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  1. Another option is thru your health insurance. I have an appointment to have a rapid PCR at my HMO at no cost to me.
  2. Promoting screw-ups is the American corporate way. It happens everywhere. I worked for Kaiser Permanente for 23 years and saw it time after time. They became the favorite child and had continued protection for every mess they made. This “news” does not surprise me at all.
  3. Please keep in mind that this is the first sailing in 1 1/2 years, the staff have not had passengers on board and they are trying to find the rhythm of working together. I was on the first sailing in Alaska on the Nieuw Amsterdam and had the same hiccups. With each day they got better. It’s kinda like your first day at a new job. i will be on the K’dam on the October 31st sailing, so it will be interesting to see how they come together in the next few weeks. Enjoy the cruise, I know I sure did!
  4. I’m on that sailing to (31-Oct to 7-Nov) I don’t have a plan B yet, as it would be too long of a drive for me!
  5. The Koningsdam leaving San Diego last night.
  6. Here is a photo as she hit the open water just out of San Diego last evening.
  7. You put into writing everything I was thinking, except my flight is Denver to San Diego. I believe it is poor staffing schedules. More flights then they have pilots, flight attendants and the countless ground operations.
  8. If you like historic hotels I highly recommend the Mayflower Park Hotel (has AC) located at Westlake station. Halfway between Pike Market and Seattle Center (Space Needle). It is a beautiful hotel. I stayed there this past July for a HAL cruise. Took the light rail from the airport ($3.00) sure beats the $40+ taxi/uber fare. Took a taxi to Pier 91 was charged $10.
  9. Here is the Grand Princess coming into San Diego this Morning
  10. Hmmm, maybe a S2S + 2. (Haha). Whatever it may be called, I would call it fun!
  11. FYI, there is a difference, a B2B (back to back) where you stay on the same ship. When you move to another ship it is considered a side to side (S2S) and has very different “rules” as you are completing one cruise and starting a new one. On the S2S you will receive a new medallion and a new ship account where on a B2B it is basically a continuation of the cruise. It does sound like a great adventure though. Enjoy!
  12. On the 2021 Pacific Costal cruises San Francisco has always been 2 days with an overnight. When Monterey was cancelled HAL added Avalon. At least this is what they did for the Koningsdam’s Oct 31 coastal.
  13. I’m booked on the Oct 31 Konigsdam sailing. It will be interesting how the itinerary may change. Maybe a sea day, or just a sail by Santa Barbara. I am sure HAL is scrambling to come up with a new plan. Same thing happened on this itinerary earlier when Monterey was cancelled for the same reason (Covid). You could just put me on the ship and sail me around for the full 7 days with no port stops and I would be happy.
  14. The magnets are about as strong as a refrigerator magnet, nowhere near as strong as the magnet used in the Dr office to set them. I personally would opt to use the watch band or put the medallion in your pocket. They do come with a warning, but so does McD’s coffee. There are some medallion haters out there, but don’t let them scare you.
  15. I was a solo on HAL’s 1st cruise to Alaska. I cruise to enjoy the cruise. I have never looked to meet people, though in the course of cruising you do meet and chat. When I dine in the MDR I always ask to share a table and have had great conversations. I have never looked to be entertained by others, but people watching sure is fun on a ship. What I love as a solo is doing what I want, when I want too.
  16. It was $30 for my CO add on, I stated that I only would accept a meta upgrade and my HAL rep chuckled. If I stay with my oceanview category I don’t want to be moved. (It is forward facing OV) I have done CO on the NA and the Zaandam. This will be the first ship with a dedicated dining room.
  17. I am on the K’dam for the Oct 31 sailing with an ocean view, I have bought the CO for that sailing as it has 2 tender ports (CO gives priority for tenders), I like the complementary Mimosa for breakfast, this will be a first for the separate dining room but on the NA it was nice to be seated immediately in the MDR. Would love Colorado company for this cruise.
  18. I would actually have preferred that on the 1st cruise, in Sitka we had to share the shuttle into town with a ship that was not 100% vaccinated, and multiple families on the shuttle were not masked or were wearing their masks under their nose and mouth. I really want HAL to succeed in continuing on with cruises and if limiting contact with potential carriers can be limited it might help with the success of cruising during COVID.
  19. I didn’t photograph it but the questions were the typical health question and they asked about COVID-19 symptoms and contacts.
  20. I was on the 1st cruise also and used Port Valet. My flight was at 1:15. I purchased a HAL bus transfer and was in the BBBB group that was off the ship at 8:00 am. I think HAL would like everyone off ASAP so that they can clean. With Port Valet, you skip the check in and bag drop at the airport and go straight through security. That was fine with me because I am a people watcher and had reading material. You could taxi to downtown and kill a few hours without luggage, make it to the Westlake Station and ride the “Link” to the airport for $3.50 each. The sooner everyone is off the ship, the sooner the next group starts their long awaited sail!
  21. Yes, it happened to me and I am a white, gray haired, female cruiser. I was wearing a white polo shirt and black skort and a passenger handed me her key card and ordered a drink out by the Seaview bar. It took me by surprise, I could have been bad, but when I told her I am a passenger she was utterly embarrassed. Thanks for bringing back a fun memory.
  22. Cruising during COVID is a personal choice. I was on the 1st HAL cruise and went with the thought that anyone I met could be a carrier. Working in health care one looks at each patient as contagious until proven otherwise. Did I cruise in fear, no, I am vaccinated and know that I am less likely to contract a severe/deadly case. In the airport and transportation you don’t know who may have it. I avoided anyone wearing their mask under their nose or I even saw a few with the mask under their chin. Be smart about your choices and who is around you. Enjoy your cruise, I did, and I will cruise again soon.
  23. The only fee is if your airline charges for baggage, and only certain airlines participate in Port Valet. I received the form in my stateroom a few days into our sailing. You will be responsible to get yourself to SeaTac. I use the Princess bus transfer, but you can taxi/uber if you like.
  24. Just off the Nieuw Amsterdam, and my reusable plastic sports bottle was fine. It was empty for embarkation. One bottle of wine made it through without being charged a corkage fee.
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