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  1. You are correct. My eyes read Odyssey while my mind thought Oasis.
  2. To my knowledge, Oasis class ships do not have any corner aft Jr. Suites as the aft corners have either the two bedroom or one bedroom Aqua Theater Suites. There are two Ultra Spacious Ocean View with Large Balcony cabins on Oasis deck 7, however these are not Jr. Suites.
  3. Ordered 6 tests from eMed for $150 plus overnight shipping costs.
  4. We have 4 B2B cruises booked between our 9/12 Allure B2B and the last on Brilliance New Years week. Three of these B2B are on Royal and the other on Celebrity’s Edge. I too think this new procedure is asinine and will give serious thought to canceling the second cruise on each ship should this moronic terminal testing with luggage procedure not be rescinded. Royal seems to be doing everything they can to discourage loyalty lately.
  5. Whose expense is this test? Does Royal provide this test to B2B passengers for free or is it charged to the passengers?
  6. If one bids on a suite with significantly larger cabin size, does Royal permit an additional couple (2 passengers) to be added to the reservation with an additional associated fee for a 3rd & 4th passenger? I realized with the current reduced sailing capacities in effect this might not be permitted, however does Royal ever allow it?
  7. We originally booked back in 2020 for B2B sailings on 11/22 & 11/27/21 on Brilliance out of Tampa. Specifically booked aft facing Junior Sweet cabin 1100 with its wrap around deck for the 11/27 second leg. Last night my reservation was switched to the Serenade with Jr. Suite Cabin 1098 assigned, a port facing cabin near the aft of the ship. My question is if we had a specific desirable cabin booked on the cancelled Brilliance and it was replaced with its sister ship Serenade before going on sale to the public, why weren’t all Brilliance passengers automatically placed in their exact corresponding cabin on Serenade? How could cabin 1100 be already assigned to someone else if the cruise didn’t exist before last evening? Way to piss your loyal customers off!
  8. Suspect you may soon have a bigger disappointment than not visiting Grand Cayman on your October sailing on Brilliance. The website for the Port of Tampa Bay continues to show the first sailing of Brilliance to be on 11/18, with no cruise lines sailing out of Tampa prior to November 1. Certainly all schedules are subject to change, including the Port of Tampa’s, however as of today it doesn’t appear the port will be open for cruise business in October. Hopefully you will sail as scheduled, yet you may wish to consider possible alternatives. https://www.porttb.com/cruise-schedules
  9. Honestly, I do not know where the form needs to be sent. Since this is a Celebrity promotion applied to their Celebrity cruises, it struck me as odd the form would go to Royal. Forgive me if I caused any anxiety!
  10. Hopefully you submitted the form to Celebrity and not Royal!
  11. Thank you for your input. I did locate additional information on Royal Up that addressed cancellations as follows: “Upgrades are non-refundable unless Guest cancels the booking. If Guest cancels the booking, Guest’s cruise fare will be refunded in accordance with RCI’s standard cancellation policy, and Guest will receive a refund for the Total Amount of the Upgrade.” Notice how it refers to “RCI’s standard cancellation policy” without any reference to Cruise With Confidence.
  12. The recent significant spikes in COVID cases and networks reporting on possible mandated masking requirements, caused me to question how bids made under the Royal Up program might impact the option to cancel a cruise within 48 Hours if booked under Royal’s Cruise With Confidence program. In reading the fine print of the two programs, I suspect that an accepted Royal Up bid financially commits one to the cruise and overrides any CWC cancelation option even if the Royal Up bid is accepted prior to 48 hours of the sailing. Wondering if anyone knows Royal’s official position as it relates to the interface of these two programs? Starting to believe an attorney is becoming almost as important as a great TA when it comes to booking! Thank you in advance for shedding some legal light here. Keith
  13. Where was your deck plan from? I just went to Royal’s website and found the layout for Deck 11 still shows it as the Diamond Club. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruise-ships/allure-of-the-seas/deck-plans/2068/11
  14. This appears to be a clever pricing strategy by Royal that offers an attractive price early on in the booking process to entice passengers to plan and pay for their dining, drinks, wifi, excursions, etc often a year or more in advance. Thus Royal has the use of your payments 12 months or longer before ever serving a meal, pouring a drink or paying a tour vendor. Additionally, every time those passengers check out Royal’s latest “sale” in hopes of finding a price reduction, many may be tempted to add an additional item to their cart. With unlimited dining and the drink package with Voom costing approximately $2k for two people on a 7-night sailing, that is a nice interest-free loan. Only wish Royal would invest some of it in improving their IT department!
  15. Celebrity’s wording in their Retreat marketing is a little deceptive by listing both an OBC perk as well as a Shore Excursion perk. It should be clearly presented that the OBC perk per person may be used for Shore Excursions.
