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  1. Makes sense, it's going to take them a while to return to profitability.
  2. I do know that the travel agent I use has an agreement with NCL and they are able to waive the deviation fees. If I would have booked direct, it would have been $25 a person.
  3. Not really.....different countries=different laws. I know that the UK normally has better consumer protections on travel than in the US.
  4. That is what I said about 20 posts ago. TQ's efforts would be much better spent in actually solving their problem and not posting here that everyone is wrong. I'm assuming the laws are different in the UK that the US, since the "contract" for Cruise Next certs in the US state that there is no cash value.
  5. https://www.ncl.com/popup/cruisenext_terms&ved=2ahUKEwjRvqKjxcXqAhXilOAKHeKgBEEQFjAAegQIBRAC&usg=AOvVaw1FgQPuE-R1qLlvlkHquvb6 Please explain how you are exempt from these terms. You signed the form when you bought your certificates. If its past 48 months you are entitled to nothing. If you are within 48 months you certainly are entitled to the cert with thw original expiration date. You are not entitled to cash in either situation.
  6. I would hire an attorney and let us know how it goes. Cruise Next certificates have no cash value and are useless after their expiration date. There is no clause in NCLs contract that allows you to get it extended or a cash refund. Nobody here works for NCL.
  7. I don't know what your specific laws are on this. But in the US cruise next certificates have no cash value.
  8. I did not miss the point. You get 4 years to use it. From what I understand the OP had at least one that already expired, but they extended it to book this cruise, since this cruise was after the original expiration date, the cert was lost. I had a similar situation, my May cruise was cancelled, and my certa were returned, but they expired this summer, I booked another cruise amd they extended them to cover that, if that cruise is cancelled I fully expect to lose them since it will be 5 years. I will certainly ask NCL to apply them to another cruise if it happens, but I won't expect it.
  9. The Epic has some really nice features since it was NCL's first Megaship, I felt the staff and entertainment was fantastic on the ship, and as others said, the bathroom situation isn't that big of deal, just close the curtain. We had a cpl of dislikes which is why I wouldn't do the Epic unless it was a fantastic itinerary. 1. The Promenade just runs along the side of the ship and the lifeboats block the outside view. The jogging track is also on the promenade so you get a few runners also. Views of the ocean are why we cruise. Having an inside room would be really rough on
  10. You do realize that they've secured additional funding since then and have enough cash in the bank to maintain operations for 18 months even with cruising shut down? That is an old article. Here's one article on it: https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2020/05/05/2027554/0/en/NCL-Corporation-Ltd-Announces-400-Million-Investment-by-L-Catterton.html
  11. June 2022 Then there's no reason why you shouldn't get it back. My May cruise was cancelled and I was given my cruise next certificates back. Hopefully you have the voucher numbers and the expiration dates documented, then there shouldn't be any issues, maybe the rep doesn't understand the issue or you need to escalated to a supervisor.
  12. Cruise next certificates have an expiration date. What was the actual expiration date of the certificates? For example, I have one that expires December of 2020, I booked a cruise for November of 2021 and requested that they be extended as payment for that cruise. NCL permitted that. They made me aware that if I cancel that November 2021 cruise after December of this year, they will go away. It's the same situation if you just didn't use the cert, they're worthless after their expiration date.
  13. So what is the expiration date of the vouchers? If it's in the past they are worthless, you are not entitled to them back. It sucks, but you do have 4 full years to use them when they were bought initially, 5, if you got an extension.
  14. It is right on the main ncl page. At least it is on the US page. You can click through and book the offer.
  15. It can take time for a refund to actually show up on your card. Typically it can take 7-10 days. I'm pretty sure NCL wasn't holding onto your money until you called.
  16. Glad it worked out for you. I wasn't aware they were allowing full refunds with that short of cancellation. I would guess the rep didn't know that either which is why is was mis-classified in the system.
  17. If you cancelled that would mean that NCL is correct...you only will get the refund allowed within that cancellation window. The only way to get the full amount back would have been to take the FCC under the peace of mind policy.
  18. I am confused, if you already did a dispute on your card and got a refund, why would you expect NCL to refund you again?
  19. Yes, they bundle transfers when you book air. It should be far cheaper to book on your own. I would for sure rent a car if you're there for a cpl of days.
  20. You have zero choices on airlines or flight times. You are allowed to do a deviation for up to 2 days before and after the cruise though, but it costs $25 per person to make that change (some travel agents can get that waived). Make sure if you do fly in/out early that you cancel the transfers, unless you're using an NCL hotel.
  21. I just looked, I only saw one cruise for August....NY to Bermuda.
  22. Correct, I was responding the 2nd respondent, which I quoted directly.
  23. I think your situation is a bit different since you didn't wait the 90 days. I agree it's a long time to do the refund, but NCL is starting to prove that they can validate the length of time required for a refund since some (not all) banks are kicking back the disputes now.
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