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  1. Actually (as we have this booked for 2021), the main ship in the Med does a rotation of three 7-night one-ways: Rome to Athens, Athens to Barcelona, and Barcelona to Rome. From each port, you can book 7, 14, or 21 nights. There is only one port that is duplicated (at least in 2021 as the itineraries currently exist) and that is Naples (on both Rome to Athens and Athens to Barcelona).
  2. I'm not familiar with the company you mentioned above (and if it's a travel agency, you're not supposed to mention them by name on CruiseCritic) but assuming they are, when you put down your deposit, how was it paid and if it was by credit or debit card, was the charge in the travel agency's name or Princess Cruises. If the travel agency's name, I suspect they're holding back that part as a cancellation penalty even though Princess has refunded it to them. If so, first, never do business with them again (I consider such behavior unethical) and second, consider a chargeback, if able, with your
  3. As Princess cancelled the cruise, everything, including anything that was previously non-refundable, is now refundable. You need to get back to them and remind them that Princess cancelled the cruise, not you.
  4. You can get chips at the table charged to your stateroom account. There is no surcharge on Princess and the chips can then be cashed out for cash at the cashier.
  5. They were part of the Anniversary Sale and Cyber Sale between 3 For Free (or 3 Included as I prefer to say) and Best. Sale. Ever.
  6. Appreciate hearing this. We have two for our cruise next January but also have done the BSE add-on so the promotional wine has no value to us in the MDR. But will use them to get a couple of bottles (either from Room Service or by picking them up at a bar) for in-room consumption.
  7. Southbound, it depends. Ships can only transit Seymour Narrows at slack tide (a short period about every six hours). Speed will be set to get there at the desired time, then after transiting, speed is set to arrive Vancouver as schedule. Depending on the tide schedule, that transit will typically be between 6pm and midnight southbound. And north of there is also quite scenic for two to three hours so southbound, most or all of the scenic transit between the northern part of Vancouver Island and the mainland will be in daylight. Our most recent Alaska cruise was SB in part to see t
  8. It will not be a formal night (never when a ship is in port in the evening). The formal nights will be the sea day after Warnemunde and the day after you leave St. Petersburg (usually after leaving Helsinki but Talinn on some cruises that have flopped Talinn and Helskini). Due to the multiple embarkation ports on this itinerary, those are the only possible days for the formal nights.
  9. And now that they're back to the port ordering of past years but not followed in 2019, they will be the sea day between Warnemunde and Talinn and the day you're in Helsinki, the only two nights of the cruise that meet all the formal night scheduling rules (not the day of embarkation, not the night before disembarkation, and not on an evening when the ship is in port) given there are three embarkation/disembarkation ports on the itinerary (Copenhagen, Warnemunde, and St. Petersburg).
  10. I believe when you get on the ship that you will find charges for all the excursions you pre-paid for along with any amounts you pre-paid for excursions considered to be the purchase of refundable OBC. And if there is now (or even anytime before your on-board account is closed out) additional non-refundable OBC available, the new non-findable OBC will be used for those pre-paid excursions leaving you with a refundable balance if you don’t use it all. Example: You paid $500 in advance for excursions. You then get an additional $200 in non-refundable OBC. When you board, you’ll find
  11. From what I’ve empirically determined, indoor walk/run on the Apple Watch do not use GPS while outdoor walk/run do. Select an indoor activity and you won’t have the distance problem.
  12. Martinique and Guadeloupe are overseas departments of France (a French department is largely the same as a U.S. state). So the relationship between them and mainland France is largely the same as between Hawaii and the mainland U.S. The major difference is that although they are essentially part of France, they are not part of the Schengen area and therefore have their own immigration inspection (unlike between Hawaii and the mainland U.S. which is the same as any other U.S. domestic travel for immigration purposes).
  13. Poor wording by Princess. The last sentence should start out "If a visa is required, a multiple entry visa will be required ..." or
  14. Adding to my previous post, not only did I receive calls via Wi-Fi calling, I even received calls when the phone was not logged into the ship's Internet (but recently had been). From my experience, even after a forced log out by logging in on a different device (when you log in on a second device, you get an alert that you are already logged in on a different device and asked if you want to disconnect the other device), the phone stayed known and still received calls and app notifications for awhile. This is similar to the behavior I see on some airplanes where when connecting to the plane's w
  15. None on my recent cruise. Of course, there may have been calls to me that I didn’t get and didn’t know I missed. But I did receive calls.
