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  1. New Beer's Eve. Finally a day that I can definitely relate to as I have been a home brewer for 35 years. If you stopped by to visit me today I could offer you the following beverages. Hopicana Juicy IPA, Zombie Fest Special Ale, New England IPA, Extra Special Bitter, White Chocolate Belgium Stout, Czech Pilsner, Vienna Lager, 1820 British IPA, Belgian Golden Ale, Spicy Pumpkin Ale and If you do not like beer I could offer you a Raspberry & Lime Cider.
  2. You always give such great information along with your pictures. It is very much appreciated.
  3. Yes, the temps in October were great for cruising and port visits.
  4. Messina was the first port stop on our 24 day Adriatic & Mediterranean cruise onboard the Westerdam in October 2017. We walked around the town.
  5. A couple of additional pics. Not a very big dock at this port.
  6. We were in Roseau Dominica in March 2019 aboard the Celebrity Silhouette ( I hope I'm allowed to mention a non HAL Ship). There were approx. 25 motorcyclists onboard and they road around each port and you can see them lining up after driving their bikes off the ship. These are organized tours by a US company and they have local motorcycle riders take them on island tours. The motorcycles were first off the ship when we arrived in each port.
  7. With so many great pictures and memories of folks Antarctic adventures posted here I though this articles was interesting. Photographer captures once-in-a-lifetime photo of yellow penguin https://www.ctvnews.ca/climate-and-environment/photographer-captures-once-in-a-lifetime-photo-of-yellow-penguin-1.5317754
  8. A big congrats to the Hockey Players that braved the freezing temperatures. Outdoor hockey players in Alberta break records, raise $1.8M for cancer research https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/worlds-longest-hockey-game-alberta-sherwood-park-cancer-research-1.5914684
  9. It is not Family Day in every Canadian Province. In Nova Scotia it is Heritage Day and the person or event that is celebrated changes every year. Celebrated the third Monday in February, Nova Scotia Heritage Day is an annual reminder of our storied past and an opportunity to honour the remarkable people, places and events that have contributed to this province’s unique heritage.
  10. Yes, my wife goes up the the bars on the pool decks and orders chocolate milkshakes. They are the best, very thick and you can taste the chocolate.
  11. I live very close to the port of Halifax and October would be a great time to visit. The weather is typically very sunny and the maple trees would be very colourful. September is also very good but you do not get the seasonal fall colors. I highly recommend booking October for your cruise.
  12. For those that cannot see the picture it says: The most important parts of the Super Bowl are the commercials and the food. I really do not care who makes the most baskets.
  13. This could apply to some Super Bowl viewers.
  14. Here is part 2 of a good news story I posted a couple of months ago. I thought some folks would like to read about how a good deed has been rewarded. Hats off to Planters Peanuts. https://bc.ctvnews.ca/b-c-man-who-helped-get-stranded-americans-to-alaska-gifted-a-new-car-1.5297388
  15. Ok, I think the Groundhog & the Robin are just messing with me. Here is what we are looking to receive overnight on Sunday in Nova Scotia.
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