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  1. Oh no, terrible news. Where am I going to buy those fake gold chain by the yard, $15 for two cheesy T and crappy $10 plastic watch on last sea day ? I still have some empty space I need to fill in my basement storage room.
  2. Quite common in Alaska. It can be sunny and stunningly beautiful. Then the fog would suddenly roll in from out of nowhere and engulfing the whole ship and surrounding scenery.
  3. MSC would play We are The World or Heal The World by MJ at farewell show.
  4. Definitely a national crisis. Bacon price at my local supermarkets has all gone up.
  5. Karaoke is back on? I am surprised. Hope they sanitize the mic thoroughly after each use.
  6. You may wish to consider buying a $500 Cruise Next Certificate to knock $250 off your cruise fare. Just keep in mind it is nonrefundable and has a 3 year time limit instead of the old 4 year expiry date.
  7. Good blow-by-blow review. Keep it comin'. Also more pictures please.
  8. Below is a condition under the Cruise With Confidence program but I am glad it worked out for some of you. Q : Do all sailings qualify for “Cruise with Confidence”? A :  Cruise with Confidence covers cruises booked on or before October 31st, 2021, that set sail on or before April 30th, 2022.
  9. Only good for sail dates before May 1, 2022 or $100 pp cancellation penalty will apply.
  10. All 2023 cruises are crazy pricey. I will pass.
  11. Yes, you did. I scored a deal that comes with $385 OBC with only $200 deposit down refundable.
  12. Miami, Happy, Let's Get Loud at sail away party.
  13. Buy gift card that comes with bonus when available.
  14. I cancelled my Nov/Dec B2B cruise even though I am fully vaccinated. Second leg was on Seashore which I was really looking forward to sail on. Just not worth the hassle and worries due to COVID delta.
  15. I agree. Max you lose under ES is $50 NRD pp up to final payment date.
  16. Inside of free cruise, you can now choose a case of bacon playing bingo.
  17. Fee is way too low . Carnival should triple the amount. Lay down the rules and make them pay.
  18. NCL Sun went through a major reno and upgrade not that long ago. The old 2017 Sun reviews are pretty much outdated and no longer relevant.
  19. Serious complaint to some may be minor inconvenience or nuisance to others. It all depends on how you define the term "serious'.
  20. Also the stigma that will follow you around.
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