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  1. If the price of the longer cruise isn't a deal breaker, and you just don't want to be on the ship that long, than book the longer cruise, and request to leave the ship at an earlier port. I was on a Emerald TP, which started from Sydney. We decided we wanted to spend the time exploring NZ's South Island, rather than crossing the Tasman to North NZ. We could have boarded in Auckland, but that meant missing all the North NZ stops. So, we booked from Sydney, and requested to board at the first stop in NZ, which was Wellington. We paid the full fare for the cruise, and got still the 29 cruise po
  2. Princess cruises from Seattle normally spend about 5 hours in port (7pm-11:59pm) in Victoria, so that length of time seems to be long enough for it to count as a proper port stop. Perhaps if Royal does the same, they will be fine as well.
  3. That is because Victoria is a 'deemed foreign port' as there is no other way for Alaskan cruises to meet the requirements otherwise.
  4. From here: https://www.princess.com/news/notices_and_advisories/notices/global-ship-operations-pause-december-2020.html 'All sailings in Asia, Caribbean, California Coast, Hawaii, Mexico, Panama Canal, South America & Antarctica, Japan, and Tahiti/South Pacific through December 15, 2020'
  5. I would not set it up that way, just because if grandmother can't sail, your daughter would be denied boarding as well. If this happens close to sail away, you might not be able to include your daughter in your cabin, or it would be expensive to do so. So you would then have to find someone to look after her, or cancel your cabin.
  6. Things are very busy over at Princess right now. You may need to wait 60-90 days before seeing any kind of refund. They simply have so many to do right now, it will take some time.
  7. I totally get where you are coming from; it is nice to know. It's called a guarantee for a reason, though - you are guaranteed a stateroom. Beyond that, why does it matter which room? Even if you don't get informed until you get to the dock, there will be someone there to tell you what stateroom number to put on your bags so the porter can take them. Give it another few days.
  8. I doubt any crew still working their contract will be going home. I just think HAL hasn't figured out how to replace the Asia cruises yet. It takes time to figure out where to go, get permission from each port to be able to dock there, *and* find passengers ready to pay. It is very short notice to get people aboard. I wouldn't be surprised if nothing happens until at least April. Heck, it is possible the ship will arrive in Alaska without passengers.
  9. Interesting... The HAL website doesn't show any cruises for the Westerdam until she begins the Alaska run in May. Wonder what she'll do to fill in the time until then?
  10. It is primarily on Oasis Class, and some Quantum class. For ships that don't have an SL, there's a consierge lounge that has the same function. And yes, for GS and above.
  11. It does seem strange to be going to Alaska this time of year, doesn't it. Perhaps he misheard - Anchorage/at anchorage. Time will tell.
  12. It does indeed. However, MarineTraffic.com lists the ship's destination as GR KGS which is Kos, Greece. So either the destination is wrong, (computer glitch, or not transmitting the right information) or it is just quite a coincidence that the name of the port it's headed to is the same as the code for the port it left. As I said, until we get more info, wait and see.
  13. When I click on the 'route forecast' button, the path shown does lead to Greece. Wait and see, I guess.
  14. D+ have been allowed in the CL for a long time now. The issue is the shrinking number of ships that have a CL. Oasis class don't have one, instead having a Suites lounge, open only to Suites and Pinnacles.
  15. Yes - theme park rails. Certainly not rails with a long drop on the other side.
  16. Never ships' railings, no. And yes, their parents were close by, as well. As I said before, I kept a very firm grip on my niece, with both hands. It was never a common thing to do; maybe a few times, not often. They are all too big now for something like that.
  17. If you have two young but walking kids, by yourself, and one goes <-- that way and the other goes this way --> Well, which one are you going to go after first? At the same time, I have done the whole 'sit my toddler nieces/nephew on the railing so they can see better' bit. But you better be sure I had them in a proper bear hug, so I would never lose grip on them. When I take my nieces/nephew out by myself, I am always constantly making sure I have them in my view.
  18. Yes - my parents and I had a layover in Beijing, before our onwards flight to Singapore on Feb 1st. We weren't allowed to board the Sapphire when it left on Feb 2, so hung out in Singapore a few days before going home. Two weeks on, now, still symptom free.
  19. Indeed - US Border guards can tell my Mom is a dual national, just by scanning her passport. It is also why my Mom broke down and got a Canadian passport - US customs gave her too much static about using a British passport to enter the US (which at the time was less expensive to maintain than a Canadian one) but living in Canada.
  20. 'Emergency Cruise'? I understand stress relief, but I don't want to be anywhere near a cruise ship right now. Maybe in September... a coastal on the Emerald does sound nice; I would only need airfare home from LA. And things will have calmed down by then.
  21. Interesting - I can access the personalizer using Edge, but not FireFox.
  22. We were in an aft inside (Sapphire Princess, 21-night sailing Feb 2) and received an upgrade to an obstructed OV. I'm guessing a 4-person group perhaps needed that inside and so our party of 3 got moved to a 3-berth cabin that was available. Not entirely sure what the third berth will be like, but we will make it work. We got a fantastic deal of $1800 CAD (about $1360 USD) per person.
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