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  1. In comparison to the cabin a couple of doors down two weeks ago, standing on their balcony bemoaning they had had a bottle of wine and what perhaps was being described as some sort of juice being confiscated. Luck of the draw probably, not the norm. Enjoy your cruise.
  2. Yes, there are still shuttles to Blankenberge (certainly with Cunard anyway - not been on P&O for quite a few years), but I have also been on set down shuttles to / from the port gate (I know this because I once took one on a round trip just to take a photo of the ship (the driver laughed).
  3. Zeebrugge (Bruges) - everyone is bussed from the gangway to the port gate, through customs. No walking on the dock side. La Rochelle - same as above.
  4. Yes but you must be back in time to watch the mandatory drill on the TV, phone in that you have watched it, then go to muster.
  5. Yes. Everything on Virtuosa while she is sailing out of Southampton is in Sterling.
  6. Never had any problems this past week. Lovely waiters, cabin steward etc. Ate in Minuetto (MDR), Marketplace, Hola! and Masters of the Sea. Saw Ajedrez in the Carousel Lounge. The ship was at full capacity. No-one leapt out to sell anything. Yes, the photographers do try to encourage a photo stop but are not in the least offended if you say no thanks.
  7. As a pescatarian, I would be annoyed if anyone tried to do that, cruise ship or otherwise. I'm just home from Virtuosa, and without going looking for the other thread about drink packages ... juice is available 24/7 in the Marketplace, but only grapefruit, pineapple and ACE (which I love). You have to ask / pay for orange or apple.
  8. My favourite is the daiquiri zero, with the dirty banana in close second (although I'm starting to see that more as a breakfast milkshake 🤣). I had a Toblerone way back, but as you say, it's not so easy to get a bartender to make one without alcohol. I do like the pink grapefruit one that appears as the non-alcoholic offering at the carousel shows (but can't recall its name).
  9. Last day tomorrow unfortunately. Been great, if a little too hot at times for this pale Scot - but have managed to compensate by making my way up and down the mocktail list numerous times 😊
  10. Currently on Virtuosa. Never experienced that on any cruise on her, nor on Euribia last year.
  11. Yes, you should be able to, or when you board, as soon as you step on the ship there will be people at a temporary desk to help you book it and any specialty restaurants (a little tip there, Hola! cantina is very good and excellent value, and also fills quickly). The carousel show, though, pick your show and book in advance for a bit of discount, then you need do nothing else at the moment other than look forward to it.
  12. You won't be assigned anything other than confirmation of your chosen show. Then when you board, you can pick your day / time. Yes, you will still be able to leave the booking until you are on board but as has been said, they do fill up quickly.
  13. I'm confused. You book the show you want - either Ajedrez or Arkymea online and get a bit of discount for purchasing in advance. You cannot book the day or time of your chosen show until you are on board.
  14. If you haven't been before, Den Gamle By in Aarhus (an open air museum) is really good. For those who haven't, think York / Jorvik.
  15. The Flamsbana railway without a shadow of a doubt. The ship on the Naeroyfjord cruise has been out of service with technical difficulties for a couple of months now. There's apparently no current date of a return to service.
  16. Yes, cabin needs to be vacated by 8am. I'm pretty sure the pools are closed, and covered over. You will be given your disembarkation time a couple of days beforehand. Everyone needs to be off by 10 / 10.30 ish. Your drink package should work on disembarkation day but only certain bars will be open that time of the morning, more than likely for things like coffees etc. If you are self-disembarking really early, you will need to keep your luggage with you, and either take it to breakfast with you then leave, or eat early and return to the cabin to collect it before 8am. However, if you are leaving at your allocated disembarkation time, your luggage needs put outside your cabin the night before - but again, that will be communicated to you a couple of days before.
  17. I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings about the weather ..... wait 'til you get back to Scotland! It's been dropping to around 5 celsius at night in the central belt the last few nights. I absolutely concur about this. Surely even minimal research pre-cruise, albeit with a few British-isms that have appeared the last few years on Virtuosa, reveal that this is a company of Italian heritage, HQ'd in Switzerland, registered in Malta, which of course is going to have a Mediterranean style. The ending of the pandemic restrictions in the UK was the reason this beautiful ship ended up at our shores. Eglesbrech .... safe journey home.
  18. A non-alcoholic drink package on a UK 7 night cruise is £147, so essentially £21 a day. Which equates to roughly a mocktail, a hot chocolate and 4 cans of fizzy to break even (and of course, as much soft serve ice cream from Atmosphere as you can eat). Personally, I wouldn't want to be checking my account, or calculating how much I've spent, as I know I would if I was buying it per drink.
  19. Most of the commonly consumed wines and spirits on that menu are about the same price as they are where I am, and definitely the non-alcoholic ones. I would expect to go to a bar / restaurant and pay around £4 for a half pint of Coke / Sprite etc. Probably why the majority of people will have a drink package.
  20. Quite. I once had a big enough nightmare with a bottle of shampoo - these bottles now go in a plastic box just in case!
  21. I've never understood the relentless moans across social platforms about Virtuosa. The product isn't perfect, but considering the size of the ship, the number of passengers and crew etc, she does well, especially some of the favourable prices of mass market cruising on a relatively new ship. She's not Regent, Seabourn or Viking (aside from anything else, MSC now have Explora to challenge them).
  22. You will also need to be careful that if you are planning taking your one allowed bottle of wine in your case, that the case may end up at the bottom of a cage with dozens of others on top of it sitting to be loaded on to the ship. If you wish to chance your entire case being covered in an accidentally broken bottle.
  23. Good to see the always available spaghetti olio e aglio - my favourite MSC dish
  24. Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself so far, especially outside of YC for the first time. Your paragraph above absolutely nails how to deal with (any) large ship cruising. And how to deal with the buffet on Virtuosa - avoid 8-9am and 12-1pm. Everyone congregates around the food (in case it goes somewhere). The aft inside / outside seating and forward towards the doors out to the pool deck are generally quieter. And usually attentive service for drinks using the bell.
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