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  1. Reading this thread confirms my faith in this community. There are a lot of strong clear headed people here. Good for you....all of you......Keep Calm and Carry On.
  2. Thank you for these pictures. That looks like a really beautiful island.
  3. Thanks for the Sydney pictures. Nice memories. Very nice town and pleasant, friendly people.
  4. You're probably right, but sometimes the less said, the better. LOL
  5. It doesn't matter. I Just hope you had a good time.
  6. Congratulations.......38 years...You should be very proud and feel very lucky at the same time, and I'm sure you do. I hope you have many more years together. You're a great example for us all, gay or straight.
  7. HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY, Everyone. Having traveled to Ireland more than 30 times over the years, I have learned the Irish are a warm and friendly race of people who live in a beautiful and magic land. I wish for them to get this Covid business behind them as soon as possible. They are having a devil of a time with it....no traveling more than 5K from home last time I checked.
  8. I just read Cunnorl's post. Sad is not the word. It's awful, especially the way it came about. Our hearts go out to her and her family. From reading other posts here, it is evident she is not alone, but that does not decrease the hurt for her. One of my oldest and dearest friends died in a Berlin hospital last week from a Covid inspired lung infection. He was in good health until he happened to catch Covid. As we all know, it's an awful virus. Cunnorl, know our thoughts are with you as you deal with the tragedy of this.
  9. Thanks for the update. That's good to know. This area is experiencing a lot of growth. I hope enough for them to continue to make this a stop.
  10. Amtrack still passes through here (Winter Haven), but I don't believe it stops anymore. I love railway stories. Thank you for this one......Those were the days....
  11. You were all put into an awful situation by an unforgivably inconsiderate and uncaring individual. If I were you, I would be really angry. The whole thing is disgusting. We wish you the best as you try to deal with it.
  12. Roy....One day at a time. As someone has said, you are not alone. We all wish you the best.
  13. Thanks for the Noordam pictures. She was our first HAL cruise. Lots of good memories....and lots of HAL cruises since then.
  14. I think your life has been quite an adventure. We owned a big farm in the East Tennessee mountains. Killed an average of three large Timber Rattlers every year, usually in September. Problem was...most of them were less than 15 feet from the house....We sold the farm before our luck ran out.
  15. That's an interesting mix. She is quite pretty.
  16. As someone has already said.....Open every faucet to take the pressure off the pipes when they begin to thaw. I hate overhead pipes, but there are lots of them....sometimes can't avoid them.
  17. For an easterner, that is magnificent country. Very memorable for us. Did it in springtime in a convertible. Great memories.
  18. There an interesting Trading Post/Restaurant/Store in the tiny town of Cameron AZ, at the intersection of US 89 and State 64. We had a great meal there and an interesting visit in the store, and museum. This is on the NE route out of Flagstaff US89 is the NE route out of Flagstaff, going to Tuba City or Page.... State 69 is the Eastern exit from the Grand Canyon. Beautiful country. Have a great trip.
  19. As I understand it, some are charging insurance for an administering fee...cost of giving the shot. That might be the reason for asking for the insurance information. Not sure.
  20. I'm sorry to learn of your brother's passing. Remember the good times.
  21. Thank you. The comment was unnecessary and inappropriate.
  22. I have one, but cell phones/smart phones are not yet the "end all-do all" in our lives. There are many thousands of people who do not and will not embrace every new technology which comes along. Their rights must be protected as best they can be. IMO
  23. Thanks for posting the pictures. We've been watching the nest and reading the reports, but had not seen the pictures. Hope they get back to normal.
  24. We are watching the eagle cams as well. Fascinating to say the least to watch the parents looking after their family. So far, so good. I hope both the little ones survive.
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