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  1. MedallionNet is the new Internet service on Princess ships. Ocean Medallion is the device that has replace your cruise card for charging to your account and unlocking your room. The only thing they have in common is the word "medallion"; other than that, to the customer, they're independent systems but thanks to the marketers having fallen in love with the word "medallion", much confusion has been created.
  2. Good point. I was assuming we were talking about the ship’s resident entertainers (Crooners pianist, string quarter/trio/duo, party band, etc.) who perform in the lounges, atrium, etc. I would put the guest entertainers as well as the production show cast member who perform in the theaters in a separate class.
  3. I agree completely with the above. To Brisbane41, there are enough places in the world where tipping entertainers is the norm (considering how many lounge pianists to rely on tips for at least part of their pay, a tip jar on the Crooners piano would not look out of place to many people) that I very much doubt that any cruise ship entertainer would feel it creepy or be offended by it as they are used to dealing with people from different cultures and countries and do understand cultural differences. They might decline but they'd thank you for the compliment. As for the rest of that post, it app
  4. They're on both decks 10 and 11 and can be accessed via either the port or starboard corridor. I've been out there in both Glacier Bay and the Panama Canal but never tried going up there when at sea.
  5. My guess is Enchanted Princess is going to be in Australia for Winter 2021-22 doing what Ruby Princess is doing this winter and Regal Princess is doing in 2020-21. I was expecting Regal Princess to go back but now that summer 2021 schedules are out, Regal Princess ends its Alaska season (and current published schedule) with a 4-night one-way from Seattle to Vancouver (via Ketchikan) and the usual reason for a Seattle based ship to move to Vancouver at end of season is so that it can then position down the coast to another U.S. port. So I'm guessing Regal Princess will be in L.A. replacing Roya
  6. Yes they do. The charges come from each ship so it's overnight on each ship. I use a Chase credit card and have fraud alerts set so I get an alert on my phone for every "card not present" charge. The first night, I was alerted to a $100 authorization from NameOfShip Princess (the ship's name shows as the merchant). Once my onboard spend exceeded $100, I received that the authorization had been increased by whatever that day's spend was. If I checked my Chase account online, it would have showed a pending charge from the ship that was the total of the daily authorizations. Once the cruise was o
  7. Agree. As a general rule, as soon as I see "Stewart" or "mustard drill" in a post or someone call their ship "Princess NameOfShip" (rather than "NameOfShip Princess"), I just move on to the next post. My thinking is anyone who does that either lacks good observational skills (particularly when they get the ship's name wrong) or can't be bothered to proofread so who know if what they wrote was what they meant. Either way as I know there are already factual errors in their post, why should I believe anything else they say. To keep this on topic, the only thing that really bothers me
  8. Keeping the door open might help with you reaching the ship's Wi-Fi access points but will do nothing regarding any issues between the ship and the satellites. Your Internet traffic goes from your device to an access point on the ship via Wi-Fi, then via the ship's internal wired network to the satellite dish, and then to the satellite. Performance with one part of that is independent of performance elsewhere. Your overall throughput will be the slowest of those various parts.
  9. Why do you think anyone here knows? Even if someone posts what is showing on the cruise just before, they could replace a movie with a new one for your cruise. Since you're on a Medallion cruise, you might be able to see the details for your cruise in the MedallionClass app. And that is likely to be more accurate than relying on what is being shown on a previous cruise.
  10. We were on the 10/31 NYC-FLL positioning cruise on Regal Princess. I was surprised when we headed to the Platinum/Elite disembarkation lounge a few minutes before 8:00 to be told that all groups (at least if you were P/E) could disembark immediately (our time was still 15 minutes away). Immediately did so to find an empty Immigration hall! I think we were through everything (had bags to collect off the ship) and in a Lyft headed to the airport by 8:30. For those doing walk-off, the disembarkation instructions just said "proceed directly to the gangway between 6:30am and 9:00am". No
  11. Per the schedule I found on a website that lists cruise schedules, Montevideo was supposed to be on Saturday 12/21 with Sunday (the first formal night per the post) on Sunday 12/22, a scheduled sea day. I'm surprised to see Captain McBain back in command. He left 10/18 at the end of the 9/29 Panama Canal (Pacific partial) with Dariusz Balana, Coral's other captain, re-joining that day. My understanding was that the captain's had alternating approximately 10-week contracts so I'm surprised to see Captain McBain back already although I knew he would be back before the last of the cru
  12. I suspect the change is the already announced move of Cozumel from Tuesday to Friday. The itinerary as scheduled has a lot of slack in it where as scheduled, the ship would have been sailing considerably slower than its top speed. With Cozumel and Costa Maya only about six hours sailing time apart at top speed, by moving the Cozumel port call to Friday, they've bought themselves almost 24 hours they can remain in New Orleans and still make Costa Maya on time. And on the return, Roatan to New Orleans could be done in about 44 hours but was scheduled for 60 hours. Cozumel is in the right locatio
  13. All the Princess full transit's I've looked at recently stop only in Cartagena. Are other cruise lines doing both? I know from experience there was a period 15 or so years ago when Cartagena was too dangerous for port calls so Aruba was being used then. Perhaps some lines are scheduling both to hedge their bets. Of course, there's also the matter that even on a one-way cruise, people are cruising for what's along the way, not as transportation. So for itineraries that also stop at Aruba, maybe it's a simple matter of market demand for the port call.
