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  1. Just off of the Liberty. Did not eat at Sabor this cruise. Ate at Chops and Giovanni's. Couldn't resist the filet mignon both nights. Unbelievably, the one in Giovanni's was better than Chops. Not sure if it was because the one in Giovanni's was smaller, but definitely better. Also we enjoyed the sides much more at Giovanni's. They were just lighter. To us the sides at Chops are on the heavy side.
  2. Sue, Immensely enjoyed your review. Read it to my husband, and we more than laughed! Really!! ๐Ÿ™‚ That said not with the same tone as your really! LOL. UGH! Will not understand why it is necessary for some to rain on other's parade. DH and I had the same response, If you don't like it, don't read it. Move on. Negative comments are unnecessary. Hope you will focus on all the good said about your review and ignore the others. Fun read! PS. Husband wanted me to add he was glad to hear of another "secret" soap and shampoo hoarder. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, he does the same thing!
  3. Enjoyed your review. Took it with the humor in which it was intended. I would be considered an "olden". Not offended by the term or your perspective. As someone in this forum has stated "olden", is a state of mind. I'm very cognizant of scooter drivers after almost getting run down by one on a cruise. The lady driving actually did hit another nearby passenger who was unable to get out of the way. The passenger she ran into was totally fuming when we got into the elevator together. The driver was very apologetic. She even admitted the scooter confused her. Probably should not have been on a scooter. We'll be on the Equinox in August. We've only done one other Celebrity cruise. Their Captain's Club evening event doesn't come close to Royal's as you mentioned. The one thing that surprised us is it not being offered on the first night. No matter how our cruise unfolds, we are anticipating being on board. Thanks for sharing the overview of your experience.
  4. That would be cutting it really close. Not sure of the Redhook ferry times to get you over and back. You would have to allow time to get to the Redhook ferry station and then time back to the ship. I'd be more comfortable using a ship's excursion to get to St John due to your time constriction. Once there, you can do what you want. Just make sure you are at the ship excursion's boat at the appointed time to leave St. John. Not sure what cruise line you're on, but I do know Royal Caribbean offers an excursion that is only the ride over and no specific excursion once there.
  5. This is one of the things we enjoy when cruising on Princess. They offer complimentary popcorn during outdoor movie showings. Never seen it on Celebrity or Royal Caribbean ships. Have seen on Royal ships offering popcorn for a ridiculous price when showing movies in the theater. Also have seen it sold on the Boardwalk on the Oasis class ships.
  6. We have used the Pack-It garment folders for several years. These are great to arrive to your destination and not have wrinkled clothes. They will add a bit of weight, but well worth it.
  7. Still limited to the Western Carib.
  8. Is Steve Davis slated to return to the Vision?
  9. Met up with friends in St. Thomas when they were on a Carnival ship, and we were on a Princess. Did a little research prior and found good reviews for Greengo's. We were not disappointed! They gave us extremely generous portions!! We could have been fine with two plates shared among the four of us. Can't really decide what to do on an upcoming cruise to St. Thomas. Maybe we'll just head to Greengo's!
  10. We have done this more than once. You truly don't have too much time at St. John which is why we've done this more than once. Have seen posted here on CC than some will get to the Red Hook Ferry terminal in St. Thomas and then ferry over to St. John on their own. We were never brave enough to do this because our time at St. Thomas was limited. With the time you are leaving St. Thomas, it might give you a better opportunity to spend more time on St. John. It's really a matter of what you're comfortable with. Your time frame for being in St. Thomas would probably work. You will have to do a bit more independent leg work than using the ship's transportation to St. John.
  11. Yes, never had the opportunity to try Dynamic Dining. Princess didn't really change the traditional dining scheme. They figured a way to utilize their dining rooms to better fit the needs of cruisers. More cruisers wanted MTD rather than a later dining time. And MTD patrons had the option to go to any dining room offering MTD with or without a reservation.
  12. Have cruised on a Princess ship that turns one of their dining room into MTD after a certain time. Believe it was after 7:00. Seems like Royal could do something along that line. We thought it was a good solution to not having to go to late dining but also not wanting to eat at 5:30 either.
  13. To try and offer a coffee card and do punches by shots of expresso seems like false advertising. Have taken a few Princess cruises and really enjoy their coffee card. Doesn't matter what size of drink, it's one punch per drink. That just seems fair. I definitely wouldn't recommend getting the card.
  14. Quite amazing if there is no checking if you have TD or ATD. I know on Royal Caribbean, where most of our cruising has been done, always asks for your cabin number and look it up in the computer. At that point, those committing the infraction who simply be told they are ineligible and would have to go to the buffet to eat. On all of the Princess cruises we've been on, we've done ATD. At various times, we've been given the beeper and told we need to wait. Never too long. Seems Princess needs to be firmer in diners being in the correct dining times.
  15. Never experienced luggage not delivered to our stateroom on the Allure or any other Royal Caribbean ship. Not sure if this is a new practice.
  16. One cruise I had hurt my knee, but we chose to go ahead and go. One of the best things we did was to eat lunch in Giovanni's. Having to use a cane to get around, this was a wonderful way to enjoy the ship at embarkation. We loved that meal. It was a great way to start our cruise.
  17. Yes, this is my first time spending time on the new site. I noticed it was gone also. It will be missed if they choose not to add it.
  18. If purchasing an Internet access on the Vision, what type of connection can we expect? We will be on a Panama Canal cruise.
  19. Haven't seen any recent reports of the Ocean Medallion program on the Regal Princess being expanded on the ship. Wondering what the progress is. Anyone out there have recent knowledge? Know if it is being used to request items as marketed? Thanks in advance.
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