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whats your favorite cruise line??


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I'd have to say it's a toss-up between Princess and NCL. I've also sailed on Royal Caribbean and a couple defunct lines. But that doesn't mean I would rule out RCI. Scheduling, itinerary and price are major factors in my booking decision. If those factors are relatively equal for different ships, I would lean towards Norwegian because of their Freestyle policies.

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I have only been on Celebrity, RCCL and Carnival. I would rate them that way. I would not go on Carnival again even if it was free. I am looking at Norwegian because of their new 9 day Southern Caribbean out of Miami.

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I have only cruised 3x, once on a now defunct line (American Family Cruises, Carnival & RCL.


My favorite thus far is RCL Adventure of the Sea. I had an Owners Suite (Room 1600) and it, along with everything else was great.


Minor issues with ground disembarking personnel (RUDE), but overall I had a great time.


Booked on NCL Dawn in 2005 and I am hoping to match or exceed that experience.

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we've cruised, carnival, disney, rcl & Ncl....NCl is our favorite. Best suite cabins with the most perks (of the lines we've cruised) and their kids club starts at age two, whereas others start at age 3 - with a toddler, that's important. Disney is our 2nd choice, but it's pricey....I agree with above post, I would NOT cruise Carnival again - even if it was free.

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Well ~ in my limited cruise experience I can tell you that Epirotiki sucked ~ actually one of the ships is sunken now (The Oceanos) and I am not surprised. :rolleyes:


The Homeric was a very nice cruise with excellent food and a beautiful suite.


Disney Magic was a lot of fun exept for Chip n' Dale who I was ready to throw overboard by the 3rd day. :D


I am hoping to love my upcoming NCL Sun Cruise... but I would have to say the Disney Magic has been the best so far.

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I have yet to find one I like as much as I loved "American Hawaii" ...


The Patriot was our first love - US Lines/American Hawaii. However, hands down it is Princess. They have it all over everyone else. :D

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RCCL & Princess are good......But Celebrity gets my vote and my cruise dollars when it's at all possible. We are going on first NCL cruise on Dawn only because it was a match. (price, date and itinerary) Although the freestyle has some advantages, I am a cruise traditionalist.....and that's Celebrity.

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Casshew - you made me giggle with your comment on Epirotiki. I was on the infamous 'Oceanos' in 1986 and it was a vacation so bad you could only laugh about it now. While on our sailing there was a fire on board one night and they didn't even announce it. We woke up and went out to the pool to find the entire area burnt. People were so terrified they slept on deck in their lifejackets. We were on a 7 day southern caribbean and the fire was 2 nights before we disembarked. Others we had met, were going on for another 7 days and I'll never forget this, they said "You're so lucky you are leaving!" can you imagine? In fact, I didn't cruise again for another 11 YEARS. Everything was horrible, food inedible, singers read lyrics from note cards and it only goes on. The one good thing was the itinerary we did a 7 day and there were 7 differnet ports. That is what kept us going.


We are absolutely sold on the idea of cruising as a vacation. I love being on the sea, visiting numerous places and just sailing around the world. The value for cruises today is unbeliveable! I've been on some excellent cruises in the last few years that were cheaper than the Oceanos was 20 yrs ago.


The main deciding factors for us is


1. Itineraries - we like 10+ days and the ports visited are important

2. Price

3. Dates - I still work so I must really fit things in at the right times

4. Cruise Line


Renaissance - I cried when they went bankrupt. Especially since I was weeks away from taking their Egypt, Kenyan Safari & 8-day seychelles cruise tour. They had the best itineraries. 10 days and longer, with many port stops being overnight. They had very small & elegant ships with lots of balconies. The adult only policy was also a big sell for me. They were my fav.


Celebrity - Nice ships, Great entertainment and food offerings. High level of service. If the itinerary is right I would not hesitate to take them again.


Chandris - my first cruise was on the MV Victoria to the Southern Caribbean out of San Juan. This cruise line eventually became Celebrity. It was a fabulous trip. Very old style, where everything evolved around the ship and service.


Princess - next to Renaissance has always been my favorite. They offer great itineraries and usually the best promotions regarding price. One thing very important that they will offer you the best price right up to final payment. Some cruise lines do this and some only offer promotions to new bookings only. This way you can book far in advance and you will not get shafted if a better price comes along. I think Princess offers on average the best of all categories. Some lines do some things better however, Princess doesn't do some things great and other things mediocre. All aspects I find are generally above average.


RCI - Beautiful ships and very large cabins on the Radiance class. I would sail with them again if the right cruise came up.


NCL - not my one of my favorites. I am more traditional so I do not like freestyle (we call it the freestyle frenzy). However, if the right itinerary comes up at the right times and price we will go NCL. I don't dislike them enough to not sail with them. But I would take one the the above lines first.


I do find that NCL does offers good shore excursions and the entertainment is usually quite good. I do not like the dining room service and food selection. Just my preference but I like to have the same waiter and people dining with me. But then again I always go away full so it isn't a major deterrant. My next cruise is on the NCL Sun to exotic western caribbean so I still cruise with them. We went on the NCL Dream to South America and that was a great cruise.


