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  1. From my window I could see that There were three large vessels grouped together when I first posted about an hour ago, but one went away. The second large ship pulled north and is now also out of view. The Grand is lit up as usual. It is further north from where I first spotted it, but moving verrrrrrry slowly
  2. If they’re smart, they’ll both pass under the bridge and dock under cover of night
  3. Two large ships alongside her, maybe a tiny tug up front, not sure ETA yes there’s a tiny boat up front, likely the pilot Drake
  4. The Grand is heading north toward GGB right now, I can see her from my window
  5. I received this alert from SF officials, intended ONLY for those with family members aboard the Grand: Relatives of guests on the Grand Princess Cruise can call a family assistance hotline: 888-358-8055
  6. Thanks for all the advice, very helpful. I’ve adjusted my packing to include a few warm clothes.
  7. Leaving tomorrow from SF for r/t Mexican Riviera on the Grand. I’ve been tracking the lovely 75’ - 80’ weather at the 4 ports, but it just occurred to me that I will be at sea most of the next 10 days. It’s barely 50’ in SF right now, and I understand it’s cold in LA and San Diego too. I'm expecting room temperature (70’-72’) inside the ship. Any help for outside temperature on sea days in December? Should I bring a swimsuit or my heavy coat??
  8. I don't see that option for my 12/18 cruise on Grand... I read elsewhere that the 1st Day Onboard price is 8,9,10 days is $75, $80, $85 respectively. Elite/Platinum first day onboard pricing is 8,9,10 days is $56.25, $60, $63.75 respectively. I am Platinum, traveling solo with 2-3 devices. I never use up my 250 allotment. It seems I should stay with the free 250 rather than purchase. I understand that i forfeit the discounted purchase option if I do this. Are we sure that 250 free minutes is still an option? And that i can switch devices (using one at a time)?
  9. Not me. On my Alaska 2018 Grand cruise, I was told at pre-cruise purchase that so long as DH or I were in the photo, that MIL & FIL (different cabin, no photo package) could be too. But when it came time to pick up the photos, I had to escalate the issue to the Photo Manager before he made an "exception" and allowed it. I was polite and got what i wanted, but it wasn't simple. And i had to go through it each night when i picked up that day's photos.
  10. Ellipooh


    Thank you to the recent posters, clarifying and distinguishing Carnival Corp from Carnival Line. Much relief for this Diet Coke aficionado. I had purchased the Premium Beverage Package for my next cruise, and shuddered at the thought of having to cart a case of DC along with my luggage.
  11. I have enjoyed Suite Laundry services on the Grand on several occasions. We sent everything from jeans and socks to bras and blouses. Never had a single problem. I certainly would not spend a minute doing laundry on my Hawaiian vacation.
  12. 1) How far in advance of sail date was the offer made? About 75 days out 2) asked to respond by call or email ? email 3) where there plenty of cabins available , including other categories not included in the upsell? A ton of cabins in all categories, 4) had there been recent price drops , or did Princess just go straight to the upsell? No price drops 5) direct or thru TA ? Booked direct 6) number of previous Princess cruises ? Only 4 but almost always in a Suite My offer was from Premium Balcony to Regular Mini for +27/pp/day, and I declined.
  13. I had always understood that you only get the credits for the original cabin, since the "upsell" is still at a tremendous discount. But i have never actually gone through the process.
  14. I had a similar upsell offer for my Mexican Riviera cruise in December -- Premium Balcony to Mini Suite for +$270/pp. Our cruise is only 10 days, and while i would have enjoyed the extra space -- for $540 total additional we declined. Like OP, I am hoping for a better offer! Our cruise has a lot of empty spots left, and only 8 weeks until departure.
  15. The Q onboard feels much more like a K to me, and we have a Cal K at home. It's certainly larger than a standard Q, which in my experience is barely bigger than a Full
  16. Okay, I am desperate to know if the Buffet is really going to close early. I will be on the Grand in December. I am an all-hours type, and the extended hours for the Buffet is one thing that keeps me on Princess.
  17. Another vote for Orkney and late May. Unless you can switch out Stonehenge for Bath or something, I wouldn't bother. This was always our favorite cruise, you'll love every day!
  18. I know i don't NEED the form, but i LIKE to use it. Can anyone find the current form? I have looked everywhere in vain.
  19. Okay, now i understand better. I will book DN and have her no-show if she decides not to come. Frankly, I think she'll probably come but only at the last minute. And then she can! Thanks so much all of you.
  20. Thank you all so much for your very helpful responses (and reassurances). I think i will book as solo and add niece later -- just in case it turns out that BFF goes with me instead. More flexibility if i can add later. And so long as the credit doesn't expire, I don't mind that it's credit for a last minute cancellation instead of cash. I did a second search for Balcony cabins, and there's still a ton of that category left, too. For reasons i do not entirely understand, all of the Caribe Balconies are booked and none of the Baja. I assume it has something to do with
  21. I have seen this discussed before but it didn’t apply to me so I didn’t pay attention. And now I am unable to come up with the answer through Search. I am recently widowed and thinking about taking my first solo cruise over Christmas to avoid...well, lots of stuff. I know I’ll pay double, so I’ve asked my niece if she wants to join. Being the Millennial that she is, she can’t possibly make plans so far in advance. 1. If I book as a Single, can I add her later? Would doing so affect pricing? 2. The cruise I’m looking at (Mexican Riviera r/t from SF) says 40% off b
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