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  1. I didn’t see this covered so, be advised that there is no taxi regulation on Roatan like you may be used to elsewhere. You may get one there for a reasonable price and find that your return trip price is double or triple what it cost you to get there. We always hire a driver for the day. Just my .02.
  2. Will there be bio-hazard containers around the ship for us to discard the masks we used that are then contaminated with the virus? Because that's what medical facilities do with bio-hazardous waste. And these paper masks are then contaminated on the inside with the virus, right? But not on the outside because the virus just goes right through when you inhale but is trapped in the mask when you exhale, thus protecting those around you. Have I got that right? Anyway, what should we do with the bio-hazardous waste masks?
  3. Thanks for the follow up and best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  4. Thank you for your detailed post. I hope you and your spouse have an easy time and make full recoveries.
  5. Hey Blue, thanks for the update. I hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy. We are mostly traveling here in the U.S. Heading to Kansas City with my daughter in August for our annual baseball trip. Last year was a no go of course. Then a couple of days later to Pensacola with my wife and another couple we travel with. Hoping to return to cruising next year.
  6. My experience has been that almost every cruise we’ve ever been on was a sellout. Whatever the passenger capacity is, that’s what you’ll get. The only difference might be on a cruise with no kids or while school is in session. There might be less kids during fall and early spring. Otherwise they’re full.
  7. Isn’t the real issue here that someone who booked under the assumption that some high percentage of passengers and crew would be vaccinated is not able to get e refund? Someone earlier mentioned the terms of the contract. I wonder what the outcome of a class action lawsuit would be. If all of those that want a refund but are not allowed to get it we’re to band together and sue RC, the outcome might just be in their favor. They wouldn’t get all of their money back as some would go toward legal expenses but at least they would get some and they would win. As for those who don’t have that particular dog in the hunt, just don’t book a cruise until and unless things are exactly like you want. And if that means booking with another line, or from another port, so be it. We had 5 cruise booked in ‘20. Didn’t book this year and only have a 5 day booked in March of next year so I’m only in the game a couple thousand right now. And that’s exactly how it will stay until I’m satisfied that a cruise will be fun.
  8. I have 100% agreed to everything you have written until this. Pretty sure my tax money funds the CDC. I wish it didn’t but it does.
  9. My wife and I are vaccinated. She can do whatever she wants, and cruises without me sometimes. For me, I won’t cruise again until it’s fun. Wearing a mask everywhere isn’t fun. Not being welcome in my favorite ports is not fun. 1. Cruise lines are private companies and should be able to run their businesses anyway they like. If they want to mandate vaccination, they should be able to do it. They can also move their business somewhere that more closely aligns with their beliefs. 2. Will not. 3. Yes but moved it to March next year.
  10. You are such a *insert profanity here* for this attitude. *insert profanity here* off.
  11. My kids and I were at game 5. We were at a sports bar for most of game 4 but back in our hotel for the last couple of innings and when that 9th happened it was all we could do to keep from waking the neighbors. We despise the Dodgers. I can tell you the whole stadium was Dodger fans. Of the 11K fans allowed inside I bet 10K of them were wearing Dodger blue. But FTD.
  12. “...no gradual and monitored reopening”? Texas’ Governor has done exactly that and continues to. You can read for yourself, although it is not exactly a page turner. You also may not know that the individual counties in Texas have the authority to require measures which are not mandated statewide. https://www.dshs.state.tx.us/coronavirus/opentexas.aspx If by “...people seem to resist the notion of containment” you mean the wearing of masks and social distancing, I agree. Some more than others. There is definitely a feeling in many counties that one should decide for one’s self rather than tolerate such “REQUIREMENTS”. I am personally grateful that Texas continues to take the matter seriously while respecting the rights of local populations to decide for themselves using real data and yes, noting hospital capacity and especially ER capacity. Its unfortunate that that your perception is of “a bunch of yahoos”. One can certainly choose to only see that demographic in any state or country they choose - they most certainly exist - but it doesn’t make it true of the general population. I feel that as long as consistent common sense prevails Texas will be fine. I don’t presume to know anything about Connecticut, New York or New Jersey.
