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  1. Rotterdam brought the COVID-19 test kits. The ships have the equipment to process flu tests. Test kits are virus specific and what they didn't previously have was COVID-19 test kits. Any ship which has the equipment to process a test for the regular flu uses the same equipment to do these tests. Labs use expensive machines that automate the process and do multiple tests at once but tests can be manually processed individually.
  2. Don't know about HAL ships but the Edge has been at Coco Cay several days for crew R&R. Capt Kate posts pretty often to her instagram. Well, to two instagram accounts, since her companion the lady BugNaked doesn't, you know, have thumbs.
  3. So happy to see everyone getting home safely. I've really enjoyed reading everyone's posts along the way from the GWV. Amsterdam sailed yesterday and is going home the long way around through some very remote and empty waters. She's going west across the Indian Ocean making for Durban, South Africa, will get there in 13 days. Load up on fuel and provisions, then down around Cape Good Hope, all the way up Africa, and across the Atlantic to Florida. Captain Mercer talks about the decision and says he's going to keep posting to his blog on the voyage back to Florida. http://captainjonathan.com/fremantle-and-the-end-of-the-world/
  4. Update on the Zaandam from Captain Albert. He's still onboard the Rotterdam which is at sea headed south to meet the northbound Zaandam. Rotterdam is carrying medical supplies and medical staff transferred from both Oosterdam and Eurodam. Captain Albert's blog ends with the company statement on the situation. https://www.captainalbert.com/23-march-2020-at-sea-off-the-mexican-coast-day-8-without-guests/
  5. Wow, that's the long way around. Maybe it's their best chance for bunkering and provisions. Remote was no exaggeration. No wonder they refused to take passengers. Any idea how long it will take?
  6. I think it quite likely The World might be parked there for the duration. It's a really big privately owned residential yacht (gross tonnage 43,000) with 165 residences and some of the owners do live aboard full time. The ship is a condominium and the apartments on the ship are privately owned by the residents who hold all of the ownership shares in the ship. Itinerary is chosen by vote many months in advance and the ship could have ended up in a much worse place for this. Full capacity is approx 200 residents plus a crew of just under 300.
  7. Government charters from their home countries. International passengers will be taken directly from the ship to the planes out on the tarmac at Oakland airport. None of them will go through the airport terminal. I've seen media suggestions that some crew members may also go to their home countries that way instead of staying here for their quarantine. Final plans for the crew haven't been released yet so that might just be media speculation.
  8. That's not what happened. At all. PRINCESS DID NOT KNOW THERE WERE SICK PEOPLE WHO HAD BEEN ON THE PRIOR CRUISE. No one knew that when employees were transferred to other ships. No one knew that when the ship sailed for Hawaii.
  9. News is reporting that the critically ill passenger transported was the lady with stage 4 cancer who was concerned about missing her next scheduled chemo.
  10. What? They didn't do a turn around to Hawaii or anywhere else after people got sick. All the sick people from the Mexican cruise were after the still current Hawaii cruise sailed on 2/21.
  11. And now she's reduced speed from 16 knots to 10.9 knots and is headed south.
  12. Marine Tracker shows Grand (dark blue arrow) is much closer to SF and headed straight in at 16 knots. She's approx 50 miles from the bay. Position at 9:04pm local time is from a position ping that was two minutes old.
  13. Westerdam had one ex-passenger get sick and test positive. No one onboard else off the cruise that person was on. And that passenger then tested negative while still in the hospital very sick with pneumonia.
  14. Marine Traffic reports Grand Princess estimated arrival time destination SF will be 2pm (PST) local time.
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