau we just went parasailing, we were not there long either so didn't think the price for Atlantis was worth it. Ate at senor frogs,shopped a little and went back to the boat!

Hope they have a wonderful honeymoon!!

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