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  1. We have a low 20% chance over 5 days for this low off the east coast.
  2. All quiet still in the Atlantic. In the Pacific the second storm became Guillermo, and both are just heading west and no threat.
  3. The Pacific is heating up. I don't usually create threads for named storms unless they threaten land. Here's Felicia: slowly moving west, no threat to land, but hurricane strength through next Tuesday! The disturbance is 90% likely to get a name soon.
  4. We've got one small thing in the Atlantic. Just 10% over 5 days.
  5. Sorry I didn't check in and see your question! It was very quiet so I was taking a break.
  6. It’s been a nuisance but no more. Now in Boston and Cape areas.
  7. Still at tropical storm strength - 40mph (39 is TS). Looks like it could stay at that level until reaching open water again.
  8. I do too. I think the joke is that if he shows up, you'd better be ready for bad weather!
  9. Just wanted to say all quiet other than Elsa.
  10. But, TS strength across rural Georgia and the track is more westerly which puts it at Tropical Storm strength and on top of NYC and the most populated stretch from NYC to Portland ME including Boston and Providence.
  11. Good news. weakening again. Back to a depression as it transits SC and NC.
  12. Elsa weakened again, sparing the coast of hurricane level winds not that 5mph is all that much difference.But still strong enough to forecast TS strength all the way across land to the Atlantic and on to New England and Canada.
  13. Well Elsa is stronger as of the 2pm EDT update. Now going to make landfall as a hurricane including the Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater/Dunedin areas. Will remain a tropical storm through northern FL possibly including Jacksonville, then Savannah, drop to depression for traveling inland along the coast of SC and NC, and regain tropical storm strength as it picks up the warm Atlantic energy to continue to New England. It's not a devastaing storm by any means, but it's the first of the season to have some danger.
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