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  1. Thank you all for your answers. I am now understanding a little bit more about the program.
  2. Seems like they posted the OBC to our account with $50 under my name and $50 under my husband's name (the shareholder account is under my name). Is that how they usually handle this? BTW, this non-refundable OBC can be used as part of the onboard gratuity, correct? Sorry if this has been brought up before.
  3. I agree. Tracy Crab Shack is way over-rated. Will never go again for their expensive crab legs.
  4. Thank you so much for this informative thread! We will be on the 9/18 sailing and it helps to know before we board the ship. Have a wonderful cruise on the Disney ship!
  5. Thanks for the info. So the Silver Bus is running. The $4 for one trip or day pass? We did that bus to Totem Bight from downtown and back on one of our trips to Ketchikan.
  6. We were on deck 10 Aft Getaway in 2017. All good, nothing bad! Best views money can buy! Some photos here.
  7. We tendered into Ketchikan on NCL Jewel in 2018, a transpacific cruise. From what I am reading, the shuttles from Ward Cove is worse than the tenders. Here is my record of our day on that trip.
  8. Bird, a question about Ketchikan. Is Ward Cove terminal anywhere near the main highway? Do you know if the city bus was running? I believe there is a city bus that went through that area from downtown to Totem Bight when we were there a couple of years ago. Just wondering if that is available still as an alternative? It was $2 for their all day pass then. On Google map it looks like its right near the Tongass Highway.
  9. Thanks for the answer, BirdTravels! And thank you for taking time writing this thread as I am, like many other CC'ers, enjoy following your amazing trip! Have fun!
  10. So far I haven't heard any COVID cases reported on the Encore but on the CDC site, it's listed with code Yellow for investigation and observation. Did you hear anything on board, BirdTravels? https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/crew-disembarkations-commercial-travel.html
  11. Thank you for posting your report. What a difference! Can't wait to be back in Alaska in September.
  12. I wonder if they are going to have shuttles/buses going to Totem Bight from there since it's so much closer than going from downtown?
  13. Right near the fort. Walking Distance. Beach La Francaise.
  14. Our day in Martinique here. This was in October 2019.
  15. We were there in 2015, so quite a while back, but here are some photos of our day there. At that time the shuttle boats were free so not sure how it is now.
  16. We used the City Blue Bus the last time we were in Barcelona. Here are a couple of photos of the bus and the location in port at the bottom of the page. It was 3E one way and 4E roundtrip.
  17. We also did CT on our own. We purchased the train/park tickets ahead of time online. The tourism office at the train station may not be opened at the said time and we were told that people who worked there was rude. We took the train to the fifth town and worked our way back. Very easy but need good timing. Quite an experience. Similar to Portofino but at a larger scale. You may look through my blog page for "MSC Back-to-back cruises 2019" to see what we did. I also have videos there.
  18. We just booked our September Alaska cruise and this will be our 6th sailing in Alaska. Prices already look higher for 2022, so if you want to try it out, this may be a good year. I know everything is still changing everyday but we look forward to this cruise. If all else fail, at least we will be visiting family in Seattle that we have not seen for two years.
  19. Wow! Thank you for pointing that out. That's amazing!
  20. Thank you so much for the kind words. Keeping the blog helps refreshing my memories of our trips. If you go to the "Home" page, you will find all the places we have been in the last 10 years. Thanks again!
  21. We loved ISP! We were there on our transpacific cruise a couple of years back and it is now my favorite stop in Alaska. Here are some pictures of our day there if interested. Looking forward to go back in September if it's a go!
  22. We love these longer cruises. Our last cruise was on MSC Divina from Rome to Miami with stops in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Had a great time. Some videos here if you are interested.
  23. Wow! This is exactly for us! Read all the previous posts and wanted to chime in. Our very first cruise was in 1993 when our parents introduced us to cruising, fell in love but did not have the time and money to do it often. A few years later we purchased a Class C to make short trips. Then I retired in 2011 and since then we were able to take advantage of the lower cruise rates offered off season and have done mostly international traveling. We figured cruising would probably be THE way we would travel from now on and sold the RV in 2019 which is starting to give us problems anyway, especially with the leaky roof. Went on our last cruise October 2019, MSC Divina Transatlantic, then the pandemic hit with all cruising and international travel halted. May 2020, after being stuck at home for a couple of months, DH made the smart decision to purchase another RV from a young couple who just wanted to pay off their loan on the Class C. An older model but with excellent mileage. We beat the other buyers with an offer to pay cash right on the spot and brought the RV home two days later. Since then, we have made some short trips to Death Valley, Central California Coast, and the western part of Route 66 up to Flagstaff, AZ. We still look forward to cruising around the world but for now, this RV is the next best thing that kept us going. We will go on a week-end trip to Cachuma Lake in two weeks after attending my nephew's outdoor wedding in Santa Barbara. Can't wait to be able to take the RV trip up to Seattle to visit family there! We are fully vaccinated but not our 30-year old son yet. Our next cruise is for October 2021 Genoa to Miami on MSC Seashore, but I am not optimistic. During these last few months staying home, I have taught myself to edit videos that my husband took on our most recent cruises on MSC Seaview and Divina in 2019. If you are interested you are welcome to check out these videos here. I also keep a travel blog on our trips since 2012, you may click below my signature for all our other adventures. Thank you for starting this thread, MamaFej! Good to meet you all here!
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