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  1. When you go to the buffet and find only the starboard serving area is open, do you complain that you wanted to use the port serving area? That's as much of a lack of choice as which MDR you can use. Rather than thinking of it as three separate dining rooms, think of it as one dining room with three areas. There are lots of land restaurants with that sort of design and most don't give you a choice of what area they seat you in.
  2. Despite what some people think, the ship's DRO (Maitre D') and Entertainment Director do not schedule meal and show times independently. They are supposed to be co-ordinated. Both are under the Hotel GM and are part of the ship's executive committee which (as was explained to me by an Entertainment Director) meets daily to, among other things, make sure scheduled major activities don't conflict. Back in the prior days of traditional dining, traditional dining and show times always fit so you could make it from one to the other.
  3. Thanks as well. When I tried to book (Deck 6 traditional late), I initially got a "something went wrong" message but despite that, it was booked. We're on a weird 42-night B2B2B2 bookings (paid standard guarantee followed by 2 premier assigned cabin that were the result of a moveover offer) that the app combined into one so I'm impressed it worked as well as it did. Now to figure out the specialty dining. Since our original 21 night cruise was split into two 14 night cruises for the moveover offer, I think we get four (two on each of those 14 nights) but it looks like it want to charge us for them. Didn't go father than to see it say it wants money.
  4. AFAIK, Sun Princess is still on its own schedule for when dining reservations open. We're on it in March 2025 and nothing available yet either.
  5. Looking at your train search criteria (upper left), you appear to have asked for trains after 17:00. It appears their website defaults to the current time even when looking at a future date.
  6. I just received the email. We're booked B2B2B on Sun Princess next March. The booking number in the email is the first of the three booking numbers. Plus I thought Sun Princess wasn't caught up in this mess since it's supposedly already on the new system with them opening up reservations slowly.
  7. When did Princess start a system for advance booking the Chef's Table? The last time we did it (which was in 2019), you could only request it on board. This "[My TA] places an order for Chef's Table and it appears as a line item on my invoice" GFLeeper mentioned might be nothing more than the TA charging him or her and then using the money to buy refundable OBC that offsets the Chef's Table charge on board. As far as then being contacted on board to schedule, I suppose that might happen based on a TA request but I certainly wouldn't count on it considering how plenty of other reports indicates problems with follow-up on board.
  8. Of course. They are not going to charge you if they don't hold it. For all the worrying about getting selected, sometimes, spots are going begging. The first time we went, we were at a traditional dining large table and the Maitre D' stopped by to apologize to one couple that it appeared they wouldn't have enough people for another one. We asked questions as did another couple and boom! - the table was now complete.
  9. Almost certainly, nothing. Based on my airline experience, record locators (booking or confirmation numbers) are recycled almost immediately after the travel is in the past. That's one reason why with most airlines resolving any post-travel issues requires the ticket number and not the record locator (ticket numbers do not go away for a few years). While the Princess system could be different, I doubt it as most transportation reservation systems trace back to the same initial work.
  10. I'm aware that people do B2Bs all the time and had all three combined into one cruise in the app and stayed that way, I would not be concerned. It's that they combined for about 36 hours and the split again that has me concerned that something somewhere doesn't have it quite right. Regarding what you say about the shore excursions is also a concern but obviously something to deal with when and if it happens. Our first choice Barcelona excursion is booked for our second time in Barcelona 21 days later.
  11. I've read here before (but can't find right now) that when you are booked on a B2B on separate reservations, the Princess app combines it into one cruise. Well, maybe. We recently took a move over offer allowing a replacement up to 30 nights or two 15 night cruises. Decided to do four weeks next spring on Sun Princess - that's 1-1/3 of its 21-night rotation in the Med. Due to how it is marketed, that was done as two 14-night cruises B2B (Barcelona to Athens and then Athens to Rome). App combined them into one as expected. As this starts with its first cruise in the Med next spring, we decided to add its TA from Fort Lauderdale. But paying for this one. Initially it appeared separately in the app, then for about 1-1/2 days, they combined into one 42 night cruise, then went back to being separate. Hmmmm. Factors that might play into this: First, both the TA for next year and the original cruised we moved off of this year were booked as DF guarantees (choosing a cabin is not an option for the fare we are on). When the move over bookings were done, rather than still being a DF guarantee, we were given confirmed DE rooms. But different ones for the two segments due to how Princess divides up the ship for the multiple ways Med cruises can be booked, So likely two room moves - one every 14 nights (TA is supposed to be seeing if they can eliminate at least one of the moves). Second, this year's was booked with Princess Premier which carried over to the replacement cruises. The TA was booked Standard. Not sure if either of these is preventing the app from keeping them combined (particularly as I've heard of the app combining cruises on different ships). Granted, this is 10 months away but I am wondering if when we board the TA, since the app is currently showing these as two separate cruises, will they know we stay on at Barcelona (but since the TA starts with eight sea days, plenty of time to deal with it on board). Also wondering about medallions. Prior to booking the TA, I had already placed the medallion order for the Med part. After booking the TA, I received an email that the medallion order had been cancelled "at my request" (NOT) which is when I noticed that the TA had been combined with the other two only to be split again 1-1/2 days later. So I'm guessing I will eventually have to do two medallion orders (one for the TA and one for the rest) and do the one for the rest for port pickup since we'll be long gone by the time they would mail them. A concern I have with all this is shore excursions - particularly at Barcelona where we will want to do something and the last thing I want is for them to tell us due to how it's booked we need to go check-in on shore (note the TA can be booked as 14 nights to Barcelona and 21 nights to Rome so for some people on the ship, Barcelona will be a normal port day - it is not a day where they are expecting almost everyone to turn over). Anyway, as I said, plenty of time both ahead of all this and once on the TA to make sure everything is correct. But also open to any thoughts.
