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  1. Spoke to my Princess PVP last week who assured me they would be releasing the excursions soon and the delay is simply due to the fact this is a new port so they were working/negotiating with vendors (tour operators, bus companies, etc) to finalizing pricing.
  2. CDC extends conditional sailing order to Jan. 15, then it's planned to become voluntary. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/legal-regulatory/cdc-extends-conditional-sailing-order-jan-15-then-its-planned-become-voluntary
  3. Your vaccine card is uploaded on the app prior to the cruise which more than likely has servers at Princess HQ in California.
  4. When is Princess going to allow passengers to purchase internet packages thru their website instead of having to call my PVP?
  5. The issue is that Sheer ID can only verify first responders currently employed in the USA. That is the reason they are not offering an OBC to retired first responders (like the military) or first responders from outside the USA.
  6. Was hoping the testing requirement would be three days prior to the cruise but happy to see booster shots are not required to cruise.
  7. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/people-opinions/john-padgett-appointed-princess-cruises-president
  8. There is no way that Princess will survive operating ships with capacity less than 1000 passengers like they did last week in Cabo.
  9. My understanding after speaking to a Princess representative was testing would be available at a site near the port it you would be required to show proof you took a test but did not get the results back in time.
  10. My wife and I are interested in a segment of the 2024 World Cruise. Does anyone know how far in advance Princess sells world cruises?
  11. Yesterday Princess made changes to its onboard testing protocols which should allow us to cruise to Hawaii in January 2022. For select cruises, including Panama Canal Full Transits and voyages 15 days and longer, guests will likely have a COVID-19 test administered 3-5 days into their voyages. For voyages 15 days and longer specifically, guests will be tested every 7 days thereafter. The tests will be scheduled and administered by the onboard medical team and will be provided on a complimentary basis. Positive COVID-19 cases will be assessed and treated either in their stateroom, or in a designated area of the Medical Center in a single occupancy ward. Positive cases that do not require admission to the ship’s medical center, or medical disembarkation, will most likely be moved to a different cabin for the duration of their isolation. If you, your family members, travelling companions or other close contacts are quarantined or medically isolated during your voyage as a result of a positive COVID-19 test or are suspected of having COVID-19, you are entitled to a 100% Future Cruise Credit for missed cruise days, including time in quarantine, for you, your travel party, and any confirmed close contacts, if any of you test positive during your cruise. This testing policy will be reviewed on a regular basis as the global situation continues to evolve. Anyone who doesn’t comply with the onboard public health measures may be disembarked at the first available opportunity. Other consequences could include being denied service, required stateroom isolation and being banned from sailing in the future. If you are non-compliant, no refund of the cruise fare for unused cruise days or travel expenses (if flying home) will be covered. If your travel party is impacted and/or they are required or voluntarily choose to leave with you, the same policies will apply to them: there will be no refund of cruise fare for unused cruise days or coverage of travel expenses home
  12. Some good travel related news out of Hawaii. https://www.civilbeat.org/2021/09/hawaii-governor-says-covid-19-improvements-likely-to-open-door-to-tourism-for-the-holidays/
  13. I spoke with a Princess excursion representative yesterday afternoon and he said they are excursions will be uploaded to the website within a week.
  14. I can no longer purchase Princess Vacation Protection insurance for all future booking because I live in New York State. “Note that Princess Vacation Protection is not available to residents of the state of New York, Quebec, Puerto Rico, or Mexico.”
  15. Has anyone heard when Princess is going to update their website to include excursions at their new port of call in Kahului, Hawaii?
  16. https://www.dfnionline.com/lead-stories/princess-cruises-harding-announce-blockbuster-retail-partnership-14-09-2021/
  17. My wife and I received a refund for our cancelled 9/29/21 Alaska cruise within two weeks.
  18. I read on the RCL site that their passengers on B2B voyages need to pack all of their luggage and disembark the ship because if your test comes back positive you are not allowed back onboard the ship. It just keeps getting more difficult to cruise every week. Hopefully this requirement ends when we take our back to back cruise to Hawaii and Sea of Cortez in January 2022.
  19. I live in New York and prepaid my PVP. When I go to my cruise summary and selected PVP it confirms that I have travel insurance thru Princess. I filed a complaint with my State Senator & Assemblyman regarding this decision by the NYS Department of Finance. I did receive correspondence stating they are investigating why NYS is the only State in the country that prohibits residents from purchasing PVP.
  20. You are considered vaccinated with J&J per the Princess website since it was approved by the FDA. AstraZeneca has NOT been approved by the FDA. Acceptable vaccines are those that have an emergency use authorization or listing from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or the World Health Organization (WHO).
  21. It does not necessarily mean your flight was cancelled. I had the same message for my January flights from SYR to LAX and within a few days the flight reappeared with a time change for my SYR departure. If you have your airline booking number go directly to to the airline website and see if the booking number is still valid.
  22. I think this new testing policy will end on 10/31/21. I honestly believe the CDC issued this mandate to the cruise lines. I find it very interesting that this new testing policy ends on the same date as the CDC - Conditional Sailing Order.
  23. We cancelled our August 29th cruise on the Majestic due to the fact we had to find a test facility in Seattle. We would not have cancelled if the testing was done at the port and we would have been happy to pay for it.
  24. It is more risky to wait to have the surgery. My surgeon stated that by waiting to have surgery you run the risk of a serious complications such as strangulation where the bulging tissue is is squeezed by the muscle wall cutting off the blood flow. I had my surgery shortly after my diagnosis and fully recovered within two weeks. I would hold off on cruising and have the hernia repaired ASAP.
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