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  1. The hunt for herd immunity: Suddenly, the U.S. seems in better shape on COVID-19 https://www.cbc.ca/amp/1.5921179?__twitter_impression=true
  2. I am on the Solstice Sept. 26, 2021 Best of Japan cruise (a L&S from the Sept/2020 Millenium cruise). Since this is/was the first cruise on the Solstice after its repositioning/trans Pacific cruise (that is on hold), does anyone know if the 45 day final payment will apply to it as well? I sent an email to Celebrity but have not heard back yet. Right now the final payment is scheduled for June so I do have a bit of time...just curious.
  3. Well, weather will definitely be cooler in October (although it will not be a beach vacation in September either🤪); however, if you are interested in viewing the vibrant tree colours in NS, NB or QC, the best time is generally early to mid October https://www.bonjourquebec.com/en-ca/explore/seasons/fall Having said that, it only takes one big windstorm and then, leaves are on the ground...
  4. We were on the two week SA Eclipse cruise in March (the last cruise🥺)that was extended another two weeks because of the pandemic. We had purchased the unlimited surf and stream package. During the “scheduled” first two weeks of the cruise, we had no problems using video chats and watching Netflix. However, when the cruise was unexpectedly extended, they opened up the wifi to everyone; even though we supposedly still had the streaming capability attached to our account, it was horrible, always disconnecting — if you could connect at all— and video chatting was a crapshoot. So, unless they upg
  5. But, good point from Missusdubbya ... Now retired, I have worked as a nurse/nurse practitioner in Montreal, LA, Milan, back to LA, Miami and finished in Toronto. I read this report last year and bookmarked it because it sums up my experience: U.S. Health Care from a Global Perspective, 2019: Higher Spending, Worse Outcomes? January 30, 2020. Roosa Tikkanen and Melinda K. Abrams “In sum, the U.S. health care system is the most expensive in the world, but Americans continue to live relatively unhealthier and shorter lives than peers in other high-income countries
  6. Oops! Thought this was the Celebrity board— still waiting though for an Oasis sailing from August...
  7. Has anyone heard anything about their cancelled Infinity sailings Jan 2022? My email dated Nov. 19th said that if I want a refund just “do nothing”. I didn’t expect a quick refund, however, I have received no acknowledgement of my choice whatsoever (TA has been no help🤨🤪).
  8. We are on the Apex TA May 1st 14 day TO Barcelona.Final payment Jan. 17th. On the Celebrity site, still available to book albeit every category is currently showing only guarantees. We will wait (maybe even do final payment to put on another already booked cruise) because we have already L&Sd two cruises - Japan in September and Caribbean in March (now 2022). Not booking anything else though. A third L&S on the Infinity to January2022 has been cancelled, taking a refund of the down payment. Too much confusion in receiving refunds from three other cancellations— Celebrity from
  9. Unless Celebrity improves its WIFI capacity and adds servers to all bars including the coffee bar (or a second Café Al Bacio on every ship🤨), I’m not sure how this “Always Included” will work out. We had a 14 day cruise on the Eclipse unexpectedly extended by another 14 days due to COVID during which they gave everyone free WIFI and complimentary drinks. Having purchased the four perks for the cruise, we noticed a huge deterioration in service and availability of premium wines/drinks. Had no problems during the first half of the cruise but as soon as everything was available
  10. Perhaps... from one Florida port to another. I can’t see any international port allowing cruise ships from Florida given the number of cases there.
  11. ECCruise is correct. You can’t just open up ports and “let people choose”. Despite the fact that there are identified groups most at risk there are still too many unknowns — why are some people asymptomatic, why do some people recover undramatically, why do seemingly healthy young people become ill and die, etc.? While ports can open and allow ships to leave, things change fast and letting them return is a whole ‘nother ball game. Believe me, floating around the ocean for a couple of extra weeks (although this may sound appealing to some), not really knowing for sure when/where/if
  12. Inconsistency, probably. But if you compare countries’ total numbers of deaths in the same months from previous years, there is a definite uptick in 2020. What else is there to account for this? https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/04/21/world/coronavirus-missing-deaths.html?auth=login-email&login=email https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/04/28/us/coronavirus-death-toll-total.html https://nationalpost.com/health/covid-19-appears-to-have-increased-total-number-of-quebec-deaths-recorded-in-april-by-35-statistics Also, Fouremco is correct, not sure where, in O
  13. Sort of , but the “overflow” patients were sent to hospitals outside of Montreal. Montreal is an island and has about 50% of all cases with its surrounding area having 25% (so the Montreal area has about 75% of all cases in QC). A good indicator of how overrun the hospitals are/were is how busy the ERs have been. This chart is from 10 days ago. The list on the side indicates the various regions in QC and the other chart indicates Montreal hospitals. So the ERs in Montreal were at 82% occupancy with the Royal Victoria Hospital the busiest with 136%.
  14. Oops, sorry... should read about 2%, not 20% of deaths among low income population...
  15. Re- “Yes, [in Canada] it hit the elderly and immune compromised in LTC at some facilities more than others. Quebec more than any other province.“ There is a lesson to be learned here from Quebec (QC) about opening things up too soon. QC traditionally has their spring/winter break two to three weeks earlier than the other provinces. The province literally clears out for these breaks, usually to the sunny south; for many who want to beat the rush/cheaper airfare, they can start to leave as early as Feb. 18th. So, many of these QC travellers returned home even BEFORE other provinces
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