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  1. You may be able to change your flights for little or no cost. I would check with airline on changes to your departure flight.
  2. I received the email. I was suprised that on the ACL web Site YOUR TRIP tab only had you make payment for your cruise and the "Covicd Protocol. No information on the cruise or tours. I started trying to print the PDF's. One of the PDF "locked" up my computer. I could not close the PDF or web site. Had to completely rebook computer. I called ACL customer service. After waiting 25 minutes I talked to a nice lady. They are mailing me out the booklet.
  3. ACL web link to Covid-19 Protocol https://www.americancruiselines.com/account/covid-19-operating-protocol I suggest checking the web site or call ACL listed on the Covid Protocol web site. from the web site Fully vaccinated guests are not required to obtain a COVID-19 test prior to travelling to the ship and will be asked to present proof of the vaccine (i.e. vaccination card) at time of boarding. A guest is considered fully vaccinated two weeks after receiving the last recommended dose of vaccine. Guests who are not fully vaccinated must take a COVID-19
  4. We will find out how Viking does the Mississippi; we are booked. Also booked for BtoB on Great Lakes expedition cruises. I know that ACL must pay wages under US Laws but that does not keep ACL from having "Vox" for tours, robes for guest use in the cabins or furnishing ice in the cabins. We also are looking forward to an enjoyable cruise in the Alaskan waters, especially without the Mega ships. I know that Viking really studies the market before putting a boat or ship in a new literary. I would not be surprised to learn that Viking has sent members of their team on some of the cru
  5. Thanks for the help. I did email TA. Finally got the email documents. Never had to print out the documents before. Now trying to print out some items. When I opened a PDF to print, it has "locked" up my printer and computer. Cannot close the pdf document, cannot print the document. At least I can do other things on computer.
  6. ACL will need to "up it's game" . They will have major competition from a very large European River Cruise company in 2023. I am booked on the ACL Alaskan Juneau to Juneau in June 2021. We have traveled on over 30 cruises; river, mass market cruises, and premium ocean cruises . I am very disappointed to learn ACL is not furnishing robes in the cabins for guest, VOX for tours, or even ice in the cabin. Guest need to carry the ice bucket down to the ice machine in a lounge. I was also informed that ACL alternate main dish for lunch or dinner is a hamburger. I am feeling tha
  7. We are booked on the June 14 2021 11 night Alaskan cruise on the Constellation. When should I expect to receive the documents. Where on the web site can I find information on the tours for this cruise? When can I sign up tours, especially optional tours. Thanks for all the help.
  8. Thank you for all of the great information, especially on the train. I know we will go to the Viking Ship museum. The Kon Tiki and Fram would also be of interest. Maybe we should book a hotel for 3 nights. 3 nights would give us 2 full days in Oslo. Will try to get a hotel booked. Cannot book train until 90 days before traveling.
  9. We will be ending a cruise in Bergen in April 2022. We would like to take the train from Bergen to Oslo. (the Viking Post trip is full) How far from the cruise terminal to the train station? Any suggestion on Hotels in Oslo? Any other information would be helpful in planning. Thanks for all of the great post on the site.
  10. Thanks for all the great information and the pictures. Also you list of things to know will be a great help. We sail on the Constellation in June for the Juneau to Juneau Alaskan cruise.
  11. Specialty restaurants reservations: You can make reservations on line before you board. Check your invoice for opening date to make reservations and the number you can make. Also check the first day you board to make additional reservations or changes. The Chef's Table menu changes every 3 days.
  12. Where to eat on a Viking Ship and items to pack There are also the Living Room Cafe and Mamsens for quick bites. Also room service has a great selection. When you get your waffle in Mamsens be sure to try the cheese. White and Red wines are offer at lunch and dinner. I also have asked and received a different "house" wine for dinner. If you find a wine on shore you like you can purchase couple of bottles on carry on board. There is no corkage fee. We also keep a cork screw in a travel kit. In our travel kit are included dryer laundry sheets, small plastic cutting board and s
  13. Denny01 I will be looking forward to your post while on board the Great Lakes cruise. We will do the same itineraries in Sept 2022.
  14. vslparis is correct. Your departure time will depend on the local customs officials. After living in Metro Athens for 14 month I would not plan on the custom officials arriving early. In regards to our Bergen departure, I was worried about our "late" departure from the ship. Remember the airlines, "arrive 3 hours before departure" advice. We were arriving only 45 minutes before departure and had to wait for airline personnel to begin the check in process that started 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time. Enjoy your cruise.
  15. Is there a Back Porch Cafe or similar food service area on the Constellation? Is food service limited to only the dining room?
  16. Viking is also setting times based on tour bus leaving from the port to the airport. It will be a quicker trip if you have Viking call private transfer for you. You may find the private transfer cost is about same cost as the Viking transfer. Also you will need time to go through customs and any other checks. From the port I would allow 1 hour to reach the airport. When we departed from Bergen, the flight left at 6:10 am. Almost all of the passengers on the flight were from the ship. There were 5 tour buses that departed from the port for the airport at 4:45 AM. The check in st
  17. Izana You will find the Viking River or Great Lakes cruises very different from ACL. The food has been very good on all the cruises. You will find a small refrig in a Viking Cabin. In many cabins the refrig will be filled with a variety of soft drinks and water. In the Penthouse verandas and high there will also be beer and/or wine. The refrig will be restocked daily. The bath will have a nice size shower, lots of storage and Heated floor and fully bathrobe and slippers. Wine and beer will be served at lunch and dinner. Most Viking cruisers are very loyal to Viking. We had completed
  18. How do you sign up for the tours. Can you sign up before boarding or is all the sign up after boarding? Have a great time.
  19. We booked BtoB, Thunder Bay to Milwaukee, Milwaukee to Toronto for Sept 2022. The first Great Lakes cruses begin in Summer 2022. Viking Mississippi River Cruises begin in 2023. If you are thinking about booking one Now is the time to book, the cruises are filling quickly. Have you cruises with Viking before?
  20. Excellent info in Host Jazzbeau post on the length of the vessels. I have never sailed with Tauck but I did tour one of their vessels. I have completed 4 river cruises with Viking during the "off or Shoulder" seasons. Check for the total cost, are tips included in the fare or added to the ship board account. What are any additional cost. Having smaller groups when touring could be an advantage.
  21. I agree with the previous post. By cruising after Christmas you may actually see the islands and not just the tourist there. We lived outside of Athens for 14 months. The strongest winds were in October and November. The water around the islands is always cool. Just wear layers and make sure you have a good rain/wind jacket and sturdy shoes
  22. You may want to check out the number of passengers carried on the river boats. I believe the Tauck vessels have a lower number of guest on board. Also look for guest reviews on the Viking and Tauck. I really think both will be an excellent trip for you.
  23. Looking forward to cruising again.
  24. WOW, I booked 3 Viking cruises on April 30, 2021. One River for Fall 2021, An Ocean (Trade Routes of the MIddle Ages) for Spring 2022 and Mississippi Heartlands River for Summer 2023. We also have booked the Expedition cruise on the Great Lakes, a BtoB from Thunder Bay to Toronto in Fall 2022. So I have "saved" a lot of money by spending a lot of money. We were booked for Bali to Sydney for Nov 2021 but decided Australian travel may not happen and changed to the River cruise. Also TA could not find Air flights from Australia to USA.
  25. It is the Guest on board that must be fully vaccinated. I may have missed it but I have not seen anything about crew, staff, entertainers, tour guides and bus drivers required to be vaccinated. I hope I am wrong and all staff are required to be vaccinated.
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