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Need to lose before I cruise... any buddies??


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Hey all...


Recommited to Weight Watchers today. I have exactly 6 months from today til my next cruise and have some work to do!


Just thought I'd say hey on this thread and see if there's anyone looking for a buddy with the same time frame for a goal!


Carissa :)

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Nice to meet you too! I love that lbs loss thing in your signature! Was it free???


I have about a total of 100 to lose also.... but am shooting for 44 before the cruise.


Are you doing a certain weight loss program?


Thanks for replying! So excited!

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Well I went to myfitnesspal.com and you can do all kinds of cool things like count calories and do your exercise regimen and its all totally free. So where are you from?? Are you married? Have any kids? I am really just eating healthier...lots of salad and Smart Ones...my only problem is the exercise part...I absolutely hate exercising...I have an elliptical at home but I havent been on it at all this week. I started dieting January 12 and I have lost 15 pounds since then. So at least I am on the right track. I live in Texas and I have been married for almost 9 years and I ahve 3 kids ages 8,5,and 2. I am 28 years old and I work full time at the County Courthouse here and I go to school online to get my criminal justice degree. So my life is always chaotic butI am committed. Anyways I think I overloaded you enough with my life story.



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Hey ladies, mind if I join you? I am not cruising until December but I need to start losing now!! I have about 70 lbs to lose. I wanted to start with the new year but have not been off to a good start. My problem is will power and exercising. I don't have any will power and I have trouble getting motivated to exercise. Maybe having support here will help!!!


A little about me. My name is Jennifer and I am 35 years old. I live in Wisconsin and will be married 10 years in August (celebrating with this cruise in December). I have one step daughter who will be 21 years old in April. She is going to school for nursing. I am a probation/parole agent and my husband is a journeyman molder. I have been working as an P&P agent for 12 years this year (boy that's hard to believe)!!!


So ladies, let's start with our weight loss support group and let's lose some weight!!!


So even though I "started" at the beginning of the year I started over again with a weigh in last week Friday. My loss for this week is zero!!! :( At least I didn't gain!! We actually keep a scale and weigh in chart at work so that is where I do my weigh in. We do it on our own and post our gains/loses on the chart.


Looking forward to chatting with you ladies!!

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Yay! So glad to meet you 2!


A little about me... I'll be 26 at the end of the month and I work as a Medical Assistant.


I have been up and down in weight for a really long time. Weight Watchers seems to be a program that works really well for me... when I stick to it. Today was my first day of recommiting and I did very well. I've chosen Fridays as my weigh in days so I am so excited to see some progress next week. I'm starting at 244.2 lbs. I hope to be at 200 by my cruise on September 6th. And my overall goal is 150.


I was doing really well with exercise... even had a personal trainer... but have been told that my knee is too bad to do a lot of the things the trainer has you do. I am limited to walking, biiking, and swimming. I am really hoping that once I get some of this weight off it will help my knees.


Hope I didn't bore you gals! Looking forward to some motivation!


Carissa :)

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Well hello again,


Welcome Jennifer...it is always nice to meet new people trying to lose as much as me.


I started out at 256 pounds on January 12, I am down to 241 as of yesterday morning. But as you can see from my lbs loss I have not lost anything since last week, so that means I have been at 241 for almost 2 weeks..bummer!!!!!!!!!! Oh well, this is a new week. I exercised this morning on the elliptical for about 30 mins and then I did the Biggest Loser workout DVD for about 20 mins. So at least I did something which is better than I did all last week.


Carissa---I have the same knee problems..I had a personal trainer last year, but I felt like I did not get as much out of it as I could have...because my knee was holding me back....I had joined a boot camp program through my work but I totally hated it, so I just going to try and work out at home. Also now that we are changing the clocks, it will stay light longer, so my family and I can go walking after I get home from work.


I would like to be under the 200's by my cruise also, so we definitely need to keep other motivated. What do ya'll eat during the day??


