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  1. Some hospitals are now using UV robots to kill corona virus and disinfect their facilities. Initial results look promising.
  2. No training needed. Just hangout here on CC for a month and they will become cruise vacation experts in no time.
  3. Is it? The virus was commonly called Wuhan virus in the early days until China and WHO became all sensitive and political about the name and changed it to something else to appease Beijing.
  4. It's mostly a cash flow issue, not a staffing issue.
  5. Elevator definitely a no go. Everywhere else on the ship is a free fire zone.
  6. Goodwill? Let's be serious. Would you be willing to work for free if your employer is in a cash crunch?
  7. Don't sweat it. Everybody did this at least once in public pool as a kid.
  8. Why? Because you can't and won't do it at home.
  9. I can live with this post COVID-19.
  10. Trust me. Cruising will continue to exist with or without you and your sleep deprived waiter and overworked cabin steward.
  11. Comes with the big job title and remuneration package. They all know what they are walking into when they took the job.
  12. Does IT department do the books, prepare financial statements, managing cash flow projections, prepare budgets and file tax returns? Computer system is just an operating tool to get a task done.
  13. IT deals with computer issues and does not run accounting or managing company cash flow.
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