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diamonds international


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I was told that there are good deals to be had if I wanted to buy jewellery and Diamonds international is the place to go because it is reputable?


I know that they have a relationship with the cruise line, but is it a good deal? Are the other jewellers in the towns of the ports of call bad/shady?


If I decide to purchase jewels should it only be through diamonds international?



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Before you buy anything, research what you want AT HOME! That way, you're comparing "apples to apples" and will know if you're getting a "deal".

There are Diamond International's on almost EVERY island.

Just know what you're buying!!!!!

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What CB said - totally true... These days, you're going to pretty much get what you pay for - and that might be just fine.... There are several jewelry stores that will provide you memorable jewelry and a price you don't feel bad about, but do your research! Sadly, people in those stores sometimes tell tales, and you don't get the truth. If you're looking at an Amethyst, and it's a washed out - not very colorful - stone, it's a poor quality speciman. Now, you might just LOVE that color - it's exactly what you want and the price is right - then buy it. Don't assume that you'll get top quality stones at really cheap prices, certainly not in cruise ship port jewelry stores. I had a friend that went to one of the South African Diamond mines, and bought 2 diamonds - prices were really low. He found when he got home that for a diamond of similar quality (which was pretty low down on the scale), he would have paid about the same thing at a local jewely discounter. So - do your research, figure out generally what you're looking for, and then do your searching. H Sterns is another global store that you can sometimes find some great "deals" in, and I love their designs. I have friends that are wholesale jewelers (what a great friend to have :D), and they've always told me to be careful especially with Emeralds. They're a fragile stone, and they are many times doctored... I've bought alot of jewelry that I knew wasn't top quality, but I loved the look, and the price was right... Good luck shopping!

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You will not find a good deal anywhere unless you know exactly what you are buying and what it costs elsewhere.

YOU need to do your homework and know these things before you go. Diamonds Int. is an okay company but so are many others. It also depends a GREAT DEAL on what Island you are talking about etc. some have deals others you actually pay more than if you bought the same pc from your local jewler.

Many cruisers find great stuff, many more get taken just because they don't know what they are doing or buying.

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I was wondering when someone would ask about Diamonds International! I haven't purchased anything there, because I've never seen "great deals"...I think I've found better deals on the ship. BUT, like a pp said, if it's what you want and you've researched prices, go for it.

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For the OP, search the forums re this store and it's other, Tanzinite International. There have been many posts lately. You'll get a feel for what you need to do before purchasing and what can go wrong.


If you're looking for good quality at a good price, I'd shop in the states. If you're looking for a souvenier piece, you can find one at any port. Don't just look at DI.

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Thanks for the info guys..


Well I know that diamonds international has a website (www.shopdi.com) and I have perused it a little.


They have some cheaper pieces (under $200) that seem to be reasonable prices for just souvenier jewellry.

I am not looking to buy an engagement ring or anything overly substantial.


Are the prices at the stores the same as on the website? For example, they have a bracelet that is listed as on sale for 150 on the site... can I go into the store and bargain for an even deeper discount??


Thanks for the input everyone!

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I bought a $59 Fossil watch there. I would not go on vacation looking for a $5,000+ piece of jewelry. If you're looking for something to remember your vacation by, they are great. Don't go there thinking you're going to get a great deal and you'll be happy.

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Now see I DO cruise to buy Jewelry and I have gotten some great pieces, particularly Alexandrites before SAUR left the Islands. Got some nice Ruby pieces as well. but as I said before you have to know your stuff.

As for soveigner stuff, don't waste time and money on Diamonds INtl. there are some great small shops that have nice local stuff and I don't mean garbage. plan to look first, make the rounds then come back to purchase something.

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I've had good luck with DI and TI. I don't spend a ton of money on expensive jewelry- just vacation keepsakes. I have found the prices to be a bit lower than my local jewelry stores for similar pieces. I would shop around at different stores and if you see a piece you love and it's in your price range then buy it, if not keep looking.

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Do not buy from DI!!

We're in the middle of a nightmare with a diamond purchased while sailing with RCCL.

Check out the internet, you will see thousands of complaints.

BBB has bad rating on them and cruise ship comapnies still recommend.


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