  12. That's the propeller slipstream (also called prop wash). The wake is the waves pushed out to the side and behind the ship due to the water it is displacing.
  13. I agree. But we can educate since the lack of that knowledge causes speculation as above of limping the ship to Victoria (the nearest dry dock) to fix it.
  14. There must be some place on the Atlantic or its close waters they use. I don't think Regal Princess or Sky Princess have left the Atlantic since going into service (Regal Princess was supposed to go to Australia but I do not believe that ever happened due to COVID).
  15. I think there's also a facility in Freeport, Bahamas that is used for ships in the Atlantic.
  16. I doubt this will require a dry dock visit. Dry dock visits are for work outside the hull below the waterline. Everything we've heard said the problem is in the electrical switchboard in the engineering spaces of the ship. I can't see needing to be in dry dock to fix or replace. Might need time alongside a suitable maintenance facility (if new equipment needs to be installed). If the propulsion issue was a bent shaft or damaged propeller, then yes, dry dock needed to fix. But shouldn't be needed for something inside the hull.
  17. No there isn't. "10-Day Southern Caribbean with Tortola" departs Nov 3.
  18. Marine Traffic finally has a real-time position for you after many hours of being out range of the land-based stations that are used for its free version. You're about 37 miles from Juneau so should be alongside by 1:30pm.
  19. It's amazing how many people and companies just don't get how important communications is. From my airline days, I remember how the company pushed to pilots "Push or Talk" - at departure time, if the plane wasn't pushing back, they should be talking and letting the passengers know why we weren't. I mentioned earlier being on a TA that had to deviate around a hurricane. Yes, that happens but as I said, the communications from the captain were abysmal. First announcement besides mentioning the hurricane said we'd miss the next two ports. No mention of where we were going instead. Several hours later, those of us looking at the map (cabin TV and some of the public displays) could see we had changed course again but not a word from the captain so it had become the magical mystery tour. Second announcement from the captain didn't come until 36 hours after the first and didn't provide much of substance. And the next announcement was another 36 hours after that where we were finally told we'd be arriving in New York a day early. 72 hours of not really knowing what we were doing and it was clearly showing with upset passengers and even ship's staff who were equally in the dark. It was actually hard to enjoy the sea days when you're wondering just what was being planned for us. Could we have done anything different? No. But knowing helps you mentally prepare for the next few days.
  20. Ah. But that the passengers have no control is one of the problems. One of the things that my airline employer emphasized that when it comes to service recovery, passengers want choices. When a flight is delayed, is there another flight they can be rebooked on? Change of connecting city or an alternate destination airport (example: someone who lives halfway between San Francisco and San Jose may be perfectly fine with going to the other)? Or maybe the delay is such that they'd rather cancel and get a refund since there's no longer a reason to go. Princess, as near as we can tell, offered no alternatives (but they did last year with Ruby Princess after it hit the pier in San Francisco). They knew they had a broken ship and they could have told people they had a problem and might need to cancel some ports. Sure some people were already committed but I'm sure there were some local passengers who might have preferred to go home and try another day.
  21. And this is where we fundamentally disagree. While it may have been a random failure, it absolutely was under Princess's control (Princess responsibility - in this context, they're the same thing). To go back to my earlier post about my airline career and that all irregularities (delays, cancellations, and diversions) were either carrier controllable or non-controllable, this is clearly carrier (Princess) controllable. And yes, I have expert knowledge on the subject since one of my job duties was to assist Customer Relations by making deep dives into data (since many times there were cascading delays) and make the call as to whether it was carrier controllable or not (example: late Flight 1 in turn delayed Flight 2 so another aircraft was subbed but still with a delay (just not as much as waiting for the original plane) for Flight 3; dig into the data and find the original delay to Flight 1 was due to a pilot that overslept so the delays to all three were carrier controllable).
  22. I don't disagree and when it's what I expect (doing a TA next March), I love it. But I don't consider an added sea day far from land to be directly substitutable for planned scenic cruising and/or a scheduled port call.
  23. On modern ships, the engines do not directly drive the propellers. The engines are nothing more than electrical generators. The propellers are turned by electric motors that use that generated electricity. From what's been posted, it appears that the problem is in the switching gear that routes the generated electricity to where it's needed. The same is true of diesel railroad locomotives and has been true since day 1 (a few experiments in direct-drive locomotives have been failures).
  24. Really? Have you looked at where the ship is right now? It's about 25 miles from the southern tip of Haida Gwaii. There is nothing to see there except open ocean. They won't be close to land until well after dark tonight.
  25. Completely agree. But it seems a lot of people believe that if it wasn't a deliberate act, then Princess is not responsible.
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