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  1. Only been to Manila once but I did not get off the ship that day, so can't help you there. For Taipei, which I am a little more familiar with, the port in Keelung is not near any good hotels other than the EVA Hotel near the port. Never stayed there but had lunch there once. Seems nice but not sure if you actually want to stay in Keelung. You would need to get into the city of Taipei for good hotels, which is about half an hour car ride away. Once in Taipei, it should be easy as far as transportation goes, with taxis, subway, buses, etc. I wonder if the cruise line offer transfers from Keelung port to Taipei? Otherwise, there should be taxis available, not sure about the price though. The train station is not far from port, just don't think you can manage to get there on your own with luggage. Let me know if you have other questions regarding Taipei.
  2. We have been to Japan a few times, not on Millennium, but other cruises instead. If you are interested, click on my signature below for blog posts or videos that may be helpful.
  3. I may not be answering your question but Nagasaki is a very easy port to DIY. With the tram stop right near the cruise port, buying a one-day pass maybe worthwhile and it can take you to most sights in the city. We have been to Nagasaki a couple of times and enjoyed our days there. 2015: https://chiumemories.blogspot.com/2015/09/nagasaki-japan.html 2023: https://chiumemories.blogspot.com/2023/08/2nd-visit-nagasaki-japan.html
  4. ROCruiser


    Here is my report on our day in Kagoshima, March of 2023. https://chiumemories.blogspot.com/2023/07/rushing-through-kagoshima.html I'll try and see if I can post the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gexizn-pM1w&t=31s
  5. Can we still use cash and not the Medallion?
  6. That was what we used for our day in Kobe a few years back. You may be able to find our video of that day in my signature. We really enjoyed the Ropeway and Herb Garden.
  7. I am not sure who provided the shuttles. We did not know about the shuttles when we boarded the Diamond Princess at Daikoku March of 2023. We were told by passengers after the fact that they got on the free shuttles from Yamashita Park while we took a taxi there. In May of 2023, we got smarter and booked a hotel room across from Yamashita Park, walked over there the next morning and took the first shuttle over to Daikoku for our transpacific cruise on the Cunard QE. You may be able to see the videos listed in my signature. Another idea is to contact your cruise line and see if shuttles are provided just to be sure.
  8. They usually provide complimentary shuttles between Daikoku and Yamashita Park. From Yamashita Park you can walk about three short blocks down to take the Minato Mirai subway to Yokohama station. There's so much to see just at that huge station. You can also take the Airport Limousine at YCAT there to Haneda. Very easy.
  9. For some reasons, my regular TA was not able to get the price quoted on the Princess site when she was trying to book our upcoming cruise with the Princess rep. She ended up having us just book it online ourselves. An hour after we booked and paid the whole balance, I received an email from Princess saying the reservation was canceled and cancellation fees charged. We did not cancel. My TA couldn't do anything about it and had me call that number. After being put on hold for a long while, got the first person but was disconnected as we were talking. Called again, put on hold, and got a second person. She did not know why we got the cancellation email as she was able to see our reservation at her end. She was nice enough and assured me that everything is OK, but she said we still owed them a balance of $200+ for packages we did not purchase. She was able to take those off but I am still uneasy about our booking. Hopefully, everything is still there without the extra charge. Don't know what all is going on with Princess. Something needs to be fixed.
  10. I would definitely stay near the port. There's so much to see and do in Yokohama. Some hotels are very close to Osanbashi Pier or getting the free shuttles to Daikoku Pier at Yamashita Park. Like Hotel New Grand, Hyatt Regency, Hotel Mielparque. Otherwise many hotels are just a short taxi drive away.
  11. Do we still need to register on the Visit Japan website if just cruising to ports in Japan without flights? We did that in March and May 2023, not sure if it's still needed. US Passports.
