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  1. I found the tub to be easy to get in and out of and I have back issues. It’s fairly deep but more shallow than a standard jacuzzi, for comparison (sky suite has Roman tub, not jacuzzi).
  2. You do not need reservations at Luminae, just show up whenever you want. They may indicate a time for you on the first night but you can disregard it and go when it’s convenient.
  3. I upgraded from Aqua once when price dropped on Sky Suites after final payment. I wasn’t assigned a cabin until several days before cruise. I realize that that’s not the same exact situation as your’s, but just my experience.
  4. We gave up our aft aqua for a sky suite last May and were very happy to have done so. We had the same Vancouver to Seward route. It was an 8 day, port intensive trip, the first of the season. Honestly, it was too cold for us to sit outside, even with blankets, for very long. We felt the suite perks of Luminea, Michaels club and our butler far outweighed aft benefits. Besides, in a suite you’ll get to up to the helipad to view the glacier up close. You’ll have a wonder time time either way! We have an aft sky suite for our upcoming cruise in 13 days, so no compromises this time.
  5. 20 days until our sailing on the Edge. We are psyched!
  6. I would do the suite, personal preference. We love Luminae and not terribly interested in different MDR offerings, though you can try them, along with Blu if in a suite. Our next cruise on Edge in December is in an Aft suite, so best of both worlds. Go with your gut. You really can’t go wrong.
  7. Jim, thank you for this fantastic live review! We were a bit iffy on doing Edge, but this review has us energized! We leave Dec. 15 on a Caribbean cruise and are so excited to discovery the uniqueness of this ship. It sounds like you had a wonderful experience in Luminae despite the increased suite capacity. I was a bit worried they might be overwhelmed, but now I see that was unwarranted. Pictures were to die for! Best to you and Iain in your further adventures and for your generosity towards fellow travelers.
  8. Thanks so much, Lynn. I received it and it looks great!
  9. I’d love to receive a copy of the Three Amigos Tour if you’re not too swamped. Email is rascal_barker@yahoo.com. If that doesn’t work, could you email me and I’ll send you my gmail?
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