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  1. Agreed! NB: The most important difference between U.S. passport books and passport cards is that passport cards are not valid for international air travel; they're only acceptable for land and sea border crossings between the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean. https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=1913
  2. While closed loop cruises do not require a passport, if you have to be flown back to the US from any where including Hawaii - you'll need a passport book. The passport card is only used for cruise and land border crossings. Your cruise is a closed loop cruise. Mexico does not require a passport to enter.
  3. Looks like you are locked in: "Replacement Voyages for Cancelled Australia Cruises The following cancelled cruises have an exact match. By selecting to move you are automatically choosing a specific cruise."
  4. Keeping fingers crossed! With thanks to Astro for the info on available rebookings, managed to snag an aft Vista on the Sydney to LA Oct 25, 2022 24 day transpacific which has just opened up, after which we are booked for a 15 day LA-HI Nov 17. Hope she sails and hope I can sell enough stock to pay for it!
  5. We also love aft, the wake reminds of breakers on the beach, the privacy and the view are also big plusses. The distance is a downside, but DW has a scooter. All the Grands have the vents - an old topic on CC
  6. Should be Sabatini's for Suite Breakfast - at least it always has been CC Dining "area" is Deck 6 midship starboard side (Da Vinci)
  7. An S4 on Sapphire has a totally exposed balcony - not the best for Alaska. We much prefer Vista suites aft, especially Dolphin deck, on the Grand class ships. While S3, the suites aft on Dolphin on Royal class are very nice - huge mostly covered balcony and useable at sea (given decent weather). But that said, we'd never do a Royal class ship in Alaska.
  8. Looks like a picture is worth a thousand words.
  9. A rose by any other name ... We like both kinds of thinly sliced smoked pork. Back bacon (AKA English or Canadian) for eggs benedict or on a bun with cheese. Pork belly bacon (American) for finger food especially with breakfast or for a BLT (but we as Californians like our BLAT sandwiches).
  10. If Gerardo is tall and from Mexico, you are lucky! If it's him, he was our Steward on the Star Princess November 2018. He is terrific! He got off our cruise in Honolulu.
  11. Of course you can get a proper EB, also you can get it delivered to your suite. I write in everything I want on the door hanger and Bam! it just shows up. Make friends with your Suite Room Service attendant (they are assigned to suites). After day one, your wish is their command! Altogether, Sabatini's (or wherever the suite breakfast is served) is you order whatever you want, if it is very special, it may be tomorrow when you get it.
  12. I misspoke, it is still there but it has a new wall that closes it off.
  13. There is no more aft observation deck on Island
  14. it's covered but likely windy and exposed as well as being able to look right in on 633 Choose E736/E737 (BE) instead - wake view and more sheltered. These are a fav among a few of our CC friends Correct on rounded glass railing
  15. We love the Limo Van excursion to Hana, it might be a lot better since you don't lose an hour or more in traffic to / from Lahaina.
  16. In the cabin, we use a portable wifi router - it counts as "one device" - but connected to it and using its MedallionNet network connection we can have as many devices as we want. We always bring a laptop, that and a couple iPhones and iPad use the router. Of course, outside the cabin we have either to share or have 2 (or 4) user account.
  17. The Medallion app has a messaging feature to reach other Medallion app users on ship - without needing an internet connection. Any device capable of using the Medallion app can use the feature. So yes it can go from iPhone to Android. Last we knew it did not "Notify" you when a new message comes in. You do have to setup the feature on each user account to connect them.
  18. yah and azbirdmom is looking to make invites for a M&G - no idea why it would have the same name - but that was what was reported. I dunno az, maybe the officers will know if you said Club 6 😆
  19. Neither... The stern is the right side, an aft balcony or even better a corner suite!
  20. That's why I bring bungee cords! We also prefer Vistas but only deck 9
  21. There are side views from the balcony in an OS, the deck plans don't show it but here is the view: We'd take the OS over a Penthouse any time. Some folks don't like the beam, but it can be handy for shade sometimes. Also the OS has a dining table for 4 inside.
  22. We were in L724 for a canal cruise over Thanksgiving. The most noise from the teen center was when it was open to adults - almost no kids on board - skee-ball is noisy! The location is very good, but open to above isn't our preference. We have heard very good things about E736/E737 - booked E736 for a canal cruise but upgraded to L724. Also consider E732/E733 - OV's right out onto the aft deck which is rarely used.
  23. We love the Grand and once we got to sail in the Princess Suite RT Hawaii with whirlpool tub on the balcony with a cool curved glass door into the bedroom, loved it. Downer is no Thermal Suite and the sauna/steam rooms are out by the Lotus Pool.
  24. Thanks! That was Nana Yoda's win, she hits one just about every cruise... I also play the tables but my wins are much smaller.
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