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  1. The result of my bid was that one was grayed out and pending for 5 days. Three rooms at the level had been available before and at the beginning of the lock. I ultimately was told we did not win the bid (though it was listed as strong). On board now in my sky suite and still happy.
  2. Interesting. My husband just hit his 33rd year of service and I've been told more than once it is available only for for specified cruises as a discount when booking.
  3. They sometimes have lower rates on specific cruises (you can select to see them when you price a cruise online). There is not an across the board discount for all veterans on all cruises though.
  4. How was the Pearl Island VIP Cabana tour? I know if was awhile ago, but would you book it again?
  5. Seems that way! And weird it is only on one of the two bids I've placed. I'm a data person. For all I know every one of those other bidders is a Zenith bidding the max in the same level cabin I'm in (so any extra bid would be for naught). Or maybe they are all in the lowest cabin category offered to bid bidding the minimum. I have no idea. Such a prisoner's dilemma - I think it is designed to make me 'feel' like I need to increase my bid without actually showing me any solid reason to do so.
  6. Here is an interesting one. So I have a move up bid in for a November 22, 2023 cruise. Originally, I bid on three categories but canceled one bid. I now have two categories with bids. If I click to modify one of the bids, I get taken to the slider page where I can move by bid up or down. For the other bid, if I click to modify, I get take to a page I've never seen before. It contains my current bid amount, an open box to add a new bid (won't accept it unless it is higher than the current bid), tells me how much time is left on the countdown clock until the offers are reviewed, and tells me how many others are bidding on the same category of stateroom. Has anyone ever seen this before? Here it is below (minus the picture of a stateroom - but this is exactly what I see on the page). 1W, 2D, 0H left to review 8 Bidders Your current offer per passenger $XXXX USD Increase your offer to increase your chance of getting upgraded. Your new offer (per passenger) $ USD Review Offer
  7. We've only ever been taken to the lounge or Luminae. Once we were left right inside the doors as we were handed the welcome champagne. We were being escorted with another couple (that we did not know) as we arrived at the same time. We have just never been taken to our cabin/offered to go to our cabin.
  8. Same! I didn't even realize that was a thing. I checked - we have sailed 10 times in RS or above and never escorted once. 🤷
  9. Reviving this thread. Has anyone done these cabanas? Worth it? Thank you!
  10. Tampa is my home port but I've never sailed out of it. Can you share why it was so bad?
  11. We've taken 3 yacht club cruises with MSC this year alone. We haven't sailed on X this year but here I am considering booking a thanksgiving cruise. Not getting very excited about booking a suite on X at the significantly higher prices with what I'm reading. And I was a DIE HARD X fanatic for a really long time. I'm really wondering if I should even do it.
  12. There are several around Florida! We have one up here in Tampa as well. 🙂
  13. Will still be nice to know there are other good people onboard! We actually booked 2 weeks ago so I get it. I've never needed a vacation so bad and yet also been so unprepared at the same time. Lol
  14. Thanks so much for this thread. Bummed you are disembarking on the 23rd, right as we will be getting on the ship! Would gave been nice to meet you since, without even knowing it, you are one of the reasons we decided to give MSC a go! We did our first MSC cruise in December, in yacht club of course. Getting cruise #2 in next week before I start a new job on the 31st. After 450+ days on ships, most on Celebrity (in The Retreat or suite class before it existed), we enjoyed our experience in the yacht club. So..thank you! :)
  15. No, no kids! Just a quick getaway for my husband and I. Sounds like you all will make some wonderful memories this holiday season. 😊
  16. Sure. But this was literally a cruise from Miami for 4 days, booked less than a week out. The information is straight from MSC and is written in the ticketed docs as well. Thought I'd help OP. She can always call, sit on hold for an hour and get told the exact same thing.
  17. We juat booked ourselves for the same cruise. Were told during booking that there was no need for vaccination cards or testing prior to embarkation.
  18. Hi all - My long time TA does not book with MSC cruises, so I either have to go directly to MSC or find another agency to do so. I reached out to one TA and they told me that "the current price shown by MSC already includes all military discounts." I am unsure with that response true reading through MSC's website. So my question to those of you that have booked MSC utilizing your military discount - how is it applied? Will prices shown already show the discount after all? Will I have to get a TA to call in after booking to request it? Is it easier to just book with MSC (and sit through those long wait times)? I'd love any guidance you all can provide here. Thank you so much!
  19. This thread is really making me miss the days Cruise Critic has DMs and was of sharing info that still stayed in line with board policies. I found so many good excursions, met so many great people on shared itineraries, and, found an amazing TA all from CC. Now looking for a new TA (my other agency does not book MSC Cruises) - ugh. Just flying blind! That said, if anyone wants to email me for any reason, feel free classynfun at gmail! 😉
  20. OP is referring to additional OBC offered to them by their TA, not the MSC OBC.
  21. You wont see anything on the MSC site about TA OBC. That won't be visible and applied until you are onboard. Bring your TA paperwork if you want documentation just in case.
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