  14. I believe Aruba (and Bonaire and Curacao) are considered distant foreign ports not because they are part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (so is the Dutch side on St. Maarten but it is not a distant foreign port; in addition, Martinique and Guadeloupe are part of France (they are overseas departments (for department, think states in U.S. terms) so their relationship to France is about the same as Hawaii is to the U.S.) but they are not distant foreign ports either) but because the ABC islands are so close to South America that they are considered, for purposes of the PVSA, to be part of South
  15. I can definitely relate to that. We go to Kauai every February. With retirement ahead in late 2020, we wanted a cruise to someplace warm to go to in January 2021 ahead of that annual trip to Kauai. The best fit is a Hawaii cruise. We'll get back to San Francisco, spend three nights there, and then fly right back to Kauai. While we do plan to get off the ship in all the Hawaiian ports, our port call on Kauai will probably consist of nothing more than going to a favorite restaurant within walking distance of the cruise port. For that trip, the 9.5 sea days is more important than the Hawaiian por
  16. I have T-Mobile as well and it worked great. And despite what was said a couple of posts above about receiving calls, I received several calls. In fact, after switching Internet to my computer (which logs the phone out of the ship's Internet as I had a one device plan), I still received a call. Once the phone registers itself via Wi-Fi and Internet with your cell carrier, it stayed registered and even though logged out, the Princess Internet service was "leaky" enough to let calls and notifications through (I experience the same on some airplanes where notifications and iMessages get through e
  17. Yes, when Wi-Fi Calling is turned on, you can make and receive calls via Wi-Fi (your phone must be logged into the ship's Internet service, not just on the ship's Wi-Fi). As I see you're in the U.S. and as I said above, your calls will be treated as if you're in the U.S. so assuming you have unlimited domestic calling, there is no additional charge for calls to and from the U.S. Your cell carrier will see that the phone is on the Internet and route calls to the phone that way. Since they use the ship's satellite Internet service, there may be a slight satellite lag when conversing with the oth
  18. Airplane mode ON (to turn off the cellular radio), then turn on Wi-Fi and, if appropriate, Bluetooth. So long as the cellular radio is off, you will not be using the ship's (or any land-based) cellular towers that can cause roaming charges.
  19. Do they still have those on non-Medallion Net ships? On Medallion Net ships, it's a one size fits all unlimited offering.
  20. Cabins still being available should not make a difference. This is an add-on to existing bookings so availability has nothing to do with it. Most likely the person you dealt with at your TA had no prior knowledge of this promotion and got somebody at Princess who was poorly trained as well. Might be worth a second shot at it. The document at https://book.princess.com/pdf/onesource/pc/sales_marketing/PC_Best_Sale_Ever_Retro_Guidelines_FINAL.pdf really explains it all and note that there is a section titled "Self help – apply the code for your clients – no need to call Princess:" (n
  21. As I understand it, adding BEST3 (or the others) should be possible with any prior fare you booked. So re-faring is not needed. But it might help us if you gave us more information: what cruise (ship and date) and what promotion, if any, you booked under originally. But at $40pp/day, for $3,220 to be close to right, it would need to be a 40-night cruise. $3,220 is more than you'd pay for the beverage package, Internet, and gratuities at the regular rates for a 16-night cruise.
  22. He means keep airplane mode on (cellular radio off). The terms get confusing because turning airplane mode ON turns the radios in your phone OFF. And then you are told to turn other functions, like Wi-Fi ON to re-enable what turning airplane mode ON turned OFF.
  23. For the seven-night itineraries, keeping the same schedule from week to week probably makes port scheduling a lot easier (as, for example, they can book a port on a "every Tuesday" basis). Once you get into longer cruises, port scheduling becomes more a matter of what ports have room on the day (the day of the week changes from cruise to cruise) the ship will be in the area. Other frequent ports can be a result of geography. For a Western Caribbean cruise circling around Cuba, Grand Cayman's location, despite tendering and weather cancellations, means you go there that day or you h
  24. As Skynight said, Verizon (or any cell carrier) is not involved when your phone is in airplane mode but with Wi-Fi turned on (meaning you're not on the cellular network and doing everything via Wi-Fi). Assuming you're also logged into the ship's Internet service (which is what Princess means when they say Wi-Fi even though the terms are not synonymous), you can do everything you normally do that involves phone data. Your phone is directly on the Internet so your data traffic does not go through your cellular carrier. But by default, you can not do anything that involves the voice side of cellu
  25. Since you quoted me, let me respond for the record that I have never sent out my non-Elite wife's clothes (or anyone else's) under the Elite laundry benefit. That said, I have yet to see anything definitive from Princess saying that when a cabin is shared by an Elite and a non-Elite whether or not only the Elite's personal clothing qualifies. And until Princess does or you can cite a previous statement from Princess, there's no reason to get so high and mighty about it. I can make arguments both ways although I'd lean to it being a stateroom benefit, not an individual benefit. Why?
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