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  1. It seems some people from Silversea were irritated by the posting of the leaked 2023 summer itineraries and they requested to delete my other thread. That's really unfortunate because members here like to know beforehand information and make their plans. Why it would harm the company to publish the itineraries one month early? In other cc threads no company had ever complained.
  2. Marella Discovery is also listed on the Mykonos and Chania official cruise schedules. It seems the itineraries will be mostly the same with Discovery 2, but the Adriatic one seems to be totally replaced with a new greek islands one. Also the itinerary from Corfu to Istanbul seems cancelled.
  3. Probably Magica will be either sold or transferred to the new chinese Carnival company.
  4. Also today Limassol updated its cruise schedule and for 2022 & 2023 Vision of the seas is registered with 7-night cruises.
  5. Am I the only one seeing Rhapsody of the seas registered in Cannes and Villefrance in 2022? And that's not old listings. Also on the 5th of May 2022 it is in Gibraltar. It seems they are currently thinking about a new route as you can see Serenade will do a similar Central Med itinerary in 2023 according to port listings. Maybe it will be sold? Or maybe the listings mean nothing and all its cruises will continue as planned. 😉
  6. Three more itineraries were added to the TA site: 29 October 2022 (7 Nights Western Mediterranean): Barcelona, Port Vendres, Sete, Marseille, St. Tropez, Nice (Overnight), Monaco 5 November 2022 (7 Nights Western Mediterranean): Monaco, La Spezia, Livorno (Overnight), Portoferraio, Naples, Civitavecchia (Overnight) 12 November 2022 (7 Nights Eastern Mediterranean): Civitavecchia, Naples, Messina, At Sea, Heraklion, Kusadasi, Mykonos, Piraeus
  7. Queen Victoria in Argostoli, Kefalonia in 2017.
  8. Queen Elizabeth in Argostoli Kefalonia.
  9. So definately won't be launched until 2023. It's too late to announce info on a ship only some months before the planned release date (2022)... I bet it will be delivered in late spring 2023. Did see say anything new about the 2023 itineraries?
  10. Queen Elizabeth 2 in Sami (Kefalonia) in 2007 I think.
  11. Do you need a photo of Argostoli with a Cunard ship on it? I have plenty of these photos. Also, Fiscardo has not been visited by a Cunard ship but Sami (Kefalonia) has, by the old MV Queen Elizabeth 2! If I manage to find a photo I'll post it here!
  12. Greetings from Kefalonia! Thanks for the beautiful photos! I'm from Argostoli but I visit regularly Fiskardo! 🙂
  13. The new cruise ship's itineraries for 2022.
  14. So the itineraries are the following: 2 May 2022 (11 Nights Western Mediterranean): Monaco, Livorno (Overnight), Civitavecchia, Sorrento, Amalfi, At Sea, Kotor, Ancona, Ravenna, Venice (Overnight) 13 May 2022 (8 Nights Adriatic Sea): Venice, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, Kotor, Hvar, Sibenik, Venice (Overnight) 21 May 2022 (7 Nights Eastern Mediterranean): Venice, Korcula, Kotor, Corfu, Argostoli, Gythion, Santorini, Piraeus 28 May 2022 (7 Nights Greek Islands): Piraeus, Mykonos, Kusadasi, Rhodes, Patmos, Santorini, Chania, Piraeus 4 June 2022 (7 Nights Eastern Mediterr
  15. They have been already leaked on a major foreign TA site!
  16. Yes but it is not updated since early May... This info on Piraeus is 2 days old.
  17. According to a source the new Silversea ship will apparently be called Silver Nova and will based mostly in the Western Europe for 2023. It seems that it will be 54.600 GRT, slightly larger than it was previously announced. Currently note all of these are unconfirmed. Do you have any other clues?
  18. Today Marella Discovery was registered in the official 2021 cruise calendar of the port of Piraeus, Greece. Cruises start mid August until mid October. I believe the embarkation port would be Corfu. They are weekly (7-night) cruises from what it seems. All the other cruises of Marella Discovery 2 that were on Piraeus were removed. Does anyone know something more?
  19. Ok, i understand your point. But from now on there is a strong probability that in the future there will be last minute changes and the customers will be in the dark. It good to have an inside view of what their plans are. In other similar threads like this, no people wrote that they called the company because of port listings that indicate changes. It just helps them to their planning and they await for official confirmation.
  20. I am thinking that's a reaction to all those calling to see if their cruises are cancelled. I believe it was wrong to go to that extend and call represantatives and agents to get information, so basically now Princess company will try to hide things like this in the future. People needed to be patient. Because there were some listings it wasn't confirmed 100% it will be like this. They were considering changes. From now on we will have no clue as to what Princess plans are....
  21. Today Enchanted Princess' listings were removed from the official calendar of the port of Piraeus for 2021.
  22. As I am who started the thread I want to tell you that you will not get an answer from any agent. The only thing you will do is that they will force Piraeus port not to upload a schedule in the future.Like it happened with Iceland port authorities some years ago.You have to wait for an official confirmation of changes and cancellations.The listings in the Piraeus schedule as in any other port schedule could be anything. Clearly they are an indication that Enchanted Princess will move to Athens in summer. That's their current plan, but it can change any time. It could be very well be a back up
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