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  1. Sorry I could not post yesterday - Internet out at my hotel! Looks like Zeta stengthened just before landfall to category 2 and gave trouble to New Orleans, Mississippi and Alabama so far. On to the mid-atlantic and no rain for Ohio or New York! I fly home through Baltimore tomorrow.... ruh roh...
  2. Zeta has been reliable on path so far. If it holds, it looks to pass east of New Orleans and have greater impact on Biloxi. @ninjacat123 I think it will pass by Friday!
  3. Thank you... but I don't mean to send to the same place as all the others already this season! And it's got a name today so a new thread.
  4. Zeta is a late season named storm, and once again the Gulf Coast and New Orleans must get ready. This one is has been very changeable but is setting in for a course we can probably expect to continue as we see it. As always, it is early and things can change. Oh and it is stronger today than yesterday showing hurricane strength across Cancun and into the gulf possibly all the way to the Gulf coast.
  5. I could not do an update yesterday and a lot has changed. The area in the Caribbean is now moving NNW across Cuba and toward the Florida Keys and west coast. And has 90% chance to develop. And I'm in Florida for the week!
  6. I like it. How about we spread a conspiracy story that more hurricanes is the cause of rising ocean waters? It will keep some people busy. Epsilon is moving along.... but slowly...the yellow area shows Bermuda is now under light tropical storm force winds, which for Bermuda, means you can't hang the laundry out to dry or it might blow away.
  7. Beside Epsilon, we have a wave moving northeast across Cuba and into the Bahamas at 30% chance to develop.
  8. Slow-moving Epsilon will drift by Bermuda to the east on Thursday and Friday then fly out Northeast without further impact.
  9. "What, no cruise ships? Here's another storm for you!" Well, Epsilon's plan is unchanged from yesterday. Still looking to pass well enough to the east to avoid hurricane force winds for Bermuda.
  10. The Atlantic depression became Tropical Storm Epsilon this morning. Its path is heading near Bermuda, possibly at hurricane strength, which would be a third strike or near pass for Bermuda this season. It's showing fairly well east which could mean tropical storm strength for Bermuda, similar to the last one.
  11. The Atlantic disturbance is now Depression 27. The "circling" is done and it is heading toward Bermuda now and forecast to be a hurricane. Third time for Bermuda? yikes.
  12. It appears the strong high pressure over the eastern US and another just off the graphic to the north are blocking in this system and pushing it south a bit. When that one over the US moves east the low pressure circulation will shift around it and then the conventional lift will come in behind it.
  13. Thumbnails of the track models and the intensity model runs. Looks like after some drift south a westward wind picks it up and then the usual recurve kicks on so we get a big circle. It is so far not expected to get stronger than Tropical Storm level.
  14. I think the ropes course space along is nowhere near enough for a go kart track. You'd have to kill Spice H2O and I think there would be a revolt. Well at least from me LOL.
  15. I could not find any good explanation yesterday but will try to see today. Here's the update: only 30% for the Caribbean wave but we're up to 80% in 2 days and 90% in 5 days for the Atlantic one, with a more southerly motion now,
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