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  1. Thanks. I think I will wait til I'm on board. With seemingly so many sailings, I probably need help finding the right date, solo supplement possibility, destination, air travel, etc.
  2. Though I haven't even BEEN on a Silversea cruise yet(due to you know what), I'm looking towards booking a 2023 cruise-hopefully my third one by then. I'm scheduled to go in November '21 and March "22.I was wondering if I should wait til I'm on board to book it? Is there a discount for doing so? Can I use my OBC for a deposit on it? Does the staff help guide you along? Thanks
  3. Do they even have a casino on board? I would sometimes try my luck as I passed by the casino on my Holland America trip.
  4. OOHHH, the spa, great idea! And tomorrow the excursions open up, so I check them out. Wine is a good idea, too!
  5. I just looked at my confirmation page and it appears that I have $1,000(!) OBC. Maybe it is because two cruises have been cancelled-I don't know. This is my first one with Ss, a 13-day transatlantic in November '21 on the Dawn, with only 2 ports. What can I 'spend' my credit on? Solo traveller here, so not sure if I need the romantic specialty dining. Can I use it for a deposit on another cruise? Help! What would you do with it? Thanks!!
  6. Happy New year to you, too. All these comments have made me think outside the box as they say. I see now that there are a lot of options I can consider. I could visit NYC on either end of my trip, even!
  7. You all are a treasure trove of information! Here's another query for you. I am actually doing a tandem(back and forth crossing), so does anybody know what time the ship RETURNS to NYC? I will need to get a round-trip train ticket in advance, so I'm wondering about the logistics of getting back home to Maryland.
  8. OH, you have given me a lot to absorb! I had not thought through many of these observations. No way am I going to take the chance of missing my crossing! Great hints. I have no problem coming up a day early.
  9. Thanks, fellow travelers. Anybody know how long/far it is from Penn Station to the dock? I figure an Uber or taxi will suffice to get me thee.
  10. I am way ahead of myself-my crossing isn't until Oct. 2021-but I was wondering what time we can actually board the ship and what time does the ship leave port? I will be taking the train from MD and want to plan accordingly.
  11. So, help me out, Cunarders....... Is it pronounced CUE-NARD or CUN-ARD? Cu-NArd or Cue-Nard?
  12. I am doing this also(in October 2021). Exactly how much time do we have in Southampton? Is it a walkable town/city? Does QM2 sponser a few excursions to choose from? Thanks.
  13. I see. I still don't get all the animosity toward this idea, though. Yes, the cost of our cruise may go up a bit to cover the new 'freebie', but it seems like most of us must be in pretty good financial standing if we are cruising on Silversea, yes? Sorry to sound condescending, but not sure how this changes things.
  14. Can't you still do this? Seems like(correct me if I am wrong) you can choose the excursion that appeals to you like normal. The operators name the time and amount of people and any other restrictions-no wheelchairs-or whatever.The only difference would be that you don't have to pay for it.
  15. Thank you for this information. Looks like I will bring along a bottle or 2!
  16. Wow, that's remarkable! The others that I have been on specifally prohibit it since it cuts into their profits. Has anyone on this board done it? I will be on a tandem(2 way) crossing and I won't get the package on either trip.
  17. Here's a strange question to go along with the drinks package one-Are you allowed to bring alchohol on board?
  18. Original poster here. So, guess what? I'm going to try both! Next year. March transatlantic on SS, Ft.Lauderdale to Lisbon, than a QM2 tandem(back to back) in October NYC to Southampton and back. Oh, boy, looking forward to comparing and enjoying both! Can you tell I love seadays???? 😆
  19. Thanks for this frank review. Pretty sure it is the least complimentary of SS I've come across. Comfort as a solo is high on my list.So,back to the drawing (planning) board.
  20. I have one scheduled for March 2021 that I paid for last year-hope all systems go by then. With my future credit I received, I will probably book another one-going to check those deals out now! I am in Poolesville, right down the road from you, practically!
  21. Thanks for this response.I looked at the Grill's room to compare.It looks lovely, but expensive, as I would have to pay double the price as a solo. SS has trips with a good supplement percentage for solos. I also am a fan of smaller ships. Looks like I will go with SS. Where are you in Maryland? I'm in Montgomery County.
  22. Yes, I see that now. The single rooms are only 178 sq. ft. Pretty small, but I don't usually stay in my cabin much. On an eastbound crossing in July, the cost is almost 3,000 US dollars .Off topic, what is the general rule for tipping? I know on SS it is included.
  23. You are right, SS has some great deals on rooms that are not double the price(as is the case on some lines). Going to compare with the solo rooms on Cunard.
  24. These responses are so insightful and most helpful. Thanks for taking the time to answer my original query. Seems the all-inclusiveness on Silversea is quite appealing. I like the idea of one payment for everything without an adding machine going on in my head on the Queen.(That's just how I would roll). Wasn't aware of the 'class system' on Cunard. What is it? As for solo travel, I know Cunard has several rooms set aside for singletons on the QM2. Anybody tried those rooms? That could be a plus for Cunard. Thanks again!
  25. I had been booked on a cruise on both of these lines this coming year. Since they were both cancelled, I have a chance to re-book. Any opinions either way of your favorite(if you have tried both, of course)? Cost, anemities, activities, atmosphere? Single female, 60ish. Thank you.
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