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  1. Both our Mariner and Quantum reservations are listing the black Friday sales! Beverage packages and "the key" were lower; however, the excursions on the Quantum for May Alaska were not.....oh well....win some-lose some!
  2. Curious as to the "view" of this classification. We have booked stateroom 1852 which is front-facing. Is there a walkway going in front of this type of stateroom. I have looked at images available of the forward area of the ship; however, not having any luck. Thanks!
  3. For our May 2021 cruise, we have the option of dog sledding/helicopter ride on either Mendenhall glacier or Norris glacier. There is not a huge difference in price, is one glacier preferable over the other? Thanks!
  4. ABOUT YOUR UPCOMING TRAVELS Dear Guest, We hope this email finds you well during this challenging time. While this is unlike anything we’ve ever experienced, we continue to evaluate how it impacts our upcoming sailings. With that said, we have an important change to share with you. Given the closure of shipyards along with the disruption to the supply chain caused by this pandemic, Liberty of the Seas’ amplification has b
  5. Just received an email from RC informing us that our February 14, 2021 sailing has been cancelled due to the fact that Liberty would be docking at the Galveston pier. Here we go again...trying to rebook again 😏
  6. I cancelled our cruise (before final payment) mid-March. I received most of my refund late April. I still haven't received any email regarding the FCC.
  7. Onthewater 51: Could you please update as to whether your credit card company tracked down your "disbursed" refund with the transaction number. I called this afternoon..the rep. said they didn't have a reference number. Our funds were also disbursed on the 19th....checked with Bank of America, they have not received any credits. Some posters that cancelled after we did, have received their refunds.
  8. Seriously considering filing a dispute with Bank of America for refund on two cruises with Royal Caribbean. Would there possibly be any penalty/cancellation/retaliation from RC for the FCCs I currently should have (not received as of yet)?
  9. I am also so tempted to call Bank of America (Royal Caribbean credit card) and dispute the charges on the two "before final payment" cancellations. It has been over the 30 days (was told when cancelled it would be 7-10 days). I called last week and was told that my refunds were approved and would post this week. I am beginning to doubt I am being told the truth. As of today, I haven't even received a credit for cruise planner cancellations...not one penny credited for either sailing. Here is my concern: If I dispute the $14,000+ that RC owes me...what would hap
  10. TTTwo cancelled before final payment. Ovation cancelled March 17 for July 10, 2020 sailing..$4500 and 3 staterooms on Harmony for June 21, 2020 sailing cancelled on March 21...$10,000 for a grand total due from RC of $14,500. $0 received for either..not even excursion/drink packages.
  11. Oh sorry...I probably wasn't clear enough in my question. I paid our cruise in full including Royal's travel protection plan several months before final payment was due. A month before final was due, I cancelled the cruise. My question is...is the portion I paid for the travel insurance refundable? I want to think that in my past experience, when I cancelled before final payment (and had paid for the travel insurance), I received credit to my credit card for the cruise fare, taxes and fees, and the travel protection. Thanks!
  12. Is RC vacation travel protection refundable (on a credit card) on a booking cancelled before final payment? I am getting two different answers from two RC reps. When I called and cancelled back in March, I was told the travel insurance would be refundable. I just called to get a break-down of the refundable (on my credit card) and what would be a FCC. This rep. said the travel insurance would not be refunded as it was a 3rd party...even if cancelled before final payment date. Thanks!
  13. I haven't received any credits...period. Not for cruise planner charges, air to sea, nothing! After reading CannyScottToo post, I am getting anxious.
  14. Here is my situation: I cancelled two cruises (both before final payment) so I should be received credit to my Royal Caribbean Bank of America credit card. These cancellations were made approximately three weeks ago. The Alaska cruise credit is approx $4500 and the Harmony cruise for our family is approx $11,000.00 for a total of about $15,000.00. The current credit card balance (which consists of mostly final payments on the Harmony cruise) is $6500..which is due in 10 days. So, I will have to pay the $6500 (from my savings) to keep
  15. Final payment is due next week. The cruise in paid in full including gratuities and RC travel protection. If I cancel before final, will I be reimbursed as credit to my credit card or a FCC. Will the non-refundable deposit be refunded. It is my understanding that is I cancel the travel protection prior to cancelling the cruise itself, I would be not lose those payments. This decision is so hard to make! Thanks everyone!!!!!
  16. I am getting more confused as each day goes by: If I am looking at this correctly, if I chose to go ahead and cancel our June cruise, not only will I forfeit $600.00 (six of us sailing) due to the non-refundable portion of our deposit..with the remainder on the FCC; but also lose $724.00 for Royal's own travel protection plan if the cruise with confidence option is used. This will total $1,324.00 lost up-front. Also, isn't there a great possibility that with all us cruisers that take the FCC that has to be used by December 31, 2021 the new cruise cost will be alot more t
  17. Looking to book a lunch at Jamie's which would include our five year old grandson. Is there a reduced rate for children or just one set price for all ages? Thanks!
  18. Thanks so much for the replies...looks REALLY good!
  19. Was thinking of reserving Jamie's Italian on Harmony, not listed on the cruise planner; however, does show on the webpage for Harmony of restaurants on board..just wondering if Jamie's had been replaced?
  20. There is also a "green" light on the bathroom door switch ( room side of door) that gives plenty of light to find the bathroom...just about drove me nuts (our balcony room had the bed next to the bathroom, and I slept on that side) 😏
  21. On Symphony last week...for lazer tag sign up was only offered once on board. Pretty fun!
  22. We were on Symphony last week with a stop at CocoCay Friday (the 20th). All shore excursions were cancelled due to the weather. We did; however, opt to keep our chill island cabana. We had # 8...perfect location. The weather was lousy..high winds and rain. The one thing we noticed was that cabanas 1-4 had water and black seaweed/grass not only up to the "porch" but even running under the cabanas...not a pretty site. There was a "buzzer" to signal the attendant for food/drinks. Towels, bottled water were provided.
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