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  1. Smart move. Even vaccinated people are now passing covid to other and catching covid as well. Even though the industry has tried, and even w/ all the protocals, cruising just isn't a viable option these days. The ports of call are only half open anyway. Too much time, energy and money is invested in cruising to go to ports that have another set of rules. And you're right , masks are only just a small part of the overall discomfort of cruising these days. I truly hope things will be better in one year from today as we are supposed to fly to Amsterdam.
  2. Few hoops. LOL .... I love the cruise life but this is getting beyond ridiculous now. I recognoize that many on this board breath, live, and die on cruising, but wowza.Wake up peeps. This is not the cruise life any of us really enjoyed in years past.
  3. OK, I want to understand this. 1. you and your party provided negative test results, correct? 2. you and your party were all completely vaccinated, correct?
  4. Yep. I clearly recognize that my POV is not the same as others. We just returned from a great road trip. First one in a few years and really enjoyed it. Kinda forgot what is was like. Stay safe. Hope things improve for everyone, especially by next August.
  5. John you're thinking short term. I'm thinking long term. My comments were directed at 'they won't bat an eye'. Which is simply foolish. You can bet your bottom dollar that they are counting lost revenues. If one has to cruise sooo bad that they accept anything tossed at them then that speaks for itself. Just you stating that RCL is more concerned about the CDC than me and my family's enjoyment of a cruise tells me that it's too early for us to get on a ship.
  6. Disagree. You are simply kidding yourself if you think RCL wants to enforce these protcals and lose money doing so. But you're also entitled to shape your argument to satisfy your desries on the subject. But never ever forget that MONEY talks. RCL is not in business to make the CDC happy. They are in business to make people happy.
  7. We did just this. I never put on a mask and enjoyed a road trip that was pretty awesome!
  8. and I can assure you that they will be concerned. They are in business tocollect money for services rendered. No company including RCL wants to see their customers disappear. Again I do assure you that there is a concern.
  9. Can't advise on what to do w/ the kids but you should be able to book hotel and car rentals w/o penalty of cancellations if/when giving a 48hr notice. W/ regards to the air fares, you might check out Royal's Air2Sea program to see if it fits your needs w/ regards to cancellations if needed.
  10. Really siorry to hear this for you and the family. My buddy tested positive last week and now has pnuemonia w/ covid. He was vaccinated as well. His wife tested positive as well. She only had body aches. Both were vaxed w/ the J&J jab. What vaccine did ya'll have?
  11. I've heard that the Windjammer is currently closed for dinner.
  12. Remember when most were all happy & giddy about non vaxed passengers being treated differently than vaxed passengers? Ahh... those were the days a few weeks ago. Karma... she's one tuff cruiser! Enjoy your cruises everyone!
  13. Come on folks. This is not a seasoned cruiser like many of you. A cruise was booked for their 10 year Anniversary which is a very nice thing to do. They did everything they were supposed to do. It's now been canceled and they want/need their funds back to enjoy their anniversary. Only to experience a bad time on the phone seeking help. Frustrations have set in. Have a bit of compassion. To the OP... take a deep breath. Happy Anniversary.
  14. A wink & a nod. Most can see through it. RCL & Clebrity sure have.
  15. It is only my opinion but I believe the Florida law was not designed for the cruise industry but rather other areas that operate on land in the state of Florida.
  16. Wow. Not for the threads being closed... but wow for knowing how many?
  17. They should actually stop this nonsense of sueing Florida and join Florida in their lawsuit of the CDC. Some of protocasls are outdated big time.
  18. Well it's ugly and RCL has made some very poor decisions in the process, but it is a process. A process that I think NCL sat out waiting to see the results from others who dared to dare. I don't think NCL wanted to follow the protocals from the CDC so they're setting their sites on the Florida law.
  19. Sweet! We did a 14 day Baltic cruise in that cabin. It has a larger balcony than other GS' but it does have less closet space. Enjoy your cruise.
  20. It sounds like Capt Kate recognized how bad the deal was and brought it to someone's attention and they made correcions. Good for you. That's worth a well earned complimentary dinner for two w/ drinks if you ask me.
  21. I can smell the stench already and the plane is still in the air.
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