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  1. Not only that, but they're advertising BOGO as low as $149 for the first, second goes free, on their new Islander ship. But when you look at the various lead prices, there's nothing even close to that price. I guess they've yet to realize they've got thousands of cabins to sell and the ship is sailing relatively soon. They better quit playing games.
  2. Yes, but not the same issue you had. But last January I had flights booked by NCL Air where the first flight on Delta did not show up on Delta's website or in their computer. I called NCL Air several times and they promised everything would be ok. On the morning of the flight, still no Delta flight and NCL Air finally took me seriously. After they talked to Delta and confirmed no reservation, NCL Air rebooked me THAT DAY on American. So if NCL Air blows you off with your concerns, make sure they document your call to them in their Notes. Then when you finally get your Air confirmation, if it's wrong, there will be a record of you informing them of their error. Hopefully it will be right though.
  3. I've upgraded from an Inside to a Balcony at the Reception desk upon boarding. So it can be done at any point if there are cabins available.
  4. If you booked directly with NCL, try to get this fixed NOW before they book your airline reservations. Call NCL's Air Department at 866-625-1163. If you booked with a travel agent or on-line cruise agency, you'll need to call them.
  5. For what it's worth, none of that stuff is actually made in the Bahamas. They want you to think it is but it's all imported from Asia. IMO, just go to the Straw Market and you'll find the same stuff and you can negotiate the price.
  6. And while Princess, Celebrity and RCI will charge a single passenger 2X the price, MSC will often charge a single traveler somewhere between 1X (no single supplement) to 1.5 the price, a much better deal than the others.
  7. While I've never booked Air with MSC (because MSC doesn't sell Air in the U.S. market), I've purchased Air through NCL and Princess. The airfare portion of your package is typically booked around 60 days before sailing. Thus, you won't likely receive your flight information until sometime in April. At that time you'll see what airlines you're on and look up other information.* If you have a travel agent, the info will likely be sent to them who will then forward it to you. Your Agent should have explained all of this to you. * The flight information sent to you should include airline(s) Record Locators/Confirmation numbers. Once you have it/them, you can go to that airline(s) website and input the number and review further information including seat selection, baggage allowances, etc.
  8. Yes, you just need to determine which terminal you want to be picked-up/dropped-off at.
  9. Word of Advice: Don't admit to anything.
  10. While there are no restaurants near the Auto Train terminal itself, everyone will drive in their cars on SR46 toward I-4 and as you approach the Interstate, indeed "every fast food place in the world has a location" in that stretch of road.
  11. I don't think you can count on a weekly schedule with MSC. There will probably be one Gala night (less than formal Formal night), a White Night, a Sunshine Party (70's/80's) Night. MSC is not like P&O and will be much more casual.
  12. Our disembarkation at Southampton last month off Euribia was scheduled for 7:30am for those able to "Self-Assist" in getting off (carry all your own belongings off). And by 7:30am, we were getting off. We took a taxi to the National Express bus terminal (10 minutes away) and then a bus to London-Heathrow. They also had bus service to central London for those going there. If you're interested in the bus, you can see their prices and schedule here: https://www.nationalexpress.com/en
  13. I recommend that you Google "Cape Canaveral, Florida" and then click on the little map that pops-up and then zoom-in a couple times. Hotels in that town will then appear and you can then research hotel names and prices. I've stayed at the TownPlace Suites by Marriott and it was very nice but not particularly cheap. The Residence Inn in nearby as well and same as above. There is a hotel called Radisson Resort at the Port that is usually cheaper and clean, but the decor is dated. All these hotels are close to the cruise terminals (but not walking distance). 2025 hotel prices may not be posted yet since most reservation systems only book about 11 months into the future.
  14. My Auto Train ride from Lorton to Sanford arrived over 17 hours late. First a freight train ahead of us derailed and blocked both tracks. Once that was fixed we proceeded further but then the train crew timed-out so we had to wait for a replacement crew. Then that crew timed-out eventually too and we had to await a 3rd crew. The train itself was fun and since we were in a sleeper, we had plenty of room and were well-fed. I'm sure this is highly unusual but if you arrive a day late, you're driving directly to the port on the day of sailing. I'd recommend you just fly down on an airline that has more than one daily flight. Save the Auto Train adventure for when you don't have to be somewhere at a particular time.
  15. Trying to upgrade is taking a big risk because you have no control over where they put you. And yes, that means directly above a music lounge or ship's theater or directly below the pool deck or buffet.
  16. My recollection is that you have to have a MSC account and then log-in to your cruise. Once there, you have to click on each port in your itinerary to see the various excursions offered at each port. Also, as the cruise date draws closer, it's not unusual to find additional excursions added.
  17. My recollection is you never see your assigned check-in hour until you get the docs package emailed to you after the on-line check-in is completed. When you get that package, your assigned time is printed on there. Just ignore your assigned hour and just get to the terminal when its convenient for you based on driving, airport arrival time, train station arrival time, etc.
  18. The 70's night also includes 60's & 80's music and is called the Sunshine Party. But it is mostly 70's Disco. Enjoy!
  19. 1. There is usually a crew member in the cruise terminal trying to sell boarding passengers a dinner at JWB. So look for that crew member before you board about reservations or booking instructions. 2. The ship pretty much empties out to go to the beach, day resort or excursions. I don't recall if anything remains open on board during the port-of-call. No responses for 3. & 4.
  20. On my last MSC arrival into Port Canaveral this past September, self-disembarkation began around 7:30am. If you have a U.S. passport they will have machines to process Immigration for you. You just stand at a gate, it uses facial recognition and then the green light goes on to say you're approved. I was in the parking garage before 8am. Orlando International Airport is a 30-45 minute ride away so you should have no problem making a 11am flight. Having TSA Pre-Check helps at the airport too.
  21. My recollection of the aft panoramic elevators on MSC Seashore is that they were not smart elevators. My recollection is you selected your desired floor destination when you boarded those elevators. Am I wrong?
  22. We recently did this same cruise and arrived at the cruise terminal well-before our assigned hour. Didn't matter. No one looks at your assigned embarkation time. Just go in the terminal when you get there and join the queue to check-in.This has been the case with all of our MSC cruises in the past too. If you're within 21 days of departure, you should be able to get and print your cruise docs (with bar codes) even if you couldn't input your credit card number and/or upload your photos. The docs should still generate and get emailed to you.
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