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  1. On our Liberty cruise in September, we booked about 4 weeks out and didn't get our cabin assignment until 2 days before the cruise. We had a balcony guarantee and I checked daily. For some unknown reason Carnival assigned us a cabin, but it was never posted on the Carnival check in location and then they changed it and posted it.


    Everything that was being sent to us was sent to the original cabin which caused us a lot of trouble. An example was that we had SteakHouse reservations and didn't get a confirmation in our cabin when boarding which was unusual since it was for the first night. I called to confirm and they had our reservation under a different cabin number so that was how we found out about the room change. We had OBC sent to us by our TA and that was sent to the other cabin too. It took so many trips to Guest Services to get things cleared up.


    Just because of the things that happened to us, I wouldn't book a guarantee again as I don't want to waste so much of my vacation at Guest Services. I also know this was not the norm, but still having our Platinum gifts sent to the other cabin, our strawberries and champagne that was sent to us sent to the other cabin as well as the other things I mentioned was too much for us. By the way, this was our first ever guarantee!!!!

    Thanks for the heads up. We had an assigned cabin but switched to a guarentee. We also have steak house reservations the 1st night. As soon as I find out the cabin number I will notify the steakhouse hopefully this will prevent any issues.

  2. Have always got a better room than one we would have chosen....for instance, we always book interior rooms since we are only in the room to sleep and shower. We have always got OV rooms and once was lucky to get upgraded to a balcony at no cost the first day at sea.

    Hope you are right we had picked out a room but then switch. There still seems to be a lot of balconies available so long as we are not in a noisy place it will be fine.

  3. We sure are LOL :D !!! The Love Boat TV show is what got us interested in cruising. Will be on the November 6th sailing of the Regal Princess & hope to see some of the cast from that original show onboard !!

    Right on! Peace and all that stuff. ..i think we are showing our age Sophia...I'll c u Wed at hotel or Thurs on board. ..lol. out shopping and haven't bought a thing...

  4. This choice puzzles me. If 'you' remember the love boat

    in prime time, you are probably 60+


    Princess already has these customers.


    I thought marketing was about attracting new customers.

    Not quite 60 however the Captain has been Princesses spoke person. The Love Boat was 2 of the princess, s ships so it makes sense for the 50th anniversary to have them there.

  5. A privately funded high speed rail service that will run from Orlando International Airport to Miami with stops in West Palm Beach, and Ft. Lauderdale (current plan). OIA and the Canaveral Port Authority are currently negotiating for a stop at Port Canaveral as well.


    Once it is up and running it will open up a significant number of cruise options for us, since we don't fly anymore, and DW hates long drives.

    I'm very disappointed that there is not a stop in one of the treasure coast counties. We are in the middle of WPB and Orlando would love to leave the car home and use this.

  6. We just booked our first FTTF yesterday for our Paradise sailing in February. Our 1 other experience leaving from the port of Tampa wasn't the best so we decided this might be a good time to try FTTF.


    My question is - how do you know how many are left? When I booked mine - I didn't see how many had been sold or how many were still available.


    Just curious for the next time if we decided we loved it and had to have it again.


    Thanks everyone!

    When I went to buy it it should how many left.

  7. We are sailing on 11/6. Has anyone stayed in that stateroom. I hear the cabins are very tight?

    It will be our first time on the Regal also. However wanted to invite you over to the roll call if you haven't done so already. We will be having a sailaway as well as a meet and greet.

  8. I bit on this sale and because it was the last day of the sale booked online. My fare explicitly stated "includes prepaid gratuities". I called on Mon to confirm all was well with my booking process and was told I did not book the fare that included grats. (I booked the only fare displayed for the cabin I chose). That fare would be $150 more pp and the grats amount to $110. It would also make the res non-refundable. "Did I want to change?" After arguments with three different people at Princess, I was simply told the website must have been wrong.

    I looked at both sales and I figured the dinner and champagne could cost what 75? Prepaid gratuities was about 161 and 50 obc so a total of 211 so we kept the gratuity promotion...unfortunately they don't combine promotion s you have to pick the best for u.

  9. Has everyone who filled in the forms for the price drop on the 12 hr. sale heard from Carnival by now?

    I had booked my cruise through a TA but by the time I saw the 12 hr. sale my TA's office was closed for the day and the sale would be over by the time they opened in the morning. I filled out the form myself and as of yet have not heard a thing. I wish I would hear one way or the other. Do I have a chance of getting the price drop even though the form was not filled out by my TA?

    Wow i think if you have a ta you have to go through them. I suggest you call Carnival and ask them. I think they also have processed everything so you might want to see if they received it.


    I can say I never fill out the form I just call and they adjust while you are on the phone.


    I can say we never had a problem calling. Hopefully you have some proof because a few days have gone by. Good luck.

  10. Called our pvp and was more than glad to give up our room for a guarantee to save $609.00. Love paying 320.00 plus tax for eight day cruise to Aruba, Bonaire and Grand Turk with four sea days....You can call me Happy Happy...:)

    Congrats nice one

  11. I have been going back and forth in my mind about this all afternoon. If I give up my cabin, that is $268 worth of OBC!


    But, I fought tooth and nail to get the room I have and really don't want to give it up.


    However, with $268 I could Cheers! myself silly and my rooms location won't matter.:D


    Ugghhh I'm still unsure and have 7.5 hours to decide.

    Had the same thoughts went back and forth. We finally did it and are happy with what wesaved...i can buy a pair of earplugs....we only sleep in the room and now we have lots of extra obc

  12. We took the OBC. We looked at all of the horrible places that we don't want to be and there weren't many cabins left in those locations (the system was showing 5-9, so we knew there weren't more in inventory). We're taking our chances--our last BAL GTY we ended up with an aft-extended view.

    Am thinking that waiting to talk to DH for his thoughts....always wondered if u have a better change of being upgraded if u have guarantee status

  13. I hate this. I can't decide. I can rebook our balcony room that we picked to a guarantee and would gain $175.00 OBC... but then the room choice is out of our control...sigh....I would hate to be placed beneath the pool or something but that 175 would buy some drinks and stuff....pay the gratuities...rats what to do what to do....

  14. Well I called Princess and found out why I didn't get the free pre-paid gratuities. It was an either/or situation. I got either the free pre-paid gratuities or the 30% discount. The discount was greater than the gratuities, so that is why I got it. The rep. said she could give me the gratuities but that my fare would increase. I re-read the explanation and sure enough that is what it says. I can't complain though I did get a very good rate and we're very excited about taking the cruise. We had planned on cruising a lot more after retiring 8 years ago, but it seems that things keep coming up that prevent it. But hopefully we won't have to cancel this one.

    Isn't it funny how retirement where we are supposed to have more free time keeps us so busy? I still can't figure out how I got everything done when I worked.


    Hopefully this trip will work out for you

  15. I have heard good and not worth it too. I have gotten it for the 1st but only because of having knee surgery and wanted to avoid prolong standing this upcoming cruise.


    My thoughts are depending on the port you may not need it. Some ports are way better than others.


    How many carry ons are u bringing? How essential is it that you have your cabin ready immediately.


    And finally how often do you really go to guest services vs using the phone or the screen on the tv or the kiosks?

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