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  1. This is when a passport is required, not just the better option. A letter from the other parent stating the kid is good to travel without them is helpful too.
  2. It shouldn't be a problem. Nobody is going to be pushing you to go any earlier than that for self-assist. Leaving your room by 8:30 is a courtesy for the room stewards to get the rooms clean for the next guests. You can then take your luggage up to the WindJammer buffet and have breakfast before you leave the ship. That's what we've always done.
  3. This is why I dilute it... it's normally way too strong. I just need a little bit to flavour the water.
  4. We have good summers, around 72-85 degrees F. Certainly warm enough to go swimming at the beach (I live within an hour's drive of many beaches, which is fun. We'll often go in the late afternoon for swimming, and then get fish and chips for dinner).
  5. Yeah - forgot about the shorts. I live on the West coast of Canada, so we don't cruise the Caribbean often. It's not usually warm enough for shorts.
  6. Here is a Youtube video that has some footage of a balcony accessible cabin - it's towards the end of the video. I know it's not an inside, but chances are it will be similar.
  7. My carry on list, for a week: 1 jacket 2 light light hooded jackets 8-9 tshirts. 1 pair of jeans 1 pair of pants 8-9 pairs of underwear 8-9 pairs of socks. 1 pair of pyjamas 2 swimsuits 1 dress, with a light sweater and dressy sandals. The rest of my stuff (meds, sunglasses, phones/charge cords, etc) all fits in my backpack, which is small enough to be considered a personal item. I like keeping my stuff with me, and lugging it around is better than the worry that it will go missing.
  8. I think it's more the law of unintended consequences - less money is allocated to maintaining smaller less profitable ships, so they show their age more. I try my best to steer away from conspiracy theories; ignorance and incompetance are usually more accurate theories.
  9. There was one night we had no wait. Most other nights, yes. Part of the issue is we were a party of three; too big for a 2 top, not big enough for their 6 or 8 tops. So, they would usually push two 2-tops together for us, which meant waiting for not one but two tables to be ready.
  10. Yes, you do. On my last cruise, in September on the Majestic, people without reservations were being turned away from the Concerto restaurant, and even with a res, we waited 10-20 minutes or so to get a table. Reservations are important.
  11. I've done the Quantum embarking from Seattle, and 2 Princess ships from Vancouver. I'd choose Vancouver anytime - much less stressful, lines moved quickly, especially if you board in the morning.
  12. Yes - if the ship is ready to leave at 4:30, it will. If not, then it will sail once everything is ready.
  13. Yes, Guest services will reprogram your key cards to the rooms you'd prefer. It's best if all 4 of you go, since they might need to ask permission of everyone involved in the switch.
  14. I didn't know Carnival even did those. I always just used the app.
  15. Fellow Canuck here - we've stayed at La Quinta near LAX before, and it was a good choice, with a free hotel shuttle from the airport. Breakfast was also included. A taxi to Long Beach or San Pedro will be in the area of $50-65 USD. I love Kelowna - been up there several times and have friends who live up there.
  16. The main purpose of the bookmark is you can set JourneyView to only show you bookmarked events, instead of every event.
  17. I forgot to mention - each person needs to watch the video on their own account. So any cabin mate you may have will need to watch the video themselves with their own login.
  18. You first need to connect to MedallionNet once you board the ship. Then you log into the app and go to Safety Essentials, and watch the video. You can also watch it on your cabin TV. I usually have lunch, and then go to my cabin once it's open to drop off my suitcase and check the cabin door to see where my Muster station is. I visit the muster station, then go enjoy sail away. Get Muster done early, so you don't need to worry about it.
  19. I'm following as well. We've booked the Venezia for a late January cruise, a 10 day one. Half the cruise is port days, the other half sea days. I'm really excited as I got an excellent deal on a Terrazza Cabana - always wanted to try a Cabana, but the prices had been a little much. Thanks for reviewing.
  20. I'll be on the Venezia myself, but not until late January. So looking forwards to this as a taster of what to expect.
  21. There are some good upsells, though. I had always wanted to try out a Havana Cabana, but was put off by how much more it cost compared to other cabins. However, for my upcoming Venezia cruise, I was offered an upgrade from a deck 7 aft balcony to a Terrazza Cabana for $180. I took it, because it was a few hundred cheaper than having booked a cabana to begin with. So, I'm excited!
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