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  1. Click on the "DOWNLOAD MAP" button on their page, which will download a PDF that you can zoom in on as much as you want...
  2. The big pie wedge is currently in front of the Front Street location (which is close to Mallory Square). At the harbor location, where you can get lunch, you want to get your photo taken with the man himself! He's generally there til 3'ish every day.
  3. kikipug

    Key West

    The water is definitely not too chilly!! Book a snorkel trip through Fury Watersports, walk from the ship to the end of Greene Street where you'll meet the dive boat. Do a snorkel trip, grab a slice of key lime pie across the street, then hang out in the Key West Seaport area... great shops, dining, entertainment, all without the chaos of Duval St.
  4. Yes, you definitely CAN bring a whole key lime pie back on the ship. I am the Sales & Marketing Director for an "unnamed" (due to Cruise Critic regulations) key lime pie purveyor that has been in Key West for over 27 years... we sell whole pies that get taken back to the ships 365 days a year.
  5. Key West has been missed by several ships in the past 2 weeks due to wind. On the 9th NCL Pearl made it in, (which is 4x larger) but Insignia chose not to attempt it, knowing they had 179 more days ahead... (My company is Key West-based and relies heavily on cruise ship traffic, so I watch the port calendar and updates like a hawk.🛳️) Low temps last week for a few nights, and lots of wind... but it never lasts long!!
  6. To me, even 48 hours isn't enough. Back before the mega-ship days, the ships stayed in port for 4 days.... Thankfully, Oceania Insignia is doing a few Bermuda cruises this year, which feature 2 days in St. George and 2 days in Hamilton. Small ships are the only ones who can still fit in either of those two ports... the megas are all relegated to the Dockyard, which isn't that convenient to anything. Definitely worth the expense of a premium line to actually enjoy Bermuda and all that it has to offer.
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