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  1. What exactly IS a corkage fee? You bring your own bottle, the waiter opens it, pours it, then stores it if there is any left? Do you pay this amount for each bottle? Could you bring a bottle of vodka, say, and have them serve it for you at the table and keep it in the pantry for the next night???
  2. That makes sense-new ship and good deals! Hey, I will be on the Dawn crossing with you, jollyjones. perhaps we will meet at the solos group? I also like pingpong and the trivia, so hope to see you on board!
  3. How are they handling 90 solos on board? Usually, the ones I've attended have maybe 8 or 10. Any idea why there are so many on this crossing?
  4. Have a grand time, Lois. I want to thank you for steering towards Silversea few years ago. I had asked about solo travel and you suggested this line. My fourth Transatlantic is coming up in November and I have loved each minute I have have spent on either the Dawn or the Moon!!! One of these days we will meet in person!
  5. skleeb

    Hotels in NY

    All of this info is super helpful to this fellow Cunarder! I shall plan accordingly!
  6. skleeb

    Hotels in NY

    Thanks for info. This is for May, 2024. Actually, I was thinking of walking from Penn Station(taking the train from MD) to a hotel, then getting transportation to the Brooklyn dock the next day. You think there is a better way for me? Solo traveler, 67 years young by then, 2 rolling carry-on size suitcases,
  7. skleeb

    Pub menu?

    Can you get a glass of water to drink on the house if you don't have the drinks package?
  8. What about making a drink in your cabin with your own alcohol, then bringing it to a show or dinner? Is that allowed?
  9. skleeb

    Hotels in NY

    What are the advantages to these 3? Do you know if they are near Penn Station(which I would need) or how far miles and timewise from the dock? Do they give a group discount if a lot of passengers will be using the hotel? Is it better to get your own transportation? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for clarification. Glad to know I will have time to have a little breakfast before departure from the grand lady.
  11. What exactly is self-disembarking? I'm guessing that you must take your luggage off the ship by yourself? Is that it? And you leave earlier?
  12. This is very helpful. Looks like I will take a cab directly back to Penn Station where I will board a train back home with a ticket I purchased way in advance. I'll look at the schedule, but will probably be safe with a ticket after 11 AM.
  13. Thanks. I am actually doing a back to back in May 2024. Looks like I should plan for two theme nights each crossing!
  14. See, yes, I need help. I will purchase my ticket home depending on the time I get back to Penn Station(thank you, navybankerteacher).
  15. What time did you get off of the ship? I need to get back to the train station and get back home, so I want to know which train I need. How long is the ferry ride? Then how long is it to get to Grand Central?
  16. Should I bring a black and white dress, and and a masquerade mask on my crossing? I already have a gold shimmery top if it is gold and red one night.
  17. Sure! My sister and I were in the same cabin, but since we were without significant others, we kind of deemed ourselves as solos. We didn't have to everything together all the time, either. The cocktail gathering is a great place to start. You needn't feel obligated to go every night-just when you need a break!! You'll make some friends for sure!
  18. There were four lecturers on board. All engaging . One was a retired judge from UK that told stories about some of the difficult cases he had before him. One was a 2-star general that delved into the US's past military victories and mistakes. The other was a gent that gave current events having to do with Russia and the KGB. The last was one that told stories about various entertainers-Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, the Beatles, etc. Never a dull moment!
  19. Thank you, sweetpea, for the excellent comparison of the 2 lines.I have a couple transatlantics in the pipeline with Ss(Dec.'22 and Nov.'23), so I'm not sure when I could try the Cunard crossing money-wise.The classes and guest speakers sound delightful, though.I'm sure I would partake in as many of those as possible on the QM2. There's not as much going on with Ss during the sea days.I may be spoiled for Ss, though, you are right, it is pure luxury all the time. This is a wonderful problem to have, isn't it? Deciding on which beautiful ship I want to take me across the ocean!!!
  20. Will you do a comparison between the 2 lines? I was planning a QM2 crossing(NY to Southampton and back)and I have done 2 transatlantic with Silversea. Enjoyed Ss immenseley (sp?) but want to look at other possiblities.
  21. Three guests, TWO bags??!! Five guests, FIVE bags??!!! Do they charge more for extra bags? Seems illogical......
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