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  1. When we visited Tangalooma on a cruise a couple of years ago some of the island tours were not available to cruise ship passengers. You had to have booked on board to be able to do the tours. Walking up those sand hills is hard work.
  2. Got it. Thank you to SinbadThePorter and Aus Traveller for the information.
  3. Is that through a TA. Don't see those prices on Princess. Thanks
  4. Does anyone know if you can still exchange mini bar for a coffee card? My only gripe with this is you have to exchange both mini bars.
  5. How long has this rule been in for? We have previously been able to use unused coffees on subsequent cruises.
  6. If you look on Page 2 of this forum there are several threads with some good advice/options for tours in the various ports. Pam
  7. We used FCD in AUD in was 2016 for Emerald Princess Southampton to Fremantle so the on board currency was $US and that is what our OBC was in similar to the experience of Datone. Can be lucky sometimes!
  8. You can get clips in the baby section of KMart or such stores which would probably be suitable.
  9. Thank you for that information. We have been using a TA for a number of years but she is no longer in the business so are a bit lost and if you want to refare they will usually charge you. We are Elite with Princess and have spoken to them a few times but never been offered a Cruise Planner. Will try that next time.
  10. At the risk of sounding silly who or what are PVP's and how do you get onto them. Thanks
  11. This is true re cover using credit card. ANZ refused to cover my husband in his 70's several years ago. He has had a broken ankle with pins and plate, 40years ago, some spinal fractures 30+ years ago and a hip replacement. None of these impact his daily activities at all and he walks unaided. Tried to discuss this with them but were totally unresponsive. No trouble getting cover with other insurers in the years since.
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