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  1. I am seeing more and more crewmen and casino workers from China as well. Likely to look after passengers from China and train to work on Asian cruise ships.
  2. What a total loser. Begging NCL to take her back after burning the bridge on her own.
  3. Yes, I did the same last Saturday and received no confirmation as of yesterday. Was getting kind of worried but may be Amex is just being slow this time around. Keeping my fingers crossed for the best.
  4. Without a doubt especially if you can combine the perks with shareholder and FCC OBC.
  5. I highly doubt China would allow this HK unrest to continue into December. October 1st is China's 70th anniversary of its National Day and a very big deal. This HK unrest will be a huge embarrassment and loss of face to the Chicom regime if it is allowed to go on unchecked on a historical important day such as this.
  6. Live on a cruise ship as a long term passenger.
  7. How is it a scam if your cruise is refundable?
  8. I am fine with flying so long as it is a short flight. Any flight over 3 hours and I would start to get cranky.
  9. Awesome price. That's all you need to know.
  10. Most insurance policies don't cover loss caused by civil unrest or riot. Check yours.
  11. Although off topic and belonging to a new thread, I'd vote Yes to this.
  12. No I have never committed any sex crime, am not on sex offender registry or ruined somebody's life for doing despicable things to them. Thank you for your concern.
  13. Who cares. They XXXX up. Throw the book at them and make them pay.
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