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  1. Arrived very late Saturday night, 10:35 pm. Quickly got luggage and went to "taxi Pickup". Seems as though Juneau has 4 taxis. Baranhof Best Western does NOT have a shuttle, therefore we had to get a taxi. No Uber available. After about a 20 minute wait we got a taxi van that we shared with another couple to the Baranhof hotel. Cost was $12 per person CASH ONLY. No credit cards. Staff at Baranhof were helpful. Had breakfast this AM. cost $18.95 + tax per person at the buffet. Serviced 6:30 am to 10 AM. If you want a hot breakfast, be there at 6:30 am. We arrived at 8:30 am. Eggs wi
  2. Some men will wear a sports coat to dinner, but most will not wear a sport coat nor a tie. My husband usually takes a sports coat when we travel in cooler destination cruises such as British Isle or Midnight Sun. At dinner if the temperature is cool, he wears the sport coat. During the day he wears a vest. To wear or not to wear a sports coat or tie is your choice. Enjoy your Viking cruise.
  3. The cruiselines do not use cots. The ships contain 1 bed for each person allowed on the ship (by regulations) When I worked as a TA I booked 3 ladies (age 69) on an Alaskan cruise. They wanted to be in the same cabin. One of the ladies had to climb up the ladder to the upper bunk bed. Some mass market cruiselines will put a crib in a cabin for a baby or toddler. Even if the parents bring on board all the food and other supplies for the baby, the cost is the same as any other 3rd person in the cabin. When counting the number of passengers on board the ship; a baby counts as 1 person ju
  4. UK made the decision to try to get most people vaccinated with 1 shot before administrating the 2nd shot. It may be several months before UK residents can receive the 2nd vaccine shot. This may be the difference in policy between the UK only cruises and the other VO cruises.
  5. Thank you. Trying to calculate the amount of real cash need on the cruise.
  6. What is ACL policy on tour guides and drivers soliciting tips?
  7. The best coffee drinks on Viking are in the Living Room Cafe (Deck 1?). You can check the daily menus in your cabin over the "TV". We always checked the main Dining Room and the World Cafe to decide where to eat. If you like ice cream check out the World Cafe ice cream bar in World Cafe. Flavors change everyday. (No extra charge) We often order a beer or wine at the end of a meal to carry back to our cabin. You will find a small refrig in the DV and higher level cabins. It will be stocked with soft drinks, maybe some wine and beer. Soft drinks, nuts and chocolate bars in the re
  8. Extra cost: Alcoholic beverages from the bar and non "House" wine and beer. We usually drink the "house" beer and wine. We may order other beers or wine during the cruise. We find that we do not order enough to purchase the "Silver Spirits Beverage package" (that is an extra cost). There is no charge for any restaurants or room service. The self-service laundry are no charge. The laundry rooms contain 4 washers & 4 dryers. Also 2 irons and ironing boards. There are extra cost tours offered in each port. Be sure to join the "Roll Call" for your cruise. Also check for Me
  9. Thank you for the reply. Having the mini shelves is very nice. Good to be able to put stuff on a shelf and not on the floor.
  10. Constellation Shower Questions: Is there a soap holder in the shower. Is the soap a bar or liquid? Is there anywhere in the shower to place shampoo, etc? Thanks for the help.
  11. Try calling again or many better luck with tellus@vikingcruises.com. Tellus seems to be the real problem solvers. Quick response. Good luck Is that the correct email address? Please post if not correct.
  12. After reading these post, I contacted by TA. I have made final payment on our Oct 2021 river cruse. She asked and got the final payment on my other 4 cruises pushed back. I have Viking cruises booked through September 2023. Thanks for the very useful info on this board.
  13. Thanks for posting the link. Some good pic of cabins and public spaces.
  14. We did 4 days pre in London before our British Isles cruise in 2019. On our 2nd full day in London we went to the "Churchill War Rooms". There is a small snack bar in the complex. We probably spent about 6 hours there including getting lunch at the snack bar. We booked tickets on line on the "Churchill War Rooms" web site. Just do some reading at the web site. There were several exhibits that were Churchill's speeches or radio addresses. By being on a tour, Viking should have your entery tickets for you. Enjoy the "Rooms" and your cruise.
  15. FOX I hope you will post while on your cruise. We get on in Juneau the day you depart the Constellation. It will also be our first ACL cruise.
  16. We will be on the ACL Alaskan Cruise beginning Jun 14. I will try to post while on the ship. CDC has been issuing guidelines that relax the protocols for fully vaccinated cruise guest. Hopefully ACL will adapt the new CDC guidelines.
  17. The USA is donating all of it's AstraZeneca vaccine and is also donating now the 3 vaccines that are currently being used in the USA. The AstraZeneca is going (or has been sent) to Canada and Mexico. The other vaccine and also money is going to the world organization for vaccinations. The companies making the vaccines are always working to improve the vaccine. As the covid virus mutates, the vaccine will change. The quick development of the covid vaccine was the result of 10 or more years of work on vaccines against covid viruses that cause Eloba, SARS, and other illnesses.
  18. Reads like there was little demand for a cruise that needed air to reach. Also most mass market cruise lines are now open to book Alaska Seattle R/T cruises starting Late July.
  19. Bring Dryer Sheets. Viking provides the detergent but not fabric softener. I also use the dryer sheets if I wash anything in the sink. Also bring a few plastic hangers with clips and swivel tops. The hangers can be hung from the ledge at the top of the closet. Placing socks in a lingerie bag is a great tip. There is also a place for the lost socks in the laundry room. Viking crew will be checking the laundry several times a day. Check for other post on the Viking Laundry. Washers and dryers have temperature and type of wash settings.
  20. Thanks for posting the info on the booster shots.
  21. It seems that Viking Ocean has increased the "bonuses" for booking on board. Because we have more than 1 future cruise booked my TA requested that our full payments be changed to 6 months in advance. We have booked a total of 5 Viking cruises though 2023. We booked early to get our preferred type of cabin and location. One is a BtoB on Great Lakes. We booked very early so that we could have the same cabin for the BtoB. We also received the "Silver Spirits" beverage package as part of the early booking. If Booking on board works for you then take full advantage of on board b
  22. On our first Viking Ocean cruise we booked for another cruise. If you booked with a travel agent, the new booking goes to that agent.If you are thinking of finding another travel agent, do not book on board. We received an OBC to us on our current cruise and I ended up purchasing earrings to use up the OBC from the new booking. Also the "special" savings were the same as I could if book after getting home. I really did not find much advantage to booking on board. At this time, to get the cabin type and location we prefer we are booking 2023 cruises.
  23. 100% VS 95% vaccination rate required. Viking Ocean is an adults only cruise line therefore all guest can and should get the Covid vaccination before sailing. Many mass market cruiselines will have all ages on board. At this time covid vaccination is not available for children under 12 year old. Hopefully this will be lower in the future.
  24. Be sure to sign up on Roll Call for your cruise. We have had small 6-10 people taking a "private tour". We went to many of the same places as the Viking Optional tour. We have also just booked a private tour for just us, but find have 6-10 people a wonderful size for the tours. Cruises will often post on Roll Call about private tours they are booking and wanting others to join to split the cost. Waffles, Living Room Cafe coffee to order, Winter Garden afternoon tea, room service full breakfast and heated bath floors. just a few reasons to cruise with Viking Ocean.
  25. We lived in Greece near Athens for 14 months. Had snow on the ground for 3 days in February. Dressed in layers with a good wind breaker jacket.
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