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  1. And just where do you think the medical staff will come from? The health care system has been under staffed and over worked before this crisis. I would not come out of retirement to work, as I am now an part of the at risk age.
  2. What cabin were you in? I have a cruise scheduled on her in June.
  3. I see many luggage tags printed in b/w, no color, when I cruise. Save time and effort and print them at home in b/w.
  4. You will be able to pick it up at check-in just like checking in for any cruise. I personally like using the Medallion, the only thing you will miss out on is one free drink using the app on a smartphone or tablet. I prefer the wrist band for the medallion as I detest lanyards. The bands can be purchased onboard. Enjoy your cruise.
  5. The Medallion’s magnet is very very weak, it has less strength than a common refrigerator magnet. The magnets used to reset a pacemaker is significantly stronger! There are accessories, such as wrist bands and clips that would be perfectly fine to use.
  6. I love solo cruising and do not feel a need to “fill” my days and evenings.Doing what I want when I want is the ultimate vacation. I do tend to people watch, which is quite entertaining in itself.
  7. I have an iPhone 5SE and the app works fine on it. I keep the phone up to date with each OS update. Could an old OS be the problem? (I love the small size of the phone, so I don’t want to give it up.)
  8. The Coral was struck in November in Lake Gatun while I was on her. There were no adverse effects other than a few expletives that came flying out of my mouth. I was sitting out on my balcony watching the storm, I could feel the electrical tingle during the strike and it was followed by the loudest crack of thunder ever.
  9. Do you know if EZCheck is available for San Pedro to LAX? Sailing on the Royal next month.
  10. I am currently on the Coral and no Medallion, just the card and I miss the “extras” that the Medallion offers. I feel I have taken a step backward. (I am 65yo) and love the technology. My public photo is a photo of some art work, and I have the turtle avatar that pops up when I pass the big boards.
  11. On the Coral Princess right now! If you like high power dryers, bring your own, I don’t mind the lower power, just lakes a bit longer to dry my hair, and less stuff to pack if I use the one here. It is they type attached to the wall by the desk.
  12. Coral Princess will go through the historic locks, Emerald Princess will go through the new locks. Coral Princess was built to transit the locks with lots of outdoor public viewing, many open decks aft and fore. I am in the Nov 17th sailing on the Coral, I feel it is the ship of choice.
  13. I booked a 3-for-free with the $1.00 deposit, but on the confirmation and travel summary the 3-for-free did not show up. Spent to long on hold, not sure if the 3-for-free is really there.
  14. When I got my lanyard and received the blue insert with my correct color medallion, I used the blue insert as a template and created my own insert. You could even not use an insert in the plastic holder. I did buy the clip and used it almost all the time. I like the clip the best.
  15. SLC1954


    I have done two group cruises with Princess both with 100+ members attending. I was one of the very few in the group that had cruised with Princess prior to our events. So, you know that never is not a true statement. :)
  16. I enjoy the west coast sailings. Living in Colorado, It is just as easy to go west as it is to do east coast sailings. I have sailed in and out of San Francisco and Vancouver multiple times. When you go under the Golden Gate or Lions Gate bridges be sure to be at the highest most forward deck no matter the time. It will be crowded on your sail away from SFO, but in the morning on your approach to Vancouver there will be very few people. If you stop in Astoria, it is a quaint friendly city and very easy to walk.
  17. Check out the Emerald deck aft. These are regular balcony cabins with larger balconys. The last cabin on either side also has a wake view. This is my first choice on the Island or Coral.
  18. Hope they did not go out of business, I have 3 cruises planed, one of which has been paid for. Cutting staff maybe the reason why this past month they have had phone wait/hold times that run 30-60 minutes. Or maybe I crashed the site cuz I keep checking to see if there has been a price drop. Their crack IT team at its finest will fix it, but no ETA for that. I still love Princess though, elite with 25+ cruises.
  19. Thank you for this, I am doing my first B2B, and think that having the steward skip cleaning our cabin is a small gift on our side, but a big help for the steward. It is the little things that really count!
  20. This is my usual go to cabins, I love them, but they are almost totally enclosed with the opening facing forward. You are able to see each balcony on the side of the ship, and everyone can see you too. When in your cabin you are not able to see out to the sea very much. Yet, the closeness to the “backdoor” makes it a great location. If they are booked I usually will book the next closest aft.
  21. When you do a B2B with the Medallion it links the two cruises, but technically it is 2 separate cruises for your Captain Circle benefits. You will use the same Medallion for both cruises.
  22. I am on that same cruise, and I also received that same email, went to my booking an no we are not stoping there. I just figured it was a glitch, but you never know, maybe we will stop there. Princess can always change a port, it is in the contract. See you in November!
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