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  1. Our travel agent has advised us that they have received a refund from Hawaiian Airlines for our one way Honolulu to Sydney flight booked for mid April. Unfortunately they have also advised that it will take 6 weeks to refund those funds to us. We also have a Melbourne - LA - Vancouver flight booked for mid September with Virgin and Delta, paid with points except for the taxes and charges. I have already cancelled the cruises involved, and will certainly not be travelling to USA. I am waiting to be able to cancel without penalty. If Virgin goes under I will do a credit card chargeback for the fees and taxes paid.
  2. I’m from Melbourne and am quite familiar with the term and its meaning, but not its origin.
  3. It was interesting that the passenger first started having symptoms on March 11, after boarding on March 8. That is only 3 days, so maybe he didn’t get the virus on the ship. It is possible that he had already been exposed before boarding. Like others here, I assumed that the virus was brought onto the ship by passengers from overseas, but maybe this was not the source. Very interesting article, and surprisingly not an attack on cruise ships.
  4. Nothing for us yet for our cancelled Sydney to Hawaii Carnival Spirit cruise which was due to depart 24th March.
  5. If you have time, the walk around Mt Maunganui is very enjoyable and a lot less work than the walk to the top of the mount.
  6. Our cruise was supposed to arrive in Honolulu on Good Friday, and we were staying 3 nights before flying home. Guess we will just stay home and dream. All days seem the same now, very hard to keep track without looking at the newspaper each morning to find out what day it is.
  7. I had been thinking that cruising in Oz would recommence early next year once the virus was controlled here. I thought that we would have some domestic cruises and possibly some to NZ, with only local passengers. After the Queensland announcement today kicking out all the ships, even those based here year round, I am now worried that we will have no cruising here for many years. I thought the NSW decision was an attempt to deflect attention and cover up their mistakes, but never expected Queensland to follow suit. They had a lot to gain with their brand new terminal under construction. I don’t know if the ships will return at all. I am angry and depressed by the whole situation.
  8. Is there any news of cases from the Carnival Spirit 2 day Melbourne to Sydney after the NZ cruise? I was onboard for that and there were still Americans on casino VIP deals on this cruise. I avoided them whenever possible.
  9. For those of us who booked great deals on the Sapphire, what are you doing now that the final payment dates are approaching? As the news gets worse by the day I cannot see our June cruises going ahead. Have you already cancelled?
  10. Passengers on HAL Maasdam roll call are reporting that the captain announced that they will not be visiting French Polynesia on their cruise. Some passengers were supposed to be boarding in Papeete on March 15 and cruising back to USA. No official advice to them from HAL and they do not know whether to board their flights to Papeete today. What a mess! We are supposed to be cruising Sydney to Honolulu on the 24th. No Tonga, and now looks like no Papeete, Bora Bora or Moorea. Hope Carnival cancel this cruise ASAP. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=https://www.presidence.pf/&prev=search
  11. We also seem to have a problem. In the general exclusions section 14.Your claim arises from, or is associated with, travel to countries or part of a country for which: a) i. an advice or warning has been released by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade or any other government or official body, and ii. the advice or warning risk rating is ‘Reconsider your need to travel’ or ‘Do not travel’ (or words to that effect) or the advice or warnings advise against all non-essential travel to or in that location or advise against specific transport arrangements or participation in specific events or activities, or b) the mass media has indicated the existence or potential existence of circumstances (including circumstances referred to in a) i. and ii. Above) that may affect your travel; and c) you did not take appropriate action to avoid or minimize any potential claim under your policy (including any delay of travel to the country or part of the country referred to in the relevant advice(s), warnings) and/or mass media statement(s)).
  12. Tonga has diverted 4 cruise ships that were due to visit during March. https://matangitonga.to/2020/03/03/health-diverts-four-cruise-ships-tonga We will be on Carnival Spirit, so it will be interesting to see if we get a replacement port.
  13. Our annual policy with 1Cover has a general exclusion for epidemics and pandemics. We are cruising Sydney to Hawaii in March so I was really concerned about not having medical coverage in the unlikely event we caught the virus and ended up in hospital. Fortunately we did pay for our travel with a Jetstar credit card. Checked with the company that provides the free travel insurance that comes with the card, and found out that they will provide cover for medical from the virus, but the insurance is limited to 30 days for a trip. Our trip involved cruise Melbourne to Sydney, then time in Sydney and Newcastle prior to boarding the cruise to Hawaii. Total travel time was going to exceed 30 days. My husband thinks I am completely crazy, but we have got around the situation by breaking the trip down into 2 separate trips. I spent today cancelling a few nights accommodation in Sydney and organising that we fly home from Newcastle to Melbourne for 2 nights at home before we travel again to Sydney for the Hawaii cruise. Flight home was cheap, accommodation was refundable, so we are not too out of pocket. At least I can sleep tonight knowing that we are covered for virus medical in USA.
  14. My travel summaries say onboard currency is AUD, so yes Australian based cruises and no gratuities. For our Perth to Sydney booking we chose the Value fare including the wifi and drinks package. Never had a drinks package before, but seemed like a good deal. We also booked the 4 day Perth down to Albany and Margaret River so we have a b2b. For this the Value offer wasn’t available, but we snagged a good deal on an aft Vista suite on that one. Never had a suite before, so that will be fun. It sure was a stressful time trying to secure bookings. At first I had the computer and 2 ipads trying the Princess website while on hold to them on the telephone. Finally realised it would be easier through my travel agent. She secured what I needed fairly quickly when I messaged her, and there was also some obc available. Happy camper here.
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