  12. Depends on which cruise port you are instructed to report. No shuttles to Osanbashi but complimentary shuttles to Daikoku Pier. Big ships that can't go under the bridge will dock at Daikoku. We stayed at the Hotel Mielparque Yokohama two nights before walking over to the Yamashita Park Bus Stop (Bayside Blue, also where Gundam Factory is) on embarkation day and took the free shuttle there to Daikoku Pier to board the Cunard QE last May.
  13. Will not pay the extra for the packages because we don't drink alcohol at all and we are both diabetics. With the upcoming 26-day cruise on Majestic Princess from L.A. to Sydney, it doesn't make sense to have the same benefits on the Plus package with only 2 days at Alfredo's. Just not worth it after doing the math. We are Platinum and Princess is getting worse. This cruise was booked before the pandemic and has been changed a couple of times by Princess on dates and routes. They should at least honor those booked before this new system and offer certain incentives.
  14. Thank you so much for the needed information! As a senior, it's difficult to learn all these technology stuff. Just not a tech person! Thanks again!
  15. I am getting a little worried. We usually print out our boarding passes for check-in at the pier. For the upcoming cruise on October 8, I am not able to find that on the Princess web page, which told me to go to the Princess App for boarding documents. I cannot find anything about boarding passes on the App. Am I missing something? I did printed out the luggage tags that was on the web page but no boarding passes to print.
  16. Ours was not a bid, so they did not pick us. What happened was I watched how the cabins were selling,, through different venues and noticed that they were over-sold and have been asking passengers to move over. Called my agent and had her contact Princess that the four of us in two balcony cabins were willing to share a cabin if they can find one for us and make room for somebody else, if the incentives were attractive enough. That was how we ended up with a free cruise for all four of us to our surprise. I don't think that happens too often though.
  17. We had that in 2017. Actually, we volunteered to "Move Over" from two cabins to one cabin for 4 (balcony) after seeing that they oversold and they accepted our offer. Four of us traveled free on that trip and money was back to our account.
  18. As stated above, there will be plenty of taxis waiting in line for hire at the terminal. Passengers just need to get in the taxi line for an orderly process.
  19. As Monkey@Cruise stated, store your luggage at Yokohama Station, then spend a few hours in Yokohama, Chinatown, Minato-Mirai area, or even the underground shopping at Yokohama Station before taking the Airport Limousine Bus to Haneda. The underground mall is HUGE, with plenty to see and eat. Highly recommending the Airport Bus, easy and cost effective. If interested, click My Videos in my signature for ideas.
  20. There's not much going on at Temple Street in the afternoon. Vendors are not set up yet. If interested in markets, may try the Ladie's Market in Mongkok with many vendors even during the day.
  21. Osaka is really easy to take public transportation to city center. A short walk will take you to the subway station, then a ride to downtown, if your ship is docked at Tempozan cruise terminal. Kochi had transfers that cost $20 pp, I believe. We took a taxi instead. Okinawa no transfers available but can walk to town if no mobility issues or take a taxi. We walked. I believe they have transfers at Jeju (pay) but we hired a van while there. They did have transfers at Kagoshima port to the train station, I think, but again, we took taxis to downtown then did the one-day City View Bus. You can find videos of these ports in my signature or here.
  22. There was complimentary shuttles at Ishigaki port when we were there March 2023. From port to the ferry terminal in town, not to the beach. I believe you can take a bus to the beach from there. You may check out the videos under my signature on these ports.
  23. Hi, Ombud. It may be easier to get over to the Central district in the morning using MTR and join the tour. After the tour, you can go to Li Yuen East/West, Escalator, and Man Mo Temple which are all in the same vicinity. Then take the Star Ferry (a must-do in HK), to Kowloon side and see the Avenue of the Stars, Kowloon Park, Temple Street, etc. They are in the Tsim Sha Tsui and Jordan area within a mile or so walking distance or one MTR station away.
  24. On our port day in Hong Kong December 2018, this was what we did. Not sure if it still works the same way though. HK is an easy port if you know how the MTR works and if all else fail, taxi is easy and not that expensive.
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