  16. Our first cruise was an inside cabin, our 2nd and 3rd in Ocean View cabins with two young children before trying our first balcony. Have only booked one non-balcony cruise since, that being a port intensive Mediterranean cruise in a Panoramic Cabin that had floor to ceiling windows. We are now retired and thankfully are able to enjoy balcony cabins at the minimum. The 2020 shutdown definitely caused us to reevaluate our past and future cruising plans as we value the health we currently have and appreciate the mobility we still possess. We already have surrendered a year and a half of our prime retirement travel years to this pandemic as so many have and welcome the return to cruising with open, albeit, cautious arms. We have 17 cruises booked between Sept. ‘21 and May ‘23, 6 of which are in either a Sky Suite (Edge) or Jr. Suite (Royal) and the other 11 in balcony cabins, many of which are aft facing with more spacious balconies. Among these cruises are two transatlantic, one transpacific (Eclipse) and a westbound Panama Canal sailing so we believe these private outdoor spaces will prove to be well worth the added cost. Seeing this beautiful world while we are still able to enjoy it!
  17. Yes, thank you for picking up on my mistake!
  18. We have two B2B holiday sailings booked aboard Brilliance embarking from the Port of Tampa, the first B2B surrounding Thanksgiving and the second around New Years. We reside in the Tampa area and haven’t seen any news coverage or public discussion regarding the return to cruising from Tampa. As mentioned above, the Port of Tampa’s cruise schedule on its website now shows the first sailing to be Celebrity’s Paradise on 11/1/21. We remain optimistic cruises will return this fall, however remain puzzled that Royal or the other lines have yet to make any public announcements regarding Tampa.
  19. Will a New Years Eve cruise embarking on 12/31/22 qualify for the double points even though the cruise will not end until 1/6/23?
  20. What a magnificent sail away celebration. Cruising is back in the USA and more specifically, the state of Florida! We will be cruising on the Allure in Sept. prior to our 10/23 sailing on the beautiful Edge! But first we have our daughter’s wedding in August, already twice postponed. Wishing a safe journey to Captain Kate and everyone else fortunate to be on the Edge today!
  21. Like you, I too would much prefer sailing across the Atlantic rather than squeezing my oversized body into an undersized airline seat for 8-12 hours. We are booked for a 13-night Eastbound TA on the Queen Elizabeth from Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona on 8/9/22 and a Westbound 13-n Arctic Circle crossing on Voyager of the Seas from Copenhagen to Boston sailing on 9/4/22. In between these two Atlantic crossings we will spend several days in Paris & Copenhagen before sailing on a 7-n Best of Northern Europe cruise also on Voyager. Greatest challenge will be packing for such diverse weather conditions as we will likely experience all 4 seasons during our 1.5 months of travel. Hot and humid summer weather when we depart Ft. Lauderdale in early August and near winter like temperatures when visiting Iceland and Greenland in September. And as the Queen Elizabeth has a significantly more formal evening dress code than our usual cruises, we have the necessity of packing formalwear as well. I may be the only one touring our two ports in Greenland wearing a tuxedo jacket for warmth!
  22. Yes, but two back to back 5 day cruises equal 10 days onboard and you often get the diversity of both the Eastern and Western Caribbean ports.
  23. Love your “bilge class” category of cabins. Very funny! Do they put you on the oars when the ship is docking? Seriously, thanks the chuckle!
  24. Speaking for myself and myself only, I have 15 cruises booked over the next 24 months, the majority of which fall under the Cruise With Confidence program. I am a retiree who will turn 69 this summer and thankfully still have my health and mobility to enjoy cruising, however no guarantees how long I will have these physical abilities. Thus I am squeezing my travel bucket list into a reduced period of time. I do feel frustrated that that 1 to 1.5 years of my healthiest retirement years had to be sacrificed due to the COVID shutdown. And I mostly understood & agreed with the initial reasoning to close the cruise ships down for the good of all, yet believe it to be shameful how the cruise industry has been singularly targeted out of all the travel and hospitality options. There is little justification why cruises are not already sailing with vaccinated crew and passengers.
  25. We truly appreciate everyone’s advice and recommendations who are experienced travelers to French Polynesia. Today we booked a 7-n FP cruise on Windstar sailing on April 6 and disembarking on April 13, 2023. This leaves a 9 day post cruise period (accounting for losing a day crossing the date line) before we need to board the Celebrity Eclipse in Sydney for its eastbound 30-day transpacific to Vancouver. Our desire will be to split this non cruising time between extra land days in FP and the remaining days in Australia depending on what turns out to be the most advantageous day for our flight to Sydney. Again our sincere thanks to all who took the time to share their first hand knowledge! You all are a wealth of Tahitian information.
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