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  1. All nice but did you check the cruise price? It has gone up from a few weeks ago.
  2. Yes and without assistance from WHO. Quite remarkable indeed.
  3. You only have to look at what's happening in Europe right now. When it comes to rule compliance, no one can outdo Japan. Japanese citizens have law and order ingrained in their DNA.
  4. I am totally convinced that humans will eventually destroy this planet. It is not a question of If but When. The signs are all around us.
  5. My 8/2021 cruise has the $40 pp discounted drink package deal. Also notice some excursion prices have dropped as well.
  6. Wait for those cheesy late night commercials on TV for further instruction.
  7. Living standards are already very high in many poor countries. The dictators, army generals, warlords and their cronies are all living very comfortable, healthy lives on par with first world standard thanks to our generous western foreign aid, loan and grant assistance programs. But of course this is all news to Thunberg and her loyal followers when she screamed How Dare You at the world and those evil cruise lines.
  8. Also relating to the size of population and control of press reporting in a given country. The bigger the population where news reporting is not routinely censored by an authoritarian/communist regime , the more likelihood to get a higher reported case count.
  9. Seems like a normal trend. COVID is rising all over the world.
  10. Being woke, openly feeling ashamed and condemn your past are apparently a very cool and fashionable thing in 2020.
  11. Come again? Steal? How can we steal someone's trees and fish supplies unless their own governments enter into some commercial arrangements and open their borders to do business in return for monetary considerations. That's international trade and commerce, nothing to do with stealing.
  12. Man you are hilarious. It's only Tuesday but this sounds more and more like a Friday night drunk thread.
  13. Ambulance chasing business must be slow these days.
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