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  1. I am also a red Zin drinker (Rombauer) and have not seen “The Seven Deadly Zins” brand on The Edge or any Celebrity ship. They do carry a red blend Conundrum which I find similar and pleasing enough substitute. And there is another brand of Zin, but I did not care for it. Good Luck.
  2. On the recent transatlantic they had entertainment at least three times in The Retreat. I believe on chic nights.
  3. I have enjoyed following your review and your pictures are amazing. I am curious if you enjoyed the Wellington tour. I am trying to decide whether to do the tour or just walk around on our own. This will be in 2 months. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.
  4. Same for me. I have never been asked.
  5. I like the CS, but that bathroom is the reason I book RS. I was disappointed with The Edge that they did not put in just a shower. Everyone has their preferences, but I do not use tubs, except to clean my dive gear :)
  6. I don't want the robes, but I would like one of the Kelly Hoppen throws I saw in The Retreat on The Edge. I tried, but could not find where to buy one.
  7. We ordered ham, cheese and mushroom omelets several mornings. They are huge.
  8. Last year we made a 0930 flight and an 1130 flight. No problems. We did early walk off and took a cab. It is always a risk I am willing to take.
  9. I believe I saw Coach on The Edge. No idea about any sales.
  10. I requested a quote yesterday for 2021 Royal or Penthouse suite and the deposit for either was $900.
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