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  1. I was on the Azamara Pursuit South Africa Cruise the beginning of January - Our first Azamara cruise. I used the Azamara OBC to pre-book excursions. I called them and they took care of it very quickly. I had a sizeable amount of refundable OBC from our web-based travel agency. About two months before our cruise, I emailed the travel agent (paper trail) to request a check after the cruise instead of OBC. They agreed. With all the complaints about mix-ups with OBC I decided to go that route. Even though we used a Travel Agent, Azamara were very quick to answer any non-booking/financial questions pre-cruise. Our excursion reservations were made directly with Azamara. Our cruise was wonderful. Great service and food. All our excursions through Azamara were excellent. We liked the size of the ship and the wonderful travelers we met from all over the world.
  2. We were on the January 3, 2024 sailing with another couple. All four of us had stomach issues. One of the men went to the medical doctor on board and had extensive testing. Even a poop sample. It showed no sign of norovirus, flu or covid. Imodium helped. If I drank ginger ale my stomach was ok. We continued with stomach problems for the following eight days after the cruise in Zimbabwe, Kruger NP, and Johannesburg. We only used and drank bottled water. Once on our Delta flight home, and the first bottle of Disani Water, our stomach problems disappeared. I have come to the conclusion that the bottled water filtration and treatment if SA was the cause. Not Azamara. Now I am trying to find out if the Journey is having the same problems.
  3. We want to explore the Singapore Airport the day of our departure. We will be flying to LAX from terminal 3. We want to explore the beautiful terminal 1 Jewel. How early can we check our luggage if flying Singapore Airlines? How much time should we allow for transit between terminals and exploring? Is terminal 3 special in any way? Thanks.
  4. Where are you seeing 5% per month. That would be 60% per year!😜
  5. I am not on Maude. (I am tucked safely in bed in the USA.) I saw these photos from someone who is onboard and shared them here.
  6. I got this from the site that may not be named. For those asking about MS Maud… On our way to Bremerhaven currently under our own steam but we’ve been told it’ll be a tow as of tomorrow morning. We had Danish coastguard and rescue boat support for much of last night and were hooked up to a tug this morning but the tow rope snapped after about 45 mins. Didn’t seem to be a deal breaker as we’ve been under our own power since, but the ESVAGT ship has been with us since late last night. What we were told: Bridge windows were blown out by a rogue wave, all navigation instruments lost and steerage being performed manually in the engine room as of last night. Spent a pretty anxious 4h in survival suits and life vests last night with high seas and minimal sleep, but the entire crew has been phenomenal throughout and I cannot praise them enough. For those asking about the likelihood of their own trips on MS Maud going ahead, I offer some visual aids. Somehow the crew has managed to create a temporary bridge in what used to be the “expedition lounge”…
  7. I can recommend a private snorkeling tour. H2O Bora Bora. they were great. Picked us up at the pier and we went to three snorkel sights. https://boraborah2o.com/index.html
  8. We are looking forward to Sentosa Equarius Ocean Suites.
  9. https://cruiseradio.net/key-west-awaits-pivotal-cruise-ship-decision/
  10. I will start. 1. Is there a good English website to see the train schedules? 2. Any recommendations for traveling from Shinjuku Station to Kawaguchiko Station (Tokyo to Mt. Fuji)? (I have the train route but cannot find the schedule online.)
  11. No. But if you travel outside of South Africa you will have to get the Yellow Fever Vaccine. That is the reason we are not going to Kenya etc. We are flying into Cape Town and doing a 12 night South Africa cruise, then flying to Zimbabwe/Zambia, then flying to Kruger, then flying to Johannesburg and then home. No YF vaccine required. As far as Malaria, we will take the pills with us. Some people actually take the pills prior to and during their African trip. We are not young anymore and have underlying health issues that we would rather not subject to a bunch of vaccines. In the USA it is no longer recommended for people over 65 to get the YF vaccine. That was a surprise to me. Most of the others we have already gotten over the years. As for the Covid vaccine, I feel that it is a personal choice.
  12. When planning keep in mind the Yellow Fever vaccine requirement for most of Africa. South Africa is not a yellow fever area.
  13. When did you get the list of port changes? Is your complaint that there are ZERO excursions in the new port days/times? If you just got the changes, it may take a few days for Oceania to offer excursions. They have to agree on contracts with the provider. See who else is in port when you are. Cruise Ports Schedules 2023-2024-2025 | CruiseMapper
  14. Will you be on the January 3 cruise? If so, many hotels are booked because of New Years. Azamara is using The Commodore, The Westin Waterfront, and the AC Waterfront by Marriott. We booked the AC independently.
  15. Checked the roll calls for my two Azamara cruises. Both are not listed anymore. I have no idea what they are correctly named.
  16. If you have not considered Oceania since 2018, why are you even on this board five years later?
  17. Today was like crossing the Drake Passage. Really rough waters. Passing out seasickness meds like Halloween candy.
  18. Gale force winds. Huge waves. We could not even go out on deck. we each got a $100 credit for the O’Life excursion we missed. Lots of people getting seasickness meds. a nice surprise - The Barbie Movie in the theater.
  19. I am currently on the Nautica right now. We were supposed to dock in Civitavecchia this morning after a turbulent roller coaster ride all night. I am happy to say we are not attempting to dock and I will not feel compelled to try and take our excursion in the gale force winds and rain. (The missed excursion is an O’Life choice and I will get nothing for it.) My real reason for this post is to let you know that the Cruise Director has been very busy working to book guest speakers and come up with lots of activities for the cruise through the Suez Canal. I guess it is time to bounce our way up to breakfast.
  20. When they canceled your airfare, was there a refund to either your TA or yourselves?
  21. Something to think about. the ship you are sailing on has one, two, or three ports that have to be eliminated and your cruise line is jockeying to dock in ports that have been booked for two years. The port authority shortens another ship’s port time to be able to slip your ship in for a few hours. The last few years have been very stressful for the cruise lines from managing illness, stocking, crew and passenger expectations. I used to think the only guarantee in cruising was your cabin. But then Royal Caribbean turned people away at the port because they double booked. Here in the USA when purchasing trip insurance there is a choice to include acts of war. I never checked it or added the cost. I may consider it for our Japan cruise. Insurance has become very expensive for us. We are oldish and have expensive trips. But, I think very worth it - as I sit with my husband in the medical facility - NOT COVID.
  22. We did the Athens round trip last November on NCL. They could not even let you book the Israel over night excursion on the ship. The Israel regulations required advance paperwork.
  23. We get material from Celebrity, Regent, Viking, Princess, Atlas, etc. as well as Rocky Mountaineer, Linblad, and. Host of others. Something every day. We are new to Azamara and booked through an on-line agency with an agent. So far no problems with bookings or using Azamara OBC for excursions by calling by calling Azamara. For reference, our April cruise is about 95% booked (can look at on-line booking site for cabin availability). Our January cruise is about 60% booked. So far my pre cruise experience has been great. On par with Oceania.
  24. If you take a 7-night cruise or a 20-night cruise - you get one credit. If your 7-night cruise cost $3,500 pp or your 20-night cruise cost $31,000 pp - you get one credit. What Oceania does not have is the ship-within-a-ship atmosphere - which does foster elitism. Everyone has the same run of the ship and pays the same up charge for extras. Again, I am not complaining.
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