  16. Having Global Entry will help. Make sure you have your cards as you will need those to access the expedited security lines (they're marked with Nexus signs but GE members can use them, at least for flights to the U.S.). I have successfully made an 11:08am flight using walk-off and then Skytrain to the airport and then still had 45 minutes to kill in a lounge at the airport. And on a recent trip to Whistler, was on a bus from Whistler that arrived in downtown Vancouver about 7:45am and was at the airport via Skytrain and through security and Immigration/Customs right around 9:00am t
  17. Show times and other events are not set in a vacuum. The ship's Executive Committee (which includes the Captain, Hotel GM, Entertainment Director, Maitre D', and Executive Chef) sets the times and makes sure that meal times and show times are co-ordinated. If TD dinner times are adjusted, so are the show times. When shows are scheduled to be seen after dinner, there will always be at least two hours between TD start and show start. Sometimes, shows are scheduled for the late TD diners to see the show before dinner in which case there will be enough time between show end and start of dinner. Fr
  18. Shows are timed to fit with the traditional dining times. Despite some people thinking that they are scheduled independently, the Maitre D', Executive Chef, and the Entertainment Director (as well as the rest of the ship's Executive Committee which includes the Captain, Hotel GM, and several others) do meet to make sure the ship's schedule is co-ordinated across departments. BTW, dining times are also dependent on the market the ship is in. Don't assume the times being used on it in the Caribbean will apply in the Baltic.
  19. On every Princess cruise I've been on, the Princess Theater main shows (with the possible exception of the Welcome Aboard show the first night) have always been twice a night timed to fit with the two traditional seating times (despite what some people want to think, the times of various things are co-ordinated. The Entertainment Director and the Maitre D', both of who are under the Hotel GM, both sit on the ship's Executive Committee where these things are planned - and I got that right from an Entertainment Director's mouth). And while I can't speak as to what the current officers of Sky Pri
  20. 1st quoted paragraph: The initial poster specifically asked to clarify if Wi-Fi as used by Princess meant Internet and assumed it didn't. So the distinction is very much on-topic for this topic. 2nd quoted paragraph: On my last cruise, regular SMS text messages were received while on the ship's Internet. Perhaps it has to do with the magic Apple does that copies regular SMS messages to my computer and iPad. However, on a plane where iMessages leak through, regular SMS messages do not. 3rd quoted paragraph: True on some carriers but not on the one I usually fly (and reti
  21. It is unfortunate that Princess is calling this "Wi-Fi" when what they mean is "Internet". Wi-Fi and Internet are not the same thing. Wi-Fi is merely a network protocol for wirelessly connecting a device to a network. A network reached via Wi-Fi may or may not be connected to the Internet. Both on a ship and many airplanes today, Wi-Fi initially only gives you access to the local intranet (on many airplanes, that's how the personal device entertainment works); reaching the Internet then requires purchasing (or having by other entitlement) Internet access. All Princess passengers have access to
  22. It’s the itinerary, not the ship, that will determine the passenger make-up and atmosphere. As such, I would expect the Sky Princess NYC-FLL cruise in November to pretty much the same as the near-identical cruise done by Regal Princess for the last several years. We only did it in 2019 but there are a large group of regulars on it and in 2019 it was a bit of a party cruise with venues and entertainment going until at least midnight. I can assure the OP that at 10PM, things will just be heating up, not shutting down.
  23. It's New Year's Eve. The ship was only scheduled in port until 4pm. From my previous Princess cruising experience, New Year's Eve will be a formal night if at all possible.
  24. With tonight being New Year's Eve, they may not be following the usual order for menus. Note that the menu he posted says New Year's Eve on it. I would not count on tonight's menu being the one you'll have for your second formal night.
  25. Since this has turned into BSE and casino rates, seems like a good place to ask. Currently have a Hawaii cruise booked for Jan 2021 under Cyber (Internet, OBC, wine, specialty dining) plus BEST2DG (beverage package and gratuities) promotion. Then received the casino brochure pushing BSE (strangely, the casino host on that last cruise where I played a lot and after sending chocolate strawberries to the room said at end of cruise that I didn't play enough to qualify for anything). I'm sure there are different brochures for different levels. Mine offers $50 casino play and "save up to
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