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  1. Thanks for this followup review. Just for everyone's information, I messaged the WhatsApp number on their website today at 3:23PM asking about making reservations. Got a response at 3:25 asking how many. I replied immediately, including our first names. Marcus replied at 3:27 that he would make the reservation. At 3:29 I thanked him and told him to let me know if he needed any further information. At 3:31 he replied that the reservations were made, see us then. So in 8 minutes it was done. EIGHT MINUTES! This is for next week so when we get back I'll follow up here with a review. Can't wait.
  2. My wife tells me there is a plan for 4 devices. Can we share two of those with friends who are also on the cruise?
  3. I had to Google it because I don’t drink but here’s what came through: For grocery and convenience stores, Texas's alcohol sales times for wine are the same as beer: Monday through Friday, 7 am to midnight, Saturday, 7 am to 1 am; and Sundays now, from 10 am to midnight. Aside from grocery or convenience stores, package stores sell beer and wine, not liquor.
  4. Yep that's exactly where we went. My wife sat in a lounge chair under the trees while my kids and I went down those stairs. It's a beautiful place to snorkel.
  5. Sounds like Half Moon Bay near West End Village. We did the same thing years ago with a Victor Bodden Driver.
  6. The above advice is solid. I can tell you that we have used Victor on, I think, three occasions with excellent results. But I also respect what Guest 2000 said about preferring a female driver. We did have a female on one of those three occasions so you might be able to specify that when you book if you choose Victor.
  7. I’m curious why you type like that. With a dash between every word.
  8. If you mean between Houston and Galveston, depends on what day of the week, weather, and some other factors. We left the port at 8AM on a Saturday recently and were home on Lake Conroe by 9:45. On the way down there on a Monday morning I went around East Loop 610 to avoid downtown but not to avoid construction, just rush hour traffic. I'm not aware of any construction except between Houston and Galveston and its a crap shoot.
  9. 4 night cruises are historically booze cruises. Norwegian even includes drinks in most of their fares. You think kids are loud? We've been on Liberty probably 7 or 8 times and always loved it. Just never on a 4 nighter.
  10. Turn off the music in every public venue unless it’s a music venue with dancing or a live band. Improve the app where one can make dinner reservations and be notified when their table is ready.
  11. Hello Blue! Yes sir, I love Tortola. Have you been back since Irma? We have not but I hope to soon. Hope you’re living your best life in Mexico these days. I’m 3 or 4 years from retirement and might just join you.
  12. Wife and I went to Nachi Cocom for the first time 2 Wednesdays ago, November 29th. I must preface my observations; I don’t drink alcohol at all and my wife is a cheap date. We really went because we don’t like the huge crowds and loud music that are common at many of the AI beach clubs. They have a pool which is important to my wife. They advertise not allowing rowdy, drunken behavior. We do like to eat but aren’t all that particular, myself less than my wife. We also wanted to try something new having been to Cozumel probably 40 times on cruises. Getting there was easy, somehow we were put into a van, just the 2 of us. They take your picture when you arrive and then want to sell you one later, which we politely declined. We did see folks happily buying the picture and we were never asked a second time so I commend them for this. The entire property was clean and the beach looked great. We were given choices and took 2 chairs on the beach under a palapa. Later in the day we moved up by the pool for some sun. There is also a small hot tub attached to the pool which had folks in it all day. Beach and pool were very nice all day. The food consisted of a 4 course lunch chosen from a menu that I would characterize as limited. Appetizer, salad or fruit (this part I honestly can’t remember but I have a picture of a fruit plate on my phone), main course and dessert. My appetizer was nachos. My wife’s was guacamole. Both were good but small portions, at least by our estimations. The fruit was fresh and very good. My main course was grilled shrimp. They were offered several ways but I chose grilled. They were very good and came with some mixed vegetables. Since I already know shrimp are all imported there, and the vegetables were likely done from one of those frozen bags (cauliflower, zucchini, broccoli and zucchini, all a single piece, and two pieces of carrots), I wasn’t disappointed, although not impressed either. My wife got shrimp cocktail which amounted to about 6 medium sized shrimp in a small glass with single slices of vegetables and an olive. She was not impressed. Dessert was not bad. She had some sort of cake with a small scoop of ice cream and I had a piece of something I can’t remember. And that was it for food all day. I had a Diet Coke and she had tea. Through the day we had some smoothies and she had a couple of frozen something-or-others alcohol drinks. I also had several bottles of water. The restrooms were very clean and I saw them being maintained all day. The service was very good and the staff were attentive, if a little busy and not especially engaging. If I were to compare them to those at Paradise Beach it wouldn’t even be close. Paradise Beach staff are much more friendly and engaging. We left around 3 and it was easy to get a cab back, just asked one of the wait staff and he shortly told us the cab number and it was there is 5 minutes. On our way back we passed dozens of cabs lined up at the other beach clubs so one likely came to get us from there. Overall I would give it a 7 out of 10. Much quieter than other AI places. Clean, good service and a nice day. The food, or lack thereof, made it not a great value for us since alcohol isn’t a deciding factor. As always YMMV.
  13. There’s a whole segment of society that needs to be on the receiving end of a power washer.
  14. My wife was down there a couple of weeks ago and looked on, I guess, their facebook page (or some Facebook page) and saw that the pool is under renovation or refinishing or something. It’s not on their website that I can find. Anyway the pool was closed. I don’t do Facebook but you should consider this and check for yourself.
  15. It’s been a few months since I’ve been there but I think I can answer most of your questions. First, there is no beach. Buccanos is located in the opposite direction from the beach clubs. It’s a rock faced area which means no beach but very clear water and great snorkeling. There is a large man made sandy area with lounge chairs and shade palapas. There is a walk in area as well as a dock with a ladder. Lots of colorful fish right close to the shore and clear water, unlike the beach areas. There’s also a pool which we always enjoy. The food is very good. We were Paradise Beach folks for 25 years until it became AI. The food there was always good and I can’t say Buccanos is significantly better, although it’s excellent. You won’t go hungry. Service is great. Look around and you’ll find pictures, including the covered area where you can get a table with wait staff for lunch. You can also eat in your lounge chair if you like. Almost forgot to mention, no loud music and rowdy drunks. Taxis don’t sit there like they do at Paradise a beach but we’ve never waited longer than maybe 15 minutes for one. Just ask the guy who takes your entry fee. His name is Kenny. Note that they don’t open until 10AM their time. That may or may not be ship time and is nonnegotiable. If you visit Cozumel regularly on cruises you should give it a try.
  16. My two adult kids and I went snorkeling with Gypsea in January of 2021 and it was a well executed trip. We have our own gear so I can't comment on their gear quality but there were 3 crew members on the boat; the Captain, a guide who swam with us and directed us to different marine life, and the lady who was in the water and shadowed us with a rescue float at all times. The person I communicated with was Catherine Giroux and she was very responsive via email, as well as friendly when we got there and met her. Have fun and report back how it went.
  17. Thanks Monica. Your details and excellent pics are appreciated.
  18. That's very cool. Ive been saving all of my ties since I starting having to wear them. It's hundreds, and when I retire again, this time for good, I'm gonna have a quilt made from them.
  19. I bet there's a site for cruise groupies too. BRB...
  20. There will be many people at the taxi line. Just ask if anyone is going to wherever you want to go and would like to share the taxi cost. When it's just my wife and I we always do that and many times there is another couple we can split it with. I applaud your caution.
  21. What, no fireworks? Man quality sure is going down! I bet Celebrity had fireworks! /s
  22. This is what we used to find our way to that spot. It’s not hard and there will be others walking the same route.
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