  13. No need to be snarky. I made four statements of fact. To your first question I must say no, I can’t. What I do know is that we do not have to speculate on the number of deaths caused by poverty. We do not have to speculate on the chronic health problems associated with poverty. We do not have to speculate on the numbers of deaths associated with consumption of drugs and alcohol, particularly by those living in poverty. Whatever your idea of “real controls strictly enforced” is, if that includes shutting down the economy and putting 60,000,000 people out of work and creating generational poverty I must object. If, however, those ideas include suggesting that all Americans at risk wear a face covering when in public, wash their hands often for at least 20 seconds, practice social distancing and stay at home if they are sick, I fully support those recommendations which, by the way, haven’t changed. And speaking of immaterial, your second question truly is.
  14. The reported hospitalizations in Texas was 2,326 on Monday. Since mid-May tests in Florida were mandated for long term care facilities and jails. This had the logical result of more positive results. As for deaths, Texas is reporting 2,117 out of a population of 29,000,000. Florida reports 3,064 deaths out of a population of 21,480,000.
  15. My daughter and I had tickets to Seattle for the Astros-Mariners series. I hope we play there next year. I really looked forward to checking that off my list.
  16. I read that Royal is abandoning the cruise industry in favor of space travel. For a variety of reasons they have invested deeply in SpaceX and needed all of our money to become a player in that industry. There will only be a small number of passengers to satisfy. Very controlled embarkation and disembarkation. Meals will be prepared prior to takeoff so no kitchen staff, wait staff or cleanup. Adult diapers will replace restroom facilities and all of the associated maintenance. No special accommodations necessary since passengers would have to be extremely fit. Environmentalists would no longer be an issue. No children to have to plan activities for. Except for departure, weather would not be an issue. Either that or they're just behind because of COVID-19 and being short staffed. But I'm sure I read it...on the Internet.
  17. There are a number of good beach clubs on West Bay Beach. Keep reading this sub and you’ll find lots of information. Taxis are unregulated on Roatan and, while likely safe, may present other challenges. You’ll probably want to consider options like hiring a guide for the day or just booking at one of the resorts that provides transportation to and from. Lots of information here about those options too. I hope your cruise goes out in September. We cancelled our’s aboard Liberty. Just too soon for us.
  18. OP, you said “surely” three times in two sentences. Surely that is indicative that surely nobody knows if any cruise line can surely safeguard every cruiser from what will almost surely be another outbreak aboard surely at least several ships. I win. now let’s get to the important part; speculation about drink packages.
  19. Assuming this really contemplates when cruising will begin from a U.S port, just as soon as RCL can comply with the extensive checklist of requirements and the CDC lifts the no sail order.
  20. I’m not reading all 9 pages but if no one has complained about overpriced drink packages or RCI’s lack of appreciation for their status or the lack of fancyness of the MDR or chair hogs or reservations to the showroom or those scooter people who crowd the elevators or the quality of food anywhere on the ship or the lack of ice cream machines or the elimination of public areas in favor of more cabins or the length and numbers of fancy status lines at embarkation or kids in the solarium or the unresponsive crew members at guest services or the ripoff cost of ship excursions or the size of the lobster tails on lobster night or the lack of lobster night on short cruises or the price of Johnny Rockets or the smell of the public restrooms or the never-ending attempt to sell dining packages or the price of dining packages or the nonstop photographers or the price of photo packages or the mattresses being too soft or the mattresses being too hard or the mattresses being too close to the wall or the towels or the line to get a beach towel or the charge for not returning a beach towel or the cleanliness of the carpet or the lack of Christmas decorations or the ugly MDR decor or anything else you can think of, it’s just a second rate thread. Step it up folks.
  21. I'm finally getting a haircut tomorrow, after which I won't even care about the money I'm owed for a while. It's all about the haircut.
  22. Yes well you can’t fix ignorance either.
  23. My understanding is that insurance will no longer cover anything related to Coronavirus or an outbreak of COVID-19. Even CFAR.
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