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  1. The Princess grand class ships have some very good obstructed view cabins which are not much more expensive than inside cabins. You have to choose your cabin wisely, or you may have a large lifeboat outside your window completely obstructing your view, but there are also some that have very little obstruction. We like these cabins. There is a website where you can actually see how obstructed the view is for most of the cabins.
  2. Happy Canada Day Lyle. Did they have fireworks, or was it too dangerous with the extreme heat you have been experiencing? We were in Vancouver on Golden Princess for Canada Day in 2017 for the big celebration. It was an amazing experience overnighting at Canada Place, watching an incredible fireworks display from the top deck of the ship, and looking down at the band playing on the wharf. Terrible to hear about the fires at Lytton. Hopefully the people all evacuated safely, but not such a good Canada Day for them.
  3. Carnival had already cancelled until late November. They are currently changing their Pacific Island itineraries January toMarch 2022 to local itineraries only.
  4. We had a Princess cruise to NZ booked for 18/11. The suggested replacement cruise is 4/11/22. We would prefer the same cruise 1/12/22. Has everyone just accepted the proposed Princess date or had any success negotiating a different date?
  5. Hopefully that is the end of the misadventures and the rest of your trip is drama free. Looking forward to reading about your river cruise.
  6. We cruised Alaska on the Grand in 2015, and have cruised many days on Golden. We much prefer Golden with the shopping trolley handle still attached. The view from Skywalkers is great and the space is used day and night. We love the grand class ships and being able to walk the promenade deck, even though there is a change in levels. Shame that Princess are sending us a very tired old ship.
  7. Did anyone else bite the bullet and book a trip to Tassie under this offer? The terms seemed reasonable so we decided to be brave and book. The website was a total mess at 12.01 am on the 14th. Lots of pent up demand for travel out there and everyone was trying to get on the website at once, so it kept crashing out half way through making your booking. It was just like the chaos on the days Princess releases new cruises. After 2 frustrating hours, it was mission accomplished and we have a booking for late March. Now I can amuse myself doing some holiday planning again. Have managed to book accommodation in several places, but the asking prices were a bit of a shock. It really is a reminder of the great value cruise prices were over the last few years.
  8. I can confirm the cancellation of the June Singapore to Brisbane cruise. The email arrived this morning. We booked that cruise the day it was released, as it had a great itinerary that included Broome and then some scenic cruising along the coast on the way to Darwin. Hopefully they will have that itinerary some time in the future after cruising resumes. At least Carnival have given plenty of notice of the cancellation, and we had not booked any flights or hotels as we did not think that it would go ahead. Now we only have one remaining booking - Sapphire Princess to New Zealand in November. Who knows about that one!
  9. We are also escaping Melbourne on Thursday. I wonder if we will feel a bump crossing the “Ring of Steel” just like the one you feel on a cruise ship when you cross the Equator or the International Dateline😀 Accomodation is heavily booked in regional Vic, but we are lucky and will be spending 5 nights with a friend who lives near Shepparton. We plan to also visit a friend in Kyabram and take a drive to Echuca to do a lunchtime cruise on a paddlesteamer. After that I think we will drag out all the camping gear which has not left the garage since we started cruising a few years ago. A camping trip to Phillip Island and a visit to the penguins should be fun if we do it before school holidays start.
  10. We live in Melbourne. As soon as they allow us virus ridden vermin to cross the border, we need to travel to the Sunshine Coast to take my father in law’s ashes to his final resting place. We will stay one night to visit good friends, but other than that we will be getting the hell out of there back across the border and down to NSW. Although we used to travel there several times a year I have no desire to spend any of our hard earned cash there in the future. That heartless woman has put me off completely. I will never forget her words to northern NSW residents trying to travel to their nearest large hospital for treatment. “Queensland hospitals are for Queenslanders”. I thought we were all Australians, but she set us non-Queenslanders straight. Why would anyone want to go and help their economy when there are other places where we might be welcomed?
  11. I normally use local atms or credit card (both fee free). However sometimes while cruising you might have prearranged and prepaid an excursion, but just want a small amount of cash on hand for small purchases. In that case I normally go to the city and purchase the foreign currency I need at my bank so that I do not need to waste time finding an atm or lining up for one at the cruise terminal.
  12. Yes, a Carnival Splendor cruise out of Sydney will use AUS currency in the casino. The whole ship will operate with Australian currency. Please note that smoking is not allowed in the casino on these cruises. I am not sure if the craps table was removed from Splendor when she was Australianised, but craps is not a very well known game in Australia. When Legend sailed here 6 months a year the craps table was never open.
  13. Not opening the emails. It’s too depressing. Just cancelled Sydney accommodation booked for later this month. At this stage I just want to be allowed to travel more than 5 km so that I can even see the sea again.
  14. That’s what we thought. Retire early and travel lots while we still could because you never know what might prevent you from doing so in the future. My husband retired on 12th March and we had 6 cruises and a trip to Uluru booked for this year. All cancelled. Instead we are in lockdown in Melbourne and my husband is back working 3 days a week from home because we can’t get out of the house and do anything else. We should have been flying into Vancouver today before cruising all the way back to Aus. Love your beautiful part of the world, so hopefully we will get to visit again sometime in the future when it is safe.
  15. Danielle Matthews is a very talented singer who grew up a few streets away from my home. I really enjoyed her Bin Iso video and can identify with the sentiments expressed, as can many other Melbournites. 6 months or 7, who cares, it feels like years!
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