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  1. No such thing as paying 2 star price and expect 4-5 star quality cruise or cruise line would go bankrupt. You just need to go with realistic expectations and enjoy.
  2. Can't achieve less quantity to raise quality when some people would order 3 to 4 appetizers, entrees followed by multiple desserts per person every night. I actually witnessed one family who did this for 7 nights. Totally blew my mind.
  3. Just when does a technical stop for a few hours in Canadian port without disembarking or taking on cruise passengers ever a health issue? It was a political decision. Canada tried to bluff and ended up blinking first at the poker table.
  4. Cut down on bread waste. I am cool with that.
  5. No brainer. MSC offers the best deal most of the time.
  6. Besides dive bombing flies, almost no one washed their hands at BBQ. I wasn't impressed.
  7. Not sure if those were ex Her Majesty Gurkhas or ex Indian Army Gurkhas. Big difference.
  8. That would be a big mistake unless the attackers want a personal visit from SEAL Team 6. Didn't work out well for Somalia pirates.
  9. Very aggressive and pushy locals at straw market.
  10. For S China Sea cruise, Ride of the Valkyries would be most appropriate.
  11. Sailing from Vancouver - inside passage with calm sea and beautiful scenery. Sailing from Seattle - rougher sea, nothing to see but miles of Pacific ocean. Your choice.
  12. With the new health protocol and sanitation practices, I actually think the entire ship is now a lot cleaner than it used to be pre COVID.
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