I haven't gone on HAL not because I won't but because the right one hasn't come up. Their ships look beautiful and they have some fabulous itineraries.


My goal is to move up the scale and try the Sea Dream, Seaborne, Crystal and Radisson cruise lines. I have to set goals somewhere. But I will be happy on almost any cruise. I remember being on the Oceanos in the port of Barbados and docked beside us was a Royal Caribbean ship (I forget which one, but one of the earlier ones). I gazed at it and thought about how beautiful she looked; so white and adorned with the green glass railings that make RCI so noticable. I thought those people were the luckiest people in the world. I used to watch the love boat and dream of going on Princess. So the way I see it; Seaborne may not be far off....I just have to get a raise.


I would probably try any cruise line with the exception of Carnival. Not that I think it is a bad product - just that it doesn't fit what I enjoy. Exotic itineraries and relaxation. It seems to be too loud, family or party oriented for what I am looking for.


Happy Cruising!!


CHANDRIS/MV Victoria S.Caribbean Dec 1984

EPIROTIKI/The Oceanos S.Caribbean Dec 1986

NCL/ The Dreamward W.Caribbean Dec 1997

PRINCESS/Regal Princess Panama Canal Jan 1999

NCL/Norwegian Crown Bermuda Oct 1999

PRINCESS/Pacific Princess Bermuda Sep 2000

RENAISSANCE/R IV Tahiti&FR Polynesia Mar 2001

NCL/Norwegian Dream South America Feb 2002

PRINCESS/Pacific Princess Bermuda Sep 2002

PRINCESS/Sun Princess Mex Riviera Dec 2002

RCCL/Radiance Of The Seas S.Caribbean Mar 2003

CELEBRITY/Constellation Northern Europe Jun 2003

PRINCESS/Dawn Princess S.Caribbean Dec 2003

PRINCESS/Royal Princess SA/Africa/Med Apr 2004

NCL/Norwegian Sun Exotic Caribbean Dec 2004

PRINCESS/Sapphire Princess ASIA Mar 2005

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I've only sailed with NCL and Princess, and so far, my vote is for NCL. I am very interested in trying Carnival, RCCL and Celebrity, and I sure hope to be able to cruise with them in the future. We have young children, so we'll probably give Disney a whirl sometime too.

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I'll rate the 3 ships I have experience with the best highest:


1. RCI- just has a homey feeling to me and I like the fresh doughnuts and desserts at the buffet as well as the dining room desserts


2. Princess- they won me over for life because I foolishly FORGOT my passport before a sailing that stopped in Canada. I was standing in line just a few customers away when it hit me. I was certain we weren't getting on the ship. The customer service representative said they were able to make exceptions on a "case by case" basis, we signed a paper swearing that we were us citizens and were allowed to board. Princess earned a loyal customer after that.


3. Was disappointed by the buffet food but had good entertainment and one of the funniest comedians I've ever seen.

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Casshew - you made me giggle with your comment on Epirotiki. I was on the infamous 'Oceanos' in 1986 and it was a vacation so bad you could only laugh about it now.


stingraynz ~ I worked for Regent Holidays who ran the charters for the Oceanos, Atlas & Jason. OMG what terrible ships! and food, and entertainment... you are right the only thing going for it was the 7 ports in 7 days - I preferred this Itin - Santo Domingo, San Juan, St Thomas, St Martaen, Guadaloupe, St Lucia and Barbados all in one week. :eek: LOL ~ I was young and stupid then and went on these cruises because I got them for free. there was also another itinerary that did aruba bonair and curaco.


I remember sitting at breakfast watching the waiter open a can of jam/jelly and slide it out on a plate and sit it on our table. The jam was still shaped like a can with the little ridges :D


I remember your fire by the way!


I was not kidding about the oceanos sinking... heres a pic to prove it! LOL



Weird to think it's at the bottom of the Ocean right now... :cool:


Thanks for the memories :)

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So far we have only sailed NCL mainly because of its Freestyle concept. We want to go to the Greek Isles next year and NCL is not currently sailing in Europe. So, I have been doing tons of research. Looks like we will cruise with Radisson Seven Seas. Great 2 for 1 deals and I love the stuff that is included!

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My favorite cruiseline is celebrity and then it would be a toss up between NCL or Princess but I would probably give the edge to princess because they have a lot of pools on their ships which means less deck crowding. My least favorite cruiseline is Carnival at this point but I would still travel on any of the lines if the price is right.





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I guess so far my favorite is Carnival, I guess we have been lucky, with the exception of the Inspiration ( But that was the week of 9-11, so things were a little strange anyway) we have always had outstanding service and food on Carnival.

When you get right to it, there is very little difference in most of the cruise lines. We have sailed Royal Caribbean, Carnival, & Commodore (now out of business) & enjoyed each and every cruise we have been on. I will know more about Norwegian after Sept. as we are going on The Norwegian Sea out of Houston on 9-18-04.

Happy Cruising,


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We have sailed on Carnival, HAL, RCI, Celebrity and Princess. They all have their good points but we would have to say that Radisson is the best cruise line we have sailed on. It will spoil you for any other cruise line.

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