I eat either a south beach cereal bar or drink a slim fast shake for breakfast...for lunch I eat a smart one meal and a salad and for dinner I am not as strict because there are 5 of us eating so we are just eating healthier..more chicken and less fatty foods. I also fruit and yogurt for snacks thorughout the day.


Anyways, I guess I talked enough...ya'll are probably ready for me to shut up...

Hope ya'll have a good, healthy weekend!!



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hi everyone, jon and nikki here. at the first of the year we teamed up with 7 other buddies at work to start a biggest losser contest. we each put in $50 and the winner gets the money. i started at 309 and the wife started at 254. 9 weeks into it im down to 271 and she's 228. our contest ends july 2nd. after a few weeks we started to see good improvements and we decided to take a july cruise to reward ourselves. now we are more excited about losing for the cruise then winning our contest. plus the winnings wont hurt when its time for the s&s bill

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I'm cruising in about 49 days! It is the cruise that "flicked the bic" under my buttocks to get moving. I am 55 and am the heaviest I have ever been in my life.

The BF or husband without the papers as I call him are on a quest to lose at least 15 lbs each before we set sail. It is a reasonable goal since we have not a lot of time. After that we will set another goal to lose the other 20 I feel I have to lose.

I am working out doing cardio with treadmill and while this might sound crazy I love working on the circuit - the training on getting the muscle groups to firm up is a wonderful feeling for me. The plan is every other day = 45 minutes of cardio that gets the muscles warmed up and then the weight circuit to tone and firm muscles.

Great success to everyone on this board. While it might seem I do not have a lot to lose, believe me I do. Having over 40 lbs more than I had 12 yrs ago just doesn't look good.

Happy cruising everyone. Enjoy and relish the hard work meeting your goal.

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I'd love to join you. My name is Debbie. I'm from Houston. I am married to my highschool sweetheart, and we have two boys, 14 and 11.


We are sailing on Fantasy in a little under 6 mos., and I'd like to lose 20-25 before then. (Though I definitely need to lose more...)


Not sure about my plan for doing it though...I used to use sparkpeople.com to track calories. I might try that again. I plan on walking for exercise (my dog will love that).

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I'd love to join as well. I have a lot to lose but am aiming for 75 pounds before my cruise at the end of the summer. So far I have lost 5.5 pounds.


I am 29 years old (hitting the big 3-OH next month), I have a 5 year old daughter and I'm hoping this cruise will be just the jump start I need to start losing this weight. I'm so tired of being overweight. It has been my life story for way too long.

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Hello to all new friends,


Riddle--of course you can join!! Tell us a little about yourself especially your first name....it makes it a little but more personal.


Debbie---Hello neighbor...I am a fellow Texan..it is nice to meet you, I like Sparkpeople also..it is a good informative website.


Carissa---keep it up...hopefully...this week is a new beginning....


Teahoney---Welcome...We have to have willpower and I think together we can do it....Tell us a little about yourself!!



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Hi everyone is it ok if I join you??


My name is DeAnna and I have been doing Jenny Craig (started at 250lbs lost 30lbs - want to loss another 70lbs), but keep falling off need some support. I'm going on a cruise in 5 months with my BFF (she's really small - just bought a new bikini for our trip).


I am married DH could loss some too, but does own thing, we have a 19 year old that needs to loss also, I put her on Jenny with me and she quit. I am an RN working in the OR at a very big hospital in Michigan. We all joined Ballys for about 2 months we went three times a week then we got busy and stopped. I have started back last week with my DD, I have to say it's hard making time but I know I have to go if I want this. I'm hoping with the support of this site I can get off Jenny Craig (very costly) and learn how to eat and loss weight at the same time.

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Welcome Deanna,


I have never personally doen Jenny Craig but one of coworkers did use them and she kept telling me how expensive it was. Now I know that we would rather spend our hard earned money on cruises instead of diet food. :D


I am not a nutrionalist or anything by any means and the only thing that I go by is what I like to eat...I eat a lot of salad with spinach leaves and low fat dressing and I eat the Smart Ones for lunch...The internet can be your best friend when trying to find healthy meals...I would try googling healthy meals and see if you can just find meals that you can cook..


Again this is my opinion. Time is an important aspect when trying to exercise. I can find the time...I just can not find the energy. I am tired when i get home from work and all I want to do is sit down and relax but if I do that then I will never exercise....so I am trying!!!!


Anyways, please keep on checking in so we can all support each other.



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The OP said she recommitted to Weight Watchers.....well,

I am going to my first meeting after work today.

I know it is a lifestyle, not a diet....I am very overweight.

Hopefully I will be able to take off some this excess baggage:eek:


I see there is a tell me about yourself question?

Well, I will be 51 next week, divorced for 24 years, no kids

or pets. I have a good job (thankfully) and LOVE to cruise:)

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Welcome Lois,


Please keep us updated on your WW meetings and let us know how you are doing??


I think we can all agree that we ALL LOVE to cruise!! I am going on my first cruise in August and I can not hardly wait!! IT is not coming fast enough. I am already to book my second one but the Carnival website is acting up and does not have the dates that I am looking at..so it is just a waiting game.


Have a great week,



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Hi Jessica, your very first one?:Dthey become addicting:)

Thanks for the welcome.

I am not a very motivated person......never have been.

So hoping maybe this will bring a change for/to me.


I will be glad to help if you have cruising questions:)

I go next month on a short one and just took a 10 nighter

in January:D

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My MIL has been on about 6 or 7 cruises and she always raves about them...and I have always wanted to go on one but convincing my hubby was a different story...he said he was afraid I would toss him overboard;)...he he he.....this cruise will have all of my hubby's immediate family going..so it should be loads of fun!! I can not wait!!


I really do not have any questions now...but I am sure I will!!


The one thing that keeps me motivated is that I want to wear a cute swimsuit, but the swim suits for fluffier gals are not cute at all...so I found one that I really like and when I feel like not going to work out I think about that swimsuit!!!



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Hey ladies!!! Happy Monday!!! Didn't do too bad with eating today. I did resist the banana bread someone brought into work today. I had the knife in my hand ready to cut a piece but I decided against it. I had a salad and fat free cottage cheese for supper. Now I just have to get motivated to do some exercise!!!!!! What is everyone doing for exercise programs?

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Hi girls, just home from the first meeting at WW:eek:

Not sure this is for me either:confused:...the amount of food they

want you to eat in one day is more than I ever expected

and they have the foods that are "must" every day.


Maybe I thought it was going to be more a support style


The leader was nice but it was 30 minutes.... today she spoke about

exercise, gave out some stars to people and that was it.

Then she spoke to 3 of us newbies for a few minutes

(everyone else had already left). We filled out this form

about how many points we are allowed..she showed us some

graphs and that was it.

Not sure what I was expecting but the amount of food

they want you to eat is ALOT.

And its spending money like any other diet (food plan or

whatever you want to call it).

I know how to eat well, I just need to do it.:rolleyes:


Thanks for letting me vent....just not sure this is for me.


Oh the exercise thing, I don't do it...but maybe I will

start to walk:)

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OK I'm ready to join something - I'm 57 and needed to loose 14 pounds that have grown to 20 now that I'm back from my cruise (Pearl). My clothes are now at the point if I don't loose, I will have to go up to the next size. I know that doesn't seem like much to some but I've been trying for the past 2 years and the weight just keeps creeping up. I'm so frustrated it seems like I just can't stick with anything anymore.


I've tried WW many times and find it like lois too many choices and food. I do better if I'm very restrictive to what I eat. I've been a member of a gym for years and know that exercising is a key part to my loosing but its so hard to get motivitated to go.


I do know that no one will do this for me - why are some people more motivated and able to stick to it than others? I know we all want to be thin. So yes, I want to join something!!! Maybe this will be what I need so count me in.

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