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  1. Torn between two french fries, feeling like a fool Loving both of you is breaking all the rules
  2. The strollers left in the halls overnight are just as bad as the scooter violations and sometimes worse. Here you can see two strollers parked overnight by the guests staying in one inside cabin. Dad's stroller model has oversized tires and is extra wide to accommodate dad's need to jog with junior twice a day. Parents should consider the safety of their children, as well as those of other families on the ship, and get a suite if they insist on taking full-size strollers on the cruise. To the OP who said the cabin steward said it was OK to park their scooter in the hallway you should know that no steward will jeopardize losing their tip by telling you that you have to park it inside your cabin. This is why Carnival assigns the task of speaking to the guest who is violating the safety rule to the Housekeeping Floor Supervisor.
  3. Have you been on a ship when the general alarm sounded and the corridors were filled with smoke? Neither have I and I don't want to be. Scooters left anywhere not designated by the shipping company as acceptable could cause loss of life at sea. It really is this simple. Once when my mom travelled with a friend, her friend left their scooter in the elevator lobby. A Carnival Floor Supervisor told the woman the scooter was identified as being theirs and if it couldn't be stored in the cabin it would be taken to Guest Services and stored there. Hearing that, mom's friend found room for her scooter in the cabin. Later, I asked mom if the option for storing the scooter at Guest Services were to be chosen, did they say how that would work? Mom's friend was told a staff or crew member would ride the scooter to the cabin upon request but that it would not be a priority for them and that other guest and ship business at the Guest Services Desk would come first. No wonder the friend found room for it in the cabin!
  4. Too many guests with diverticulitis complained about the chia seeds.
  5. I couldn't agree more! I'm also a fan of their crème brulee. It's heresy on here to say this but I don't understand the hoopla over the chocolate melting cake.
  6. Good for you, before Carnival cruises I had never heard of this recipe. It's a hybrid of traditional birthday cake with one thick layer of cheesecake in the middle.
  7. It really is good, isn't it? So many of the cheesecake dessert items served in the lido these days have gelatin added so the food cost is reduced by using less cream cheese and using gelatin for body. The cheesecake used in this cake has not been diluted with gelatin. This cake, and the cheesecake served in the steakhouses, seem to be the only exceptions to the gelatin added desserts so common now on Carnival. I agree it would be nice to have the Funfetti cake offered more than just the first day. I'll go so far to say it should be included on the dessert menu for an elegant night in the MDR!
  8. That's strike two for the Excel Class ships. Now I know the Vista Class ships have it so I know more now than when I started this topic. Thanks to all who shared their recent experiences.
  9. YAY! Wonderful news. A slice of the cake and some gelato and I will be in cruise mode. Thank you for sharing, Megan. 🙂
  10. Last month we enjoyed the Funfetti cake on the first day of the cruise at the Lido Buffet on Carnival Magic. When we sailed Carnival Radiance last August we were told by a Sous Chef the Funfetti cake isn't served on that ship. We sail Carnival Panorama next month and I'm writing to ask if anyone recalls if the Panorama serves the Funfetti cake? I know I read here in 2019 the Funfetti is only available on embark day but I don't know if this is still the case. I won't get my hopes up unless someone posts good news here for me. Thank you for reading.
  11. Maybe he can do more for the food than George Lopez did for comedy on Carnival.
  12. Honestly, you're torn? Torn between two cocktails, feeling like a foolLoving both of you is breaking all the rulesTorn between two ways to pay, feeling like a foolLoving you both is breaking all the rules
  13. I didn't know they wash the decks like this. I want to ride it.
  14. Yes but now that it's unisex I don't like sharing the space with hairy men. I thought one was a grizzly bear in the steam room.
  15. You may have to shop at the 725 Ponce De Leon store, this just in: ATLANTA — It's the end of an era in Buckhead. After 47 years in business, the Kroger, better known as "Disco Kroger" is shutting its doors. The grocery store located at 3330 Piedmont Road in Atlanta will be officially closing on Friday. They said their lease ends in 2023 and redevelopment in the area continues.
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