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  1. The one with the most productive casino, the least crowded Solarium, the quietest reading area, the fewest drunks, the best port times, the fewest children, the cheapest staterooms, the most empty elevators, no fake service animals, cleanest public restrooms, the fewest staff photographers, the most free food venues, the fewest loud announcements and the friendliest crew.
  2. The layout is very similar to Liberty. My in-laws stayed in one of those Promenade View rooms and said it was almost completely quiet even when there was a party below.
  3. We went with Mystic Snorkel. Booked them ahead. Took a cab to their boat at the marina. Met the guys who took us to several good stops. Dropped us off at PB after. Took a cab back to the cruise terminal that evening. It was a good day but my wife, who doesn’t snorkel, went with us on the boat and later told me next time she would just meet up with us at PB. http://www.mysticsnorkel.com/
  4. We just got off Liberty too. Don’t forget the cowboy hats worn at the table. Yeee Haww!
  5. Every time I see another of the endless stream of drink package threads I’m grateful I don’t drink anymore and thus I don’t have to read it. I now have a new reason to be grateful; I haven’t come to in the middle of the night wondering who the woman standing over my bed is in many years. 😂
  6. We do that every cruise. Buy it now and pay attention to the cost, just like the cruise itself except that it can still be cancelled and rebooked after the final payment date for the cruise.
  7. We just got off Liberty and had a deck 2 interior cabin. I can’t say it was much more of an inconvenience sometimes to wait on an elevator to get to 5 where the coffee is. I’ll generally use the stairs up two and sometimes 3 decks but not before my morning coffee. The ride is very smooth and the inside cabin we always get is dark. And cheap. Couldn’t care less about a balcony or window. Different strokes.
  8. This conversation reminds me of the South Park episode Raising the Bar where Cartman decides he is no longer “big boned” but is, as he has been repeatedly told by Kyle, just fat, and acquires a mobility scooter. Here’s a Wikipedia link for a G rated explanation: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raising_the_Bar_(South_Park) But if you don’t mind profanity and want a good laugh google the clip when he shows up at Kyle’s house. I forgot how funny that episode was. Thanks to whoever posted this entitlement garbage for the reminder.
  9. By the way, we were there Tuesday and went to Paradise Beach. It was amazing.
  10. Cozumel has always been safe to us. Most taxi drivers speak some English and at the very least will recognize the location you request. We never get into a cab without confirming the fare, even at the taxi stand. I must also say in the 12 or 15 times we’ve ported there I’ve never seen a long line. We have walked down to El Cid as well as Park Royal and it’s always been perfectly safe. Both had cabs too.
  11. Y’all sure know how to ruin an otherwise fun activity.
  12. Just got back to the ship from PB. 4 ships in port and it wasn’t crowded at all. We got there pretty early, probably by 8:45, and had pick of the chairs. The pool was a little cold until I got used to it. Another amazing day.
  13. Italy is not a very big country. In today’s world it’s near impossible for a known suspect to hide. If authorities can find him so can the victim. Or perhaps someone she contracts with to administer the justice she will not find in the court system. Or Dad depending on his skill set.
  14. Yes that is correct. To be fair though, we don’t drink alcohol so I can’t comment on the strength/ quality of that. We just always get frozen smoothies which are fine. I added an appropriate tip to the cost of lunch as well. The water at Blue Key is usually very clear so snorkeling from the beach can be done and there are usually little schools of small fish. It’s just like snorkeling at any beach with clear water; not much to see compared to a good, living reef.
  15. This should have been titled, “Warning about this boring thread”.
  16. No i don’t think it would be a very impressive place to snorkel from the shore. Sand and grass. I think if I were going to snorkel there I would get one of the boats to take me out to the reef. But I’ve never done that.
  17. We were there March 24 and the tram was running on the dock. We took it ashore but walked back. But it was still running that evening when we returned.
  18. That depends on a lot of things, like where else you’re going and how much you like either. There are amazing ruins in Belize if you’re stopping there. In my opinion there are few better beaches that Costa Maya so given those two things I’d personally never miss the beach to go to ruins I’ve already done elsewhere.
  19. Assuming you’re leaving on a Saturday or Sunday I would leave 9:30 or 10. That will allow plenty of time for travel and getting through security. As an aside you can also ask the Limo service what they recommend since they are continually monitoring road closures and such.
  20. We parked at EZ Cruise last Friday. Easy peasy. Book online and show up. https://www.ezcruiseparking.com/
  21. We boarded Friday in Galveston with a 12 pack of water and a six pack of Canada Dry ginger ale in the same carry on bag. Nothing said at all.
  22. At Royal Palms you only need reservations for a cabana. They have pool and beach cabanas. Otherwise just show up and pay the entry fee which I think is like $4pp.
  23. I’m afraid I’ve never experienced a criminal tailing me. I thought you meant using only the brakes to avoid an accident instead of using the steering wheel also. I will say that if I felt I was being followed I would drive to the nearest law enforcement facility while calling them and asking for help. In the event of an attack I would definitely respond in kind.
  24. My wife and I are on Vision now and, at the top tier event, the Captain told us about the storm and rough seas your trip encountered. I think she doesn’t have the modern stabilizers newer vessels have. We were on her last year with some friends who were first timers and were freaked out by every pitch and roll. It wasn’t even bad enough to close the outside decks but man were they freaked out. So far I 100% agree with your perception of the staff. And last year when Captain Merik was aboard he was the best. I suspect some of the good vibes are a result of his tenure and leadership.
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