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  1. On our recent Regatta cruise, the fridge had caffeine free Coke Zero and diet tonic for all 21 days. Put in the request about a month before.
  2. As long as you are both logged in to the wifi, it should work as it does at home. I did not need to do anything special.. Only issue I had, was switching between my ipad and phone..
  3. A point on WiFi. I kept my phone on silent and connected during the night. Using wifi calling I was able to receive voicemail. The next morning I was able to return the calls, again using WiFi calling. Now, with 2 accounts per cabin, my wife and I were able to text each other. I consider both a plus.
  4. We were just on the prior cruise of the Regatta for 21 days. While there were some not so great nights, the majority of our meals were excellent. Especially enjoyed the pasta and veal in Toscana. The steaks in Polo were very good as well. My favorite was the NY strip. My wife was on a gluten free diet and the staff went out of their way to accommodate her needs. They would come by our table every night to make sure everything was done right.
  5. Really enjoyed your reports last year on Japan. They helped a lot with our own trip on Azamara’s Quest. We did Vista’s trans Atlantic this past September. Crossing was fine except for cold and cloudy weather. For us the best part of the ship, was the new Aquamar restaurant. Looking forward to your independent excursions, including your post cruise drive. Also curious how you spent your simply more credits.
  6. Why is your TA entitled to a commission? Is that the rule for cancelled cruises in Australia. what happened during the pandemic when many cruises were cancelled?
  7. If not a lot. You can always pay 3% and get the money in the casino.
  8. Do they have the sugar substitute Truvia (stevia leaf) aboard? thanks
  9. Hope as well. Schedule, on Onward, to depart June 9th from Barcelona.
  10. If possible, can you state the prices paid. Last August, we used the bus service National Express..
  11. I have tried looking at the roll calls. Not sure why but there is very little activity. Including mine leaving March 10th. Much more activity on last years similar cruise. Just assuming lack of activity due to small ship.
  12. Guess no one from these boards are aboard.
  13. Any current news on the Regatta? Will be boarding next month for the trans Pacific.
  14. Just as an aside, the ranch tour in Punta Arenas was a waste.
  15. Last year on Pursuit did an Azamara tour to a cattle ranch from Montevideo Great food, great tour. Wish more reviews of tours were posted
  16. Thank you. We board Onward June 9th in Barcelona. Just wondering how Onward will get there
  17. Has Azamara revised the May and June segments of the World Cruise?
  18. On one cruise there was a Chianti I liked. Most nights they were able to find it for me.
  19. Do you remember the ski area and the ice skating. Use to go for winter weekends.
  20. The interesting thing about changes due to tides is that all changes shorten time in port, none involve a longer stay. At least we were told in advance.
  21. Our upcoming Regatta cruise has the following changes aren't tides known a year in advance
  22. The loss of the small ships is why we no longer sail HAL, even though we are 4 star. now sail on Azamara or Oceania on their R ships. Only 710 passengers!
  23. Back in January, Patrick actually sent a car back for someone they missed. There is a certain amount of time where all groups meet up at the farm before the last segment. The ride can be a bit bumpy IMG